Franklin Pierce Ravens Women's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Marisa KettermanFSo1298171.4167364100
Karsyn BakerFJr1284121.00008161110
Alex BrolsmaFFr1047111.1000240100
Colleen DoucetteFJr1255100.83335100000
Bryana HarronFJr1228100.8333361000
Sarah SheilsD/FJr123470.58337141210
Hayley ArnoldDJr121670.5833481000
Francesca PacielloFJr122460.50005100000
Lanie MatsumotoFSo124150.41676120000
Haylea BarbieriFJr121450.416711220010
Katie FlynnDSo120550.41675100000
Nina DanforthFSo121120.1667001000
Sara DiltzFFr120220.1667000000
Samantha BureauD/FJr120110.0833120000
Casey DianaDSo120000.0000000000
Nicole PalermoDJr20000.0000000000
Madison MurrayGFr10000.0000000000
Erin PengerothDFr120000.0000000000
Noelle WhiteGSo60000.0000000000
Shannon O'NeilGSo60000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Shannon O'NeilSo6321.58393631.48750134.937
Noelle WhiteSo66001.00053510.85403129.963
Madison MurrayFr1000.000196.949803.750
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ECAC D-III East Conference-Only Statistics

Alex BrolsmaFFr64591.5000240100
Marisa KettermanFSo64371.1667362000
Colleen DoucetteFJr63250.8333480000
Karsyn BakerFJr63250.8333361010
Haylea BarbieriFJr61340.66675100010
Sarah SheilsD/FJr61230.50005101100
Hayley ArnoldDJr60330.5000240000
Nina DanforthFSo61120.3333001000
Francesca PacielloFJr61120.3333240000
Katie FlynnDSo60220.3333480000
Lanie MatsumotoFSo61010.1667480000
Bryana HarronFJr60110.1667360000
Samantha BureauD/FJr60110.1667000000
Sara DiltzFFr60110.1667000000
Casey DianaDSo60000.0000000000
Nicole PalermoDJr20000.0000000000
Madison MurrayGFr0000000000
Erin PengerothDFr60000.0000000000
Noelle WhiteGSo30000.0000000000
Shannon O'NeilGSo30000.0000000000

ECAC D-III East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Noelle WhiteSo33001.00031801.0000260.952
Shannon O'NeilSo3210.66741801.3333092.958
Madison MurrayFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC D-III East Comparison

Marisa KettermanFSo1298176416437620
Karsyn BakerFJr12841216116325610
Alex BrolsmaFFr1047114016459401
Colleen DoucetteFJr12551010006325800
Bryana HarronFJr1228106106011600
Sarah SheilsD/FJr12347141261231011
Hayley ArnoldDJr121678106033400
Francesca PacielloFJr1224610006112400
Lanie MatsumotoFSo1241512006101800
Haylea BarbieriFJr12145220061341000
Katie FlynnDSo1205510006022800
Nina DanforthFSo121120106112010
Sara DiltzFFr120220006011000
Samantha BureauD/FJr120112006011000
Casey DianaDSo120000006000000
Nicole PalermoDJr20000002000000
Madison MurrayGFr10000000000000
Erin PengerothDFr120000006000000
Noelle WhiteGSo60000003000000
Shannon O'NeilGSo60000003000000

Overall and ECAC D-III East Goaltending Comparison

Shannon O'NeilSo6321.5831.48750.9373210.6671.33330.958
Noelle WhiteSo66001.0000.85403.96333001.0001.00002.952
Madison MurrayFr1000.0006.94980.7500000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-2-1, 5-1-0 ECAC East)

11/07/14@ St. Anselm000 0835 160-60-510
11/08/14 New England College232 712108 300-20-48N. Danforth, F. Paciello, K. Baker, A. Brolsma (2), C. Doucette (2)
11/14/14 Castleton122 5793 191-33-716A. Brolsma, M. Ketterman (3), H. Barbieri
11/15/14@ Holy Cross011 2923 140-40-48K. Baker, M. Ketterman
11/21/14@ St. Michael's001 115819 421-50-38S. Sheils
11/22/14@ University of New England121 414148 360-41-510L. Matsumoto, K. Baker, A. Brolsma, C. Doucette
11/29/14 Buffalo State121 47154 261-40-28H. Arnold, L. Matsumoto (2), S. Sheils
11/30/14 Buffalo State0010169132300-60-48B. Harron
12/05/14 Sacred Heart231 6161310 390-41-48K. Baker (2), M. Ketterman (2), C. Doucette, L. Matsumoto
12/06/14@ Sacred Heart010 171812 370-61-36K. Baker
12/12/14@ Canton122 591410 332-50-24K. Baker (2), C. Doucette, M. Ketterman (2)
12/13/14@ Canton121 4141614 440-90-512M. Ketterman, B. Harron, S. Sheils, F. Paciello

Team Summary


Scoring First6-1-0
Opp. Scores First3-1-1
When Outshooting Opponent6-1-1
When Outshot by Opponent3-1-0
1-goal Games2-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-0-00-2-12-0-0
After 28-0-00-0-01-2-1

Special Teams

Power Play5588.6
Penalty Kill424887.5

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Franklin Pierce91813040
Shots by Period123otTot.
Franklin Pierce1241311092366
Avg./GameFranklin PierceOpp.Franklin PierceOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-2-1, 5-1-0 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/07/14@ St. Anselm000 0101 2835 16141310 370-60-510
11/08/14 New England College232 7000 012108 30479 200-20-48
11/14/14 Castleton122 5012 3793 1981312 331-33-716
11/15/14@ Holy Cross011 2001 1923 1451412 310-40-48
11/21/14@ St. Michael's001 1000 015819 42352 101-50-38
11/22/14@ University of New England121 4001 114148 3621016 280-41-510
11/29/14 Buffalo State121 4000 07154 266814 281-40-28
11/30/14 Buffalo State001011000169132306671200-60-48
12/05/14 Sacred Heart231 6001 1161310 396812 260-41-48
12/06/14@ Sacred Heart010 1111 371812 371033 160-61-36
12/12/14@ Canton122 5002 291410 33759 212-50-24
12/13/14@ Canton121 4010 1141614 44344 110-90-512

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