Hamilton Continentals Men's Hockey
1999-2000 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

J.P. AcostaCSr66391.50001000
Victor CizmarikCJr72571.00000000
Chris BaudoRWSr74260.85710210
Rob GordonRWFr31341.33330000
Bryant RoweanF/DSr70440.57140000
Nicolas PotvinLWSo72130.42860000
Terry BevanDSr71230.42861000
Craig LegerCSo72020.28570100
Tim CanfieldLWSo52020.40000000
Michael PhalenRWSr71120.28570000
Steve AubuchomDFr70220.28570000
Bill PettitDSo41010.25000000
Sean SmithRWJr31010.33331000
Tom PaoliniFJr70110.14290000
Chad McCraithFJr70110.14290000
Kevin AuditCFr50110.20000000
Mark WarcupDSr50110.20000000
Brian GradyCSr50110.20000000
Cory DorzekLWJr60110.16670000
Mike EngertCFr50110.20000000
Scott GrenierGSr10000.00000000
Matthew HarrisonFFr20000.00000000
Dave SeamurraG10000.00000000
Gil SchipaniFFr50000.00000000
Brent DaveyGSr50000.00000000
Ryan BaileyDSo10000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Brent DaveySr5212.600153102.90321125.893
Dave Seamurra11001.0003603.0000028.903
Scott GrenierSr1010.0004604.0000018.818
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NESCAC Conference-Only Statistics

Terry BevanDSr00000000
Tom PaoliniFJr00000000
Bill PettitDSo00000000
Chris BaudoRWSr00000000
Chad McCraithFJr00000000
J.P. AcostaCSr00000000
Kevin AuditCFr00000000
Craig LegerCSo00000000
Mark WarcupDSr00000000
Scott GrenierGSr00000000
Steve AubuchomDFr00000000
Matthew HarrisonFFr00000000
Sean SmithRWJr00000000
Dave SeamurraG00000000
Brian GradyCSr00000000
Gil SchipaniFFr00000000
Brent DaveyGSr00000000
Cory DorzekLWJr00000000
Bryant RoweanF/DSr00000000
Ryan BaileyDSo00000000
Victor CizmarikCJr00000000
Nicolas PotvinLWSo00000000
Rob GordonRWFr00000000
Tim CanfieldLWSo00000000
Michael PhalenRWSr00000000
Mike EngertCFr00000000

NESCAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Dave Seamurra0000.0000000.000
Brent DaveySr0000.0000000.000
Scott GrenierSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and NESCAC Comparison

J.P. AcostaCSr663910000000
Victor CizmarikCJr725700000000
Chris BaudoRWSr742602000000
Rob GordonRWFr313400000000
Bryant RoweanF/DSr704400000000
Nicolas PotvinLWSo721300000000
Terry BevanDSr712310000000
Craig LegerCSo720201000000
Tim CanfieldLWSo520200000000
Michael PhalenRWSr711200000000
Steve AubuchomDFr702200000000
Bill PettitDSo410100000000
Sean SmithRWJr310110000000
Tom PaoliniFJr701100000000
Chad McCraithFJr701100000000
Kevin AuditCFr501100000000
Mark WarcupDSr501100000000
Brian GradyCSr501100000000
Cory DorzekLWJr601100000000
Mike EngertCFr501100000000
Scott GrenierGSr100000000000
Matthew HarrisonFFr200000000000
Dave SeamurraG100000000000
Gil SchipaniFFr500000000000
Brent DaveyGSr500000000000
Ryan BaileyDSo100000000000

Overall and NESCAC Goaltending Comparison

Brent DaveySr5212.6002.90321.8930000.0000.000
Dave Seamurra11001.0003.00000.9030000.0000.000
Scott GrenierSr1010.0004.00000.8180000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-8-3, 11-5-1 NESCAC)

11/19/99 Colby  --
11/20/99 Bowdoin  --
11/30/99@ Elmira111 34127 236-16-312N. Potvin, T. Canfield, C. Baudo
12/03/99@ Williams  6-16-312
12/04/99@ Mass Coll Lib Arts  6-16-312
12/10/99 Geneseo110 214139 364-08-020C. Leger, J. Acosta
12/11/99vs. Manhattanville100 1161014 409-03-08J. Acosta
01/04/00 Geneseo321061614153483-16-414J. Acosta (2), V. Cizmarik, N. Potvin, T. Canfield, C. Baudo
01/07/00 Trinity  3-16-414
01/08/00 Amherst  3-16-414
01/11/00@ Cortland023 5151714 462-07-120R. Gordon, S. Smith, V. Cizmarik, C. Baudo, B. Pettit
01/14/00@ Norwich  2-07-120
01/15/00@ Middlebury  2-07-120
01/18/00@ Oswego301 412710 297-05-012C. Baudo, J. Acosta, M. Phalen, T. Bevan
01/21/00 Massachusetts-Boston  7-05-012
01/22/00 Babson  7-05-012
01/28/00@ St. Anselm  7-05-012
01/29/00@ New England College  7-05-012
02/04/00 Salem State  7-05-012
02/05/00 Southern Maine  7-05-012
02/11/00@ Skidmore  7-05-012
02/12/00 RIT2000281055285-19-120C. Leger, J. Acosta
02/18/00@ Wesleyan  5-19-120
02/19/00@ Connecticut College  5-19-120
02/26/00@ Bowdoin  5-19-120
03/03/00@ Middlebury  5-19-120

Team Summary


Scoring First3-1-2
Opp. Scores First0-1-0
When Outshooting Opponent2-1-1
When Outshot by Opponent1-1-1
1-goal Games5-4
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 12-0-20-1-013-7-1
After 21-0-01-1-213-7-1

Special Teams

Power Play3631200.0
Penalty Kill-359-388.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-8-3, 11-5-1 NESCAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/19/99 Colby    5-19-120
11/20/99 Bowdoin    5-19-120
11/30/99@ Elmira111 3321 64127 2320712 396-16-312
12/03/99@ Williams    6-16-312
12/04/99@ Mass Coll Lib Arts    6-16-312
12/10/99 Geneseo110 2112 414139 36895 224-08-020
12/11/99vs. Manhattanville100 1000 0161014 40328 139-03-08
01/04/00 Geneseo3210624006161415348111783393-16-414
01/07/00 Trinity    3-16-414
01/08/00 Amherst    3-16-414
01/11/00@ Cortland023 5010 1151714 463710 202-07-120
01/14/00@ Norwich    2-07-120
01/15/00@ Middlebury    2-07-120
01/18/00@ Oswego301 4021 312710 2981013 317-05-012
01/21/00 Massachusetts-Boston    7-05-012
01/22/00 Babson    7-05-012
01/28/00@ St. Anselm    7-05-012
01/29/00@ New England College    7-05-012
02/04/00 Salem State    7-05-012
02/05/00 Southern Maine    7-05-012
02/11/00@ Skidmore    7-05-012
02/12/00 RIT2000201102810552891190295-19-120
02/18/00@ Wesleyan    5-19-120
02/19/00@ Connecticut College    5-19-120
02/26/00@ Bowdoin    5-19-120
03/03/00@ Middlebury    5-19-120

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