Hobart Statesmen Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Bo WebsterFJr18614201.11116121301
Brad McBrideFSr18116170.9444001501
Mac OlsonFJr1288161.33336233200
Tommaso TraversaFSr1896150.833311221210
Nick BingamanFSo1795140.82358161300
Ben GamacheFJr1759140.82357140110
Ryan MichelDSr13111120.9231360100
Robert SovikFSr1855100.5556481200
Bobby SokolFSo1528100.66678241000
Brad RobbinsFJr154590.6000001100
Jon NealDSo181890.50004190000
Sean RudyFSr133580.61548161010
Bronson KovacsDSr172680.470612240200
Carl BelizarioDSo161670.43756200100
Mitch BeyerDSo140770.5000360000
Andrew SilardFFr93360.6667360000
Peter RyanDSr181560.33335101000
Tyler WolfFFr103250.5000000000
Jordan HaskellFFr111450.4545240100
Terrence O'NeillDSr120550.41675260000
Tyler HanzlikFSo60220.3333360000
Colin ClaptonFFr40110.2500000000
Tim KeeganGSo10000.0000000000
Frank OplingerGFr70000.0000000000
Connor SimonDSo40000.0000360000
Kevin LoppattoFFr80000.00004190000
Brendan FitzgeraldF/DSr30000.0000000000
Lino ChimientiGJr100000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Lino ChimientiJr10640.600315963.11891292.904
Frank OplingerFr7520.714194192.72250208.916
Tim KeeganSo11001.0002602.0000013.867
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ECAC West Conference-Only Statistics

Bo WebsterFJr838111.3750001201
Brad McBrideFSr87181.0000001301
Ben GamacheFJr82570.8750480110
Mac OlsonFJr54261.20004192200
Tommaso TraversaFSr83360.7500240000
Mitch BeyerDSo60661.0000120000
Nick BingamanFSo73140.57145100100
Robert SovikFSr82240.5000240100
Sean RudyFSr61230.5000360010
Tyler WolfFFr61230.5000000000
Ryan MichelDSr40330.7500360000
Peter RyanDSr80330.37505100000
Jon NealDSo80330.37503170000
Carl BelizarioDSo71120.2857000100
Brad RobbinsFJr61120.3333001000
Andrew SilardFFr51120.4000240000
Tyler HanzlikFSo40220.5000360000
Bobby SokolFSo50110.20003140000
Jordan HaskellFFr40110.2500240000
Terrence O'NeillDSr40110.25002120000
Tim KeeganGSo0000000000
Frank OplingerGFr50000.0000000000
Connor SimonDSo40000.0000360000
Kevin LoppattoFFr30000.0000240000
Bronson KovacsDSr70000.00008160000
Brendan FitzgeraldF/DSr30000.0000000000
Lino ChimientiGJr30000.0000000000
Colin ClaptonFFr20000.0000000000

ECAC West Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Frank OplingerFr5410.800133002.59830150.920
Lino ChimientiJr3120.333131794.3588090.874
Tim KeeganSo0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC West Comparison

Bo WebsterFJr1861420121383811012
Brad McBrideFSr18116170158718013
Mac OlsonFJr128816233254261922
Tommaso TraversaFSr18961522128336400
Nick BingamanFSo179514161373141001
Ben GamacheFJr17591414018257801
Ryan MichelDSr13111126014033600
Robert SovikFSr1855108128224401
Bobby SokolFSo152810241050111400
Brad RobbinsFJr154590116112010
Jon NealDSo18189190080331700
Sean RudyFSr1335816106123600
Bronson KovacsDSr17268240270001600
Carl BelizarioDSo1616720017112001
Mitch BeyerDSo140776006066200
Andrew SilardFFr93366005112400
Peter RyanDSr18156101080331000
Tyler WolfFFr103250006123000
Jordan HaskellFFr111454014011400
Terrence O'NeillDSr12055260040111200
Tyler HanzlikFSo60226004022600
Colin ClaptonFFr40110002000000
Tim KeeganGSo10000000000000
Frank OplingerGFr70000005000000
Connor SimonDSo40006004000600
Kevin LoppattoFFr800019003000400
Brendan FitzgeraldF/DSr30000003000000
Lino ChimientiGJr100000003000000

Overall and ECAC West Goaltending Comparison

Lino ChimientiJr10640.6003.11891.9043120.3334.35880.874
Frank OplingerFr7520.7142.72250.9165410.8002.59830.920
Tim KeeganSo11001.0002.00000.8670000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-6-0, 5-3-0 ECAC West)

10/31/14@ Brockport012 3171014 410-30-48T. Wolf, M. Olson, R. Sovik
11/01/14@ Potsdam121 4161823 571-91-36M. Olson, B. Webster, B. Kovacs, B. Gamache
11/07/14@ Manhattanville021 38713 282-83-729B. McBride, T. Wolf, R. Sovik
11/08/14@ Neumann042 614187 392-82-624B. McBride, T. Traversa, N. Bingaman (2), B. Webster (2)
11/14/14 Nazareth221 5121010 321-30-931A. Silard, B. Gamache, M. Olson, N. Bingaman, C. Belizario
11/15/14 Utica121151012153402-82-510B. Webster, R. Sovik, T. Traversa (2), B. McBride
11/21/14 Elmira110 241013 270-32-412B. McBride, S. Rudy
11/22/14 Elmira013 4161112 392-61-720B. Gamache, B. McBride (2), B. Robbins
12/05/14 Wesleyan121 4121021 430-30-26J. Neal, N. Bingaman, B. Gamache, B. Robbins
12/06/14 Trinity021 3112011 421-40-512N. Bingaman, B. Sokol, B. Gamache
01/02/15vs. Southern Maine042 691719 453-70-12N. Bingaman, B. Webster (2), T. Traversa, B. Kovacs, J. Haskell
01/03/15vs. Middlebury220 413814 351-21-512T. Wolf, R. Sovik, B. McBride, T. Traversa
01/09/15@ Oswego013 414411 291-11-410M. Olson, N. Bingaman, T. Traversa (2)
01/10/15@ Geneseo124 7112421 564-81-549B. McBride, R. Michel, R. Sovik, S. Rudy, T. Traversa, B. Robbins (2)
01/16/15 Salve Regina331 7161118 451-80-510B. Sokol, S. Rudy, N. Bingaman, T. Traversa, B. McBride (2), A. Silard
01/17/15 Nichols211 4181414 461-52-510N. Bingaman, A. Silard, M. Olson, P. Ryan
01/23/15@ Nazareth200 281812 381-40-36B. McBride, M. Olson
01/24/15@ Nazareth002 212711 301-31-528M. Olson (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First7-3-0
Opp. Scores First5-3-0
When Outshooting Opponent9-4-0
When Outshot by Opponent3-1-0
1-goal Games3-4
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-1-04-2-02-3-0
After 28-1-01-4-03-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play249325.8
Penalty Kill688580.0

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-6-0, 5-3-0 ECAC West)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14@ Brockport012 3001 1171014 417144 250-30-48
11/01/14@ Potsdam121 4131 5161823 576123 211-91-36
11/07/14@ Manhattanville021 3112 48713 289136 282-83-729
11/08/14@ Neumann042 6201 314187 3912510 272-82-624
11/14/14 Nazareth221 5110 2121010 32102116 471-30-931
11/15/14 Utica1211504004101215340121280322-82-510
11/21/14 Elmira110 2121 441013 27888 240-32-412
11/22/14 Elmira013 4101 2161112 39121417 432-61-720
12/05/14 Wesleyan121 4010 1121021 431176 240-30-26
12/06/14 Trinity021 3022 4112011 4213511 291-40-512
01/02/15vs. Southern Maine042 6101 291719 45735 153-70-12
01/03/15vs. Middlebury220 4100 113814 359910 281-21-512
01/09/15@ Oswego013 4221 514411 29151312 401-11-410
01/10/15@ Geneseo124 7220 4112421 5613814 354-81-549
01/16/15 Salve Regina331 7000 0161118 45121912 431-80-510
01/17/15 Nichols211 4111 3181414 4632016 391-52-510
01/23/15@ Nazareth200 2043 781812 3881311 321-40-36
01/24/15@ Nazareth002 2001 112711 30121111 341-31-528

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