Hobart Statesmen Men's Hockey
2004-2005 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Edward PoirierFJr241111220.91670200
Craig LeveyRWSr2499180.75000500
William BrameCJr2396150.65220500
Greg GallagherDJr2459140.58332300
Will BodineDJr1866120.66672300
Brian KeaneFJr1857120.66672000
Colby McVeyFJr2357120.52170211
Shawn HoudeFFr1673100.62500200
Mike PolsonettiDSo2255100.45451220
Stephen MitacekDSr2319100.43480001
Jesse DesperFSr20010100.50000000
Brian CibelliRWFr143690.64290101
Mike McCarthyFSo134480.61541100
Mike ManosDSo243470.29172100
Jonathan SwiftWSo202460.30000000
Jeff BosticDJr222350.22730000
Edward BrzekFFr142240.28572000
Adam ScottFSo162240.25000010
Tyler DufourCSr140440.28570000
Matthew GarmanFJr62130.50000000
Matt WindholDJr81230.37500000
Lee CarrierRWJr172020.11761000
Marc BordenCSo81120.25000000
Conor BradleyFSo121120.16671100
Wesley ScottDJr60110.16670000
Trevor PieriGFr30000.00000000
Aaron LaycockLWSo20000.00000000
Thomas AlfieriGFr10000.00000000
Andrew EatonGFr20000.00000000
Adam LavelleGSr20000.00000000
Dimitri PapaevagelouGFr210000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Dimitri PapaevagelouFr211153.6584911432.57151449.902
Trevor PieriFr32001.00041381.7440046.920
Adam LavelleSr2011.25081024.7198028.778
Andrew EatonFr21001.0003672.6680012.800
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ECAC West Conference-Only Statistics

Edward PoirierFJr1274110.91670200
Brian CibelliRWFr93470.77780101
Craig LeveyRWSr124260.50000300
Mike PolsonettiDSo122460.50000010
Shawn HoudeFFr95050.55560200
William BrameCJr122350.41670100
Will BodineDJr72350.71430200
Greg GallagherDJr121450.41670100
Jesse DesperFSr110550.45450000
Stephen MitacekDSr120550.41670000
Colby McVeyFJr122240.33330011
Jonathan SwiftWSo112130.27270000
Brian KeaneFJr91230.33330000
Jeff BosticDJr111230.27270000
Lee CarrierRWJr102020.20001000
Mike McCarthyFSo61120.33331000
Marc BordenCSo41120.50000000
Mike ManosDSo121120.16671000
Edward BrzekFFr71120.28571000
Matt WindholDJr31120.66670000
Conor BradleyFSo51010.20001100
Wesley ScottDJr40110.25000000
Adam ScottFSo60110.16670000
Tyler DufourCSr60110.16670000
Trevor PieriGFr20000.00000000
Aaron LaycockLWSo10000.00000000
Matthew GarmanFJr10000.00000000
Thomas AlfieriGFr00000000
Andrew EatonGFr00000000
Adam LavelleGSr10000.00000000
Dimitri PapaevagelouGFr110000.00000000

ECAC West Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Dimitri PapaevagelouFr11442.500296062.87360233.889
Trevor PieriFr21001.0002781.5461028.933
Adam LavelleSr1010.0005378.1744013.722
Andrew EatonFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC West Comparison

Edward PoirierFJr241111220212741102
Craig LeveyRWSr249918051242603
William BrameCJr239615051223501
Greg GallagherDJr245914231214501
Will BodineDJr18661223723502
Brian KeaneFJr18571220912300
Colby McVeyFJr235712021222400
Shawn HoudeFFr16731002950502
Mike PolsonettiDSo225510121224600
Stephen MitacekDSr231910001205500
Jesse DesperFSr2001010001105500
Brian CibelliRWFr1436901934701
Mike McCarthyFSo1344811611210
Mike ManosDSo24347211211210
Jonathan SwiftWSo20246001121300
Jeff BosticDJr22235001112300
Edward BrzekFFr1422420711210
Adam ScottFSo1622400601100
Tyler DufourCSr1404400601100
Matthew GarmanFJr621300100000
Matt WindholDJr812300311200
Lee CarrierRWJr17202101020210
Marc BordenCSo811200411200
Conor BradleyFSo1211211510111
Wesley ScottDJr601100401100
Trevor PieriGFr300000200000
Aaron LaycockLWSo200000100000
Thomas AlfieriGFr100000000000
Andrew EatonGFr200000000000
Adam LavelleGSr200000100000
Dimitri PapaevagelouGFr21000001100000

Overall and ECAC West Goaltending Comparison

Dimitri PapaevagelouFr211153.6582.57151.90211442.5002.87360.889
Trevor PieriFr32001.0001.74400.92021001.0001.54610.933
Adam LavelleSr2011.2504.71980.7781010.0008.17440.722
Andrew EatonFr21001.0002.66800.8000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-6-4, 5-5-2 ECAC West)

10/29/04vs. Fredonia2100381754343-163-1124M. Polsonetti, M. Manos, W. Brame
10/30/04@ Buffalo State130 4171611 441-50-920W. Bodine, C. McVey, C. Levey, S. Houde
11/05/04@ RIT010 113611 300-122-940E. Poirier
11/12/04@ Utica11103101285351-62-614M. Windhol, M. Polsonetti, C. Levey
11/13/04@ Wentworth042 6141110 350-41-36E. Poirier (2), M. Polsonetti, M. McCarthy (2), B. Keane
11/19/04 Potsdam113 5131513 413-62-514M. McCarthy, G. Gallagher (2), A. Scott, W. Bodine
11/20/04 Brockport012 311149 341-50-717M. Garman, W. Bodine, M. Manos
11/24/04@ Williams101021217132440-20-26J. Bostic, C. Levey
12/03/04 RIT101021413141422-122-1265W. Bodine, E. Poirier
12/04/04 Lebanon Valley013 4121912 431-70-620M. Borden, E. Poirier, M. Manos, C. McVey
12/10/04 Wesleyan012 35139 271-31-510C. Levey, G. Gallagher, M. Garman
12/11/04 Oswego012 391312 340-81-410A. Scott, C. Levey, W. Brame
01/14/05@ Cortland411 615913 374-73-1128M. Polsonetti, W. Bodine, W. Brame, B. Keane, C. McVey (2)
01/15/05@ Geneseo02114811124351-62-816W. Brame, E. Poirier, C. Levey, G. Gallagher
01/18/05 Buffalo State211 4212010 510-51-310B. Keane, S. Houde, E. Brzek, E. Poirier
01/22/05 Manhattanville131 518113 324-140-1038W. Bodine, J. Swift, C. Bradley, C. Levey, G. Gallagher
01/25/05@ Amherst221 511168 351-50-1052W. Brame (3), B. Keane, S. Mitacek
01/29/05 Neumann000 0231316 520-51-510
02/04/05@ Lebanon Valley214 7162114 512-42-414L. Carrier, S. Houde (2), C. Levey, B. Cibelli (2), B. Keane
02/05/05@ Manhattanville101 2181616 500-101-826E. Poirier, S. Houde
02/11/05 Elmira413 817115 333-62-918J. Swift, S. Houde (2), C. Levey, C. McVey, E. Brzek, W. Brame, B. Cibelli
02/12/05 Utica010 110135 280-52-714E. Poirier
02/19/05@ Neumann130 421219 510-51-514E. Poirier, M. McCarthy, W. Brame, M. Polsonetti
02/25/05@ Elmira003 317917 430-62-510L. Carrier, J. Bostic, E. Poirier

Team Summary


Scoring First8-1-1
Opp. Scores First6-5-3
When Outshooting Opponent13-5-4
When Outshot by Opponent1-0-0
1-goal Games3-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 18-0-04-2-02-4-4
After 28-0-01-4-25-2-2

Special Teams

Power Play2816417.1
Penalty Kill13316481.1

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-6-4, 5-5-2 ECAC West)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/29/04vs. Fredonia210032100381754346561183-163-1124
10/30/04@ Buffalo State130 4000 0171611 44598 221-50-920
11/05/04@ RIT010 1051 613611 3041610 300-122-940
11/12/04@ Utica11103111031012853599110291-62-614
11/13/04@ Wentworth042 6101 2141110 35779 230-41-36
11/19/04 Potsdam113 5211 4131513 411276 253-62-514
11/20/04 Brockport012 3011 211149 34577 191-50-717
11/24/04@ Williams10102110021217132442687230-20-26
12/03/04 RIT10102110021413141421013121362-122-1265
12/04/04 Lebanon Valley013 4101 2121912 434410 181-70-620
12/10/04 Wesleyan012 3010 15139 271274 231-31-510
12/11/04 Oswego012 3212 591312 341287 270-81-410
01/14/05@ Cortland411 6210 315913 377114 224-73-1128
01/15/05@ Geneseo02114111038111243511982301-62-816
01/18/05 Buffalo State211 4011 2212010 51677 200-51-310
01/22/05 Manhattanville131 5002 218113 326117 244-140-1038
01/25/05@ Amherst221 5011 211168 3511198 381-50-1052
01/29/05 Neumann000 0011 2231316 524105 190-51-510
02/04/05@ Lebanon Valley214 7101 2162114 516910 252-42-414
02/05/05@ Manhattanville101 2111 3181616 50989 260-101-826
02/11/05 Elmira413 8131 517115 3310126 283-62-918
02/12/05 Utica010 1012 310135 2841010 240-52-714
02/19/05@ Neumann130 4010 121219 515131 190-51-514
02/25/05@ Elmira003 3132 617917 4314712 330-62-510

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