Holy Cross Crusaders Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Ryan FerrillFSo1137100.9091361000
Mike BarrettFJr116390.8182120300
Matt VidalFSr112790.8182000000
T.J. MooreFSo114480.7273361100
Michael LaffinFFr114480.7273120100
Jake BoltonDSr110880.72736120000
Brett MulcahyFSo115270.6364121000
Castan SommerFSr112350.4545241010
Danny LopezFSo112350.4545360000
Karl BeckmanDSr110550.4545120000
Joe McNamaraDSr110550.4545120000
Brett LubanskiFSr113140.3636121010
Scott PooleyFSo112240.3636120000
Tommy MuratoreDSo110220.1818480000
Johnny CouglinDFr110220.1818360000
Peter CrinellaFFr80110.1250000000
Mitch CollettFFr30110.3333120000
Spencer TrappDFr90110.1111360000
Tim DriscollFSr80000.00002150000
Nick FinnFJr10000.0000000000
Paul BerrafatoGSo90000.0000000000
Tommy NixonGFr40000.0000000000
Logan SmithDJr20000.0000120000
Jay MackieFFr20000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Paul BerrafatoSo9440.500194712.42041191.910
Tommy NixonFr4120.333131864.1879084.866
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Atlantic Hockey Conference-Only Statistics

Michael LaffinFFr74260.8571120100
Jake BoltonDSr70660.8571480000
Brett MulcahyFSo74150.7143121000
Ryan FerrillFSo72350.7143121000
T.J. MooreFSo73140.5714001100
Danny LopezFSo72240.5714240000
Karl BeckmanDSr70440.5714120000
Matt VidalFSr70440.5714000000
Scott PooleyFSo72130.4286000000
Brett LubanskiFSr72130.4286001010
Mike BarrettFJr71230.4286120100
Castan SommerFSr70330.4286000000
Joe McNamaraDSr70330.4286120000
Johnny CouglinDFr70220.2857360000
Spencer TrappDFr50110.2000360000
Tommy MuratoreDSo70110.1429360000
Tim DriscollFSr50000.0000000000
Mitch CollettFFr0000000000
Nick FinnFJr0000000000
Paul BerrafatoGSo60000.0000000000
Tommy NixonGFr10000.0000000000
Logan SmithDJr20000.0000120000
Jay MackieFFr20000.0000000000
Peter CrinellaFFr70000.0000000000

Atlantic Hockey Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Paul BerrafatoSo6330.500133582.17681137.913
Tommy NixonFr11001.0001601.0045024.960
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Overall and Atlantic Hockey Comparison

Ryan FerrillFSo1137106107235210
Mike BarrettFJr116392037123201
Matt VidalFSr112790007044000
T.J. MooreFSo114486117314011
Michael LaffinFFr114482017426201
Jake BoltonDSr1108812007066800
Brett MulcahyFSo115272107415210
Castan SommerFSr112354107033000
Danny LopezFSo112356007224400
Karl BeckmanDSr110552007044200
Joe McNamaraDSr110552007033200
Brett LubanskiFSr113142107213010
Scott PooleyFSo112242007213000
Tommy MuratoreDSo110228007011600
Johnny CouglinDFr110226007022600
Peter CrinellaFFr80110007000000
Mitch CollettFFr30112000000000
Spencer TrappDFr90116005011600
Tim DriscollFSr800015005000000
Nick FinnFJr10000000000000
Paul BerrafatoGSo90000006000000
Tommy NixonGFr40000001000000
Logan SmithDJr20002002000200
Jay MackieFFr20000002000000

Overall and Atlantic Hockey Goaltending Comparison

Paul BerrafatoSo9440.5002.42041.9106330.5002.17681.913
Tommy NixonFr4120.3334.18790.86611001.0001.00450.960

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (5-6-0, 4-3-0 Atlantic Hockey)

10/09/15 Quinnipiac120 38113 220-52-510M. Barrett, R. Ferrill, M. Vidal
10/10/15@ Quinnipiac020 22106 180-32-514T. Moore, M. Barrett
10/16/15@ Providence010 161313 320-41-421M. Barrett
10/23/15@ Canisius111 3121313 382-31-48M. Barrett, M. Laffin, B. Mulcahy
10/24/15@ Canisius310 413139 351-40-12M. Laffin, T. Moore, D. Lopez, R. Ferrill
10/31/15@ Brown232 79197 352-40-12B. Lubanski, M. Vidal, B. Mulcahy, C. Sommer (2), M. Barrett (2)
11/06/15 Sacred Heart131 58179 340-50-310S. Pooley, B. Mulcahy (2), M. Laffin, B. Lubanski
11/07/15@ Sacred Heart010 17413 240-40-14B. Mulcahy
11/12/15@ Air Force111 31149 240-40-36M. Laffin, R. Ferrill, T. Moore
11/13/15@ Air Force001 11354 220-52-410D. Lopez
11/24/15 American International111 310134 270-00-24B. Lubanski, S. Pooley, T. Moore

Team Summary


Scoring First4-2-0
Opp. Scores First1-4-0
When Outshooting Opponent4-3-0
When Outshot by Opponent1-3-0
1-goal Games0-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 13-1-00-3-02-2-0
After 24-0-00-5-01-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play54112.2
Penalty Kill253375.8

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Holy Cross10167033
Shots by Period123otTot.
Holy Cross99122900311
Avg./GameHoly CrossOpp.Holy CrossOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (5-6-0, 4-3-0 Atlantic Hockey)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/09/15 Quinnipiac120 3131 58113 2271612 350-52-510
10/10/15@ Quinnipiac020 2121 42106 18111018 390-32-514
10/16/15@ Providence010 1121 461313 327128 270-41-421
10/23/15@ Canisius111 3022 4121313 38657 182-31-48
10/24/15@ Canisius310 4010 113139 356514 251-40-12
10/31/15@ Brown232 7212 59197 3571014 312-40-12
11/06/15 Sacred Heart131 5100 18179 3412108 300-50-310
11/07/15@ Sacred Heart010 1021 37413 245103 180-40-14
11/12/15@ Air Force111 3001 11149 2411810 290-40-36
11/13/15@ Air Force001 1212 51354 2271411 320-52-410
11/24/15 American International111 3000 010134 275109 240-00-24

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