Holy Cross Crusaders Women's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Kara VioletteFFr17911201.1765241410
Nicole GianninoFSr1797160.94126121200
Mary KlimasewiskiFSr17114150.8824121000
Francesca PanarelliDSr1748120.70596122000
Mackenzie BoardmanDJr1747110.647111220300
Izzy BagiDSo1738110.64716121100
Lauren AbbenanteFFr1755100.5882362200
Taylor McGeeDJr172680.47066120100
Emily LissnerFFr143360.4286241110
Kate ReillyFSr154150.3333241000
Rachel MillerFSr83250.62507141000
Kati GoguenFJr160330.1875360000
Jessica FrascottiDSr152020.1333120000
Meghan O'DonnellFSo91120.2222000000
Erin HallDSo170220.11765100000
Megan MeskillDJr160220.12506120000
Chelsea MonahanFSr150220.1333000000
Madison SchneiderFSr110220.1818120000
Meaghan SullivanDSr170110.0588120000
Kelsey GoostreyFFr100000.0000120000
Krista ManzanaresGSr70000.0000000000
Alexandra StevensonGSr100000.0000000000
Livvy KonaxisFSo70000.0000240000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Alexandra StevensonSr10631.650206051.98513173.896
Krista ManzanaresSr7520.714124191.71892119.908
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ECAC D-III East Conference-Only Statistics

Mary KlimasewiskiFSr993121.3333000000
Nicole GianninoFSr965111.22225101200
Kara VioletteFFr955101.1111121210
Francesca PanarelliDSr93580.8889481000
Mackenzie BoardmanDJr93470.7778480200
Izzy BagiDSo90770.7778480000
Lauren AbbenanteFFr91450.5556001000
Kate ReillyFSr93140.4444241000
Emily LissnerFFr72240.5714241100
Taylor McGeeDJr92240.44445100100
Rachel MillerFSr41230.7500361000
Jessica FrascottiDSr82020.2500120000
Meghan O'DonnellFSo61120.3333000000
Chelsea MonahanFSr80220.2500000000
Erin HallDSo90110.1111360000
Megan MeskillDJr80110.12505100000
Kati GoguenFJr80110.1250120000
Madison SchneiderFSr60110.1667120000
Meaghan SullivanDSr90110.1111120000
Kelsey GoostreyFFr50000.0000120000
Krista ManzanaresGSr40000.0000000000
Alexandra StevensonGSr50000.0000000000
Livvy KonaxisFSo30000.0000000000

ECAC D-III East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Alexandra StevensonSr5410.80093001.8000280.899
Krista ManzanaresSr4310.75082402.0000065.890
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Overall and ECAC D-III East Comparison

Kara VioletteFFr179112041495510212
Nicole GianninoFSr1797161212965111012
Mary KlimasewiskiFSr171141521099312000
Francesca PanarelliDSr17481212209358810
Mackenzie BoardmanDJr17471122039347802
Izzy BagiDSo17381112119077800
Lauren AbbenanteFFr1755106229145010
Taylor McGeeDJr17268120192241001
Emily LissnerFFr143364117224411
Kate ReillyFSr154154109314410
Rachel MillerFSr832514104123610
Kati GoguenFJr160336008011200
Jessica FrascottiDSr152022008202200
Meghan O'DonnellFSo91120006112000
Erin HallDSo1702210009011600
Megan MeskillDJr16022120080111000
Chelsea MonahanFSr150220008022000
Madison SchneiderFSr110222006011200
Meaghan SullivanDSr170112009011200
Kelsey GoostreyFFr100002005000200
Krista ManzanaresGSr70000004000000
Alexandra StevensonGSr100000005000000
Livvy KonaxisFSo70004003000000

Overall and ECAC D-III East Goaltending Comparison

Alexandra StevensonSr10631.6501.98513.8965410.8001.80002.899
Krista ManzanaresSr7520.7141.71892.9084310.7502.00000.890

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-5-1, 7-2-0 ECAC East)

10/31/14 Sacred Heart032 5121613 410-21-26K. Reilly, K. Violette, N. Giannino, R. Miller, F. Panarelli
11/01/14 Sacred Heart122 5122217 512-50-28N. Giannino, I. Bagi, E. Lissner, L. Abbenante (2)
11/07/14@ Salve Regina241 711198 380-41-612J. Frascotti, F. Panarelli (2), N. Giannino, K. Violette, M. Klimasewiski (2)
11/14/14 St. Anselm012 3699 241-61-612N. Giannino (2), R. Miller
11/15/14 Franklin Pierce001 151412 310-40-48K. Violette
11/21/14@ Plymouth State105 691114 342-40-512L. Abbenante, M. Klimasewiski (2), K. Violette, T. McGee (2)
11/22/14@ St. Michael's022 4151117 431-31-36N. Giannino, M. Klimasewiski, K. Violette (2)
11/29/14@ Bowdoin00000128113340-40-36
11/30/14 Wesleyan211 4121310 351-20-24M. Klimasewiski, R. Miller, L. Abbenante, N. Giannino
12/02/14 Connecticut College010 19615 301-52-816M. Boardman
01/03/15 Amherst001 18512 251-10-00K. Violette
01/09/15vs. Manhattanville232 711813 323-51-48M. Klimasewiski, F. Panarelli, M. Boardman (2), J. Frascotti, N. Giannino, E. Lissner
01/10/15vs. Stevenson111 38117 261-30-48L. Abbenante, K. Violette, I. Bagi
01/13/15@ Colby111 3162317 560-10-00K. Violette, M. Klimasewiski, I. Bagi
01/17/15 New England College203 519137 390-30-510K. Reilly (2), M. Klimasewiski (2), M. O'Donnell
01/23/15 Southern Maine032 5121215 391-40-510M. Klimasewiski, E. Lissner, M. Boardman, K. Reilly, N. Giannino
01/24/15@ St. Anselm000 09510 240-41-48

Team Summary


Scoring First7-3-0
Opp. Scores First4-2-1
When Outshooting Opponent11-3-1
When Outshot by Opponent0-0-0
1-goal Games3-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-0-02-2-03-3-1
After 28-0-00-4-03-1-1

Special Teams

Power Play146023.3
Penalty Kill556387.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Holy Cross122226060
Shots by Period123otTot.
Holy Cross1862062073602
Avg./GameHoly CrossOpp.Holy CrossOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-5-1, 7-2-0 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14 Sacred Heart032 5112 4121613 41756 180-21-26
11/01/14 Sacred Heart122 5000 0122217 51323 82-50-28
11/07/14@ Salve Regina241 7012 311198 3810413 270-41-612
11/14/14 St. Anselm012 3100 1699 243510 181-61-612
11/15/14 Franklin Pierce001 1011 251412 31923 140-40-48
11/21/14@ Plymouth State105 6000 091114 34543 122-40-512
11/22/14@ St. Michael's022 4012 3151117 43664 161-31-36
11/29/14@ Bowdoin0000000000128113342665190-40-36
11/30/14 Wesleyan211 4000 0121310 35828 181-20-24
12/02/14 Connecticut College010 1112 49615 305811 241-52-816
01/03/15 Amherst001 1012 38512 255155 251-10-00
01/09/15vs. Manhattanville232 7011 211813 329610 253-51-48
01/10/15vs. Stevenson111 3110 28117 26677 201-30-48
01/13/15@ Colby111 3220 4162317 5617114 320-10-00
01/17/15 New England College203 5000 019137 39250 70-30-510
01/23/15 Southern Maine032 5010 1121215 39739 191-40-510
01/24/15@ St. Anselm000 0032 59510 247107 240-41-48

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