Johnson and Wales Wildcats Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Ben BrouillardFSo17612181.0588000110
Jason HealeyFSr16215171.06255100000
Drew KariofilesFSo17410140.82358273200
Fran MackinFSo1767130.7647120010
Cody SarmientoFJr1738110.64715101100
Connor BatesFFr115380.7273240000
Josh ObregonFJr175380.4706360100
Michael MazzottaDSo173580.470611221200
Stefan BrucatoFSo163580.5000361100
Aaron ArmDJr171780.470611440100
Matt LanzillottiDSo143470.5000481100
Alan BoozerFFr174260.3529361000
Luke VeitchDFr173360.352928970100
Alex PorrierFSr163250.312512401000
Austin DonaldsonFFr62130.5000000000
James HyattDSo171120.1176361000
JP LarmoyeuxFSo90220.2222240000
Patrick AveryFJr130110.0769360000
Brad AtkinsonGSr20000.0000000000
Greg SoltesFSo80000.0000120000
Brett KangasDJr10000.0000000000
Jeff GiustiFFr20000.0000000000
Joey BallmerGSo150000.0000000000
Christopher FersiniFSo20000.0000120000
Luc KilgoreDJr60000.0000000000
Logan FortierDSo50000.0000360000
Luke NickelsDJr110000.0000360000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Joey BallmerSo15861.567299041.92502417.935
Brad AtkinsonSr22001.00041202.0000048.923
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ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Statistics

Drew KariofilesFSo61561.00004191000
Jason HealeyFSr61561.0000480000
Ben BrouillardFSo63140.6667000010
Michael MazzottaDSo62240.66675101200
Cody SarmientoFJr61340.6667240000
Fran MackinFSo60440.6667000000
Alan BoozerFFr63030.5000241000
Stefan BrucatoFSo61230.5000240000
Connor BatesFFr21121.0000240000
Matt LanzillottiDSo31120.6667241100
Josh ObregonFJr61120.3333000100
Austin DonaldsonFFr31120.6667000000
Aaron ArmDJr60220.33336340000
Alex PorrierFSr61010.1667480000
Luke VeitchDFr61010.166710390100
James HyattDSo60000.0000000000
JP LarmoyeuxFSo10000.0000000000
Patrick AveryFJr50000.0000000000
Brad AtkinsonGSr0000000000
Greg SoltesFSo40000.0000000000
Brett KangasDJr0000000000
Jeff GiustiFFr10000.0000000000
Joey BallmerGSo60000.0000000000
Christopher FersiniFSo10000.0000120000
Luc KilgoreDJr30000.0000000000
Logan FortierDSo20000.0000120000
Luke NickelsDJr50000.0000000000

ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Joey BallmerSo6420.66793641.48371171.950
Brad AtkinsonSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC Northeast Comparison

Ben BrouillardFSo17612180016314000
Jason HealeyFSr162151710006156800
Drew KariofilesFSo1741014273261561910
Fran MackinFSo1767132006044000
Cody SarmientoFJr17381110116134400
Connor BatesFFr115384002112400
Josh ObregonFJr175386016112001
Michael MazzottaDSo17358221262241012
Stefan BrucatoFSo163586116123400
Aaron ArmDJr17178440160223400
Matt LanzillottiDSo143478113112411
Alan BoozerFFr174266106303410
Luke VeitchDFr17336970161013901
Alex PorrierFSr1632540106101800
Austin DonaldsonFFr62130003112000
James HyattDSo171126106000000
JP LarmoyeuxFSo90224001000000
Patrick AveryFJr130116005000000
Brad AtkinsonGSr20000000000000
Greg SoltesFSo80002004000000
Brett KangasDJr10000000000000
Jeff GiustiFFr20000001000000
Joey BallmerGSo150000006000000
Christopher FersiniFSo20002001000200
Luc KilgoreDJr60000003000000
Logan FortierDSo50006002000200
Luke NickelsDJr110006005000000

Overall and ECAC Northeast Goaltending Comparison

Joey BallmerSo15861.5671.92502.9356420.6671.48371.950
Brad AtkinsonSr22001.0002.00000.9230000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-6-1, 4-2-0 ECAC Northeast)

10/31/14 Franklin Pierce032 571613 360-50-525S. Brucato, A. Porrier (2), J. Obregon, L. Veitch
11/08/14@ Wentworth011 210139 321-51-26L. Veitch, B. Brouillard
11/13/14 Suffolk0010112782290-41-521B. Brouillard
11/15/14 Curry201 3101412 362-80-629B. Brouillard, M. Mazzotta, J. Obregon
11/20/14 Becker022 4121210 342-40-36M. Mazzotta, M. Lanzillotti, S. Brucato, A. Donaldson
11/22/14@ Nichols201 322148 440-50-729A. Porrier, A. Boozer (2)
11/25/14 Assumption113 512137 321-40-520B. Brouillard (2), A. Boozer, C. Sarmiento, A. Donaldson
11/29/14vs. Williams030 39134 260-53-612J. Healey, M. Lanzillotti, M. Mazzotta
11/30/14@ Skidmore1100271455311-71-512B. Brouillard, D. Kariofiles
12/12/14@ Fredonia010 191811 380-40-24F. Mackin
12/13/14@ Buffalo State120 3995 231-31-626F. Mackin, A. Arm, J. Obregon
01/03/15 Canton011 212126 300-30-412J. Hyatt, F. Mackin
01/07/15 Massachusetts-Dartmouth124 7171010 371-40-312F. Mackin, J. Obregon, D. Kariofiles, L. Veitch, M. Lanzillotti, C. Bates (2)
01/09/15 Potsdam111 3779 231-51-48J. Obregon, C. Bates, S. Brucato
01/16/15 Buffalo State100 11199 291-30-48C. Sarmiento
01/17/15 Fredonia121 41298 290-40-48C. Bates, D. Kariofiles, F. Mackin (2)
01/24/15@ Western New England113 516116 330-30-422D. Kariofiles, C. Sarmiento, A. Boozer, J. Healey, C. Bates

Team Summary


Scoring First6-3-0
Opp. Scores First4-3-1
When Outshooting Opponent8-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent2-5-1
1-goal Games2-5
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 14-1-01-2-05-3-1
After 26-1-11-1-03-4-0

Special Teams

Power Play117614.5
Penalty Kill677589.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Johnson and Wales122121054
Shots by Period123otTot.
Johnson and Wales1942011407542
Avg./GameJohnson and WalesOpp.Johnson and WalesOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-6-1, 4-2-0 ECAC Northeast)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14 Franklin Pierce032 5200 271613 361049 230-50-525
11/08/14@ Wentworth011 2210 310139 3216710 331-51-26
11/13/14 Suffolk00101001121278229612113320-41-521
11/15/14 Curry201 3001 1101412 369611 262-80-629
11/20/14 Becker022 4010 1121210 346511 222-40-36
11/22/14@ Nichols201 3110 222148 44111317 410-50-729
11/25/14 Assumption113 5101 212137 329816 331-40-520
11/29/14vs. Williams030 3022 49134 2671016 330-53-612
11/30/14@ Skidmore110021010271455311211122371-71-512
12/12/14@ Fredonia010 1011 291811 38111913 430-40-24
12/13/14@ Buffalo State120 3221 5995 231186 251-31-626
01/03/15 Canton011 2000 012126 30689 230-30-412
01/07/15 Massachusetts-Dartmouth124 7110 2171010 37793 191-40-312
01/09/15 Potsdam111 3110 2779 231198 281-51-48
01/16/15 Buffalo State100 1011 21199 291199 291-30-48
01/17/15 Fredonia121 4020 21298 299107 260-40-48
01/24/15@ Western New England113 5000 016116 3310412 260-30-422

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