Lake Forest Foresters Women's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Michelle GreenewayFJr14116171.21437141112
Morgan PopeFSr16512171.0625481100
Holly LesperanceFJr14412161.142910202110
Laura ReckdenwaldFSr1687150.9375243300
Emily WyboFSr16510150.93758161020
Melissa PaluchFJr1665110.6875120300
Kayla GriffithDFr1629110.68756120100
Alex StenslandDJr1519100.6667480100
Erin ShamleyD/FSr163580.50005100300
Allie GirardFSo125270.5833001000
Marissa WeberFSr165270.4375120100
Amanda BrungesFFr162460.3750120000
Olivia SpellmireFFr160550.3125480000
Caroline CampbellDFr111120.1818240000
Torey CrownDSr130220.15386120000
Taylor KreilingFFr90220.2222000000
Isabel RegineFSo111010.0909480000
Leah EbdonFFr151010.06675100000
Melissa BodineDFr161010.0625360000
Allie CarterGJr90000.0000000000
Casey HartfielGSo80000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Allie CarterJr9342.444225272.50680192.897
Casey HartfielSo8610.857124391.63991146.924
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NCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Morgan PopeFSr12511161.3333481100
Laura ReckdenwaldFSr1267131.0833003200
Emily WyboFSr1249131.0833361010
Holly LesperanceFJr10210121.20006121010
Michelle GreenewayFJr107290.9000481101
Melissa PaluchFJr125380.6667120300
Erin ShamleyD/FSr123580.6667360300
Kayla GriffithDFr120880.6667480000
Allie GirardFSo85160.7500001000
Marissa WeberFSr124260.5000120000
Amanda BrungesFFr122460.5000000000
Alex StenslandDJr111560.5455480100
Olivia SpellmireFFr120440.3333360000
Caroline CampbellDFr71120.2857240000
Torey CrownDSr110220.18186120000
Taylor KreilingFFr60220.3333000000
Isabel RegineFSo91010.1111240000
Leah EbdonFFr121010.0833360000
Melissa BodineDFr121010.0833120000
Allie CarterGJr60000.0000000000
Casey HartfielGSo60000.0000000000

NCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Allie CarterJr6321.583143642.30850127.901
Casey HartfielSo6510.83383591.33691111.933
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Overall and NCHA Comparison

Michelle GreenewayFJr1411617141110729811
Morgan PopeFSr16512178111251116811
Holly LesperanceFJr1441216202110210121210
Laura ReckdenwaldFSr168715433126713032
Emily WyboFSr16510151610124913610
Melissa PaluchFJr16651120312538203
Kayla GriffithDFr162911120112088800
Alex StenslandDJr15191080111156801
Erin ShamleyD/FSr16358100312358603
Allie GirardFSo125270108516010
Marissa WeberFSr1652720112426200
Amanda BrungesFFr1624620012246000
Olivia SpellmireFFr1605580012044600
Caroline CampbellDFr111124007112400
Torey CrownDSr130221200110221200
Taylor KreilingFFr90220006022000
Isabel RegineFSo111018009101400
Leah EbdonFFr15101100012101600
Melissa BodineDFr1610160012101200
Allie CarterGJr90000006000000
Casey HartfielGSo80000006000000

Overall and NCHA Goaltending Comparison

Allie CarterJr9342.4442.50680.8976321.5832.30850.901
Casey HartfielSo8610.8571.63991.9246510.8331.33691.933

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-5-2, 8-3-1 NCHA)

11/01/14@ Adrian001 18511 241-41-36M. Paluch
11/02/14@ Adrian020 281114 331-42-48M. Greeneway, M. Pope
11/07/14 St. Norbert023 59127 280-21-510L. Reckdenwald, A. Brunges, E. Wybo, M. Pope (2)
11/08/14 St. Norbert140 5121419 453-81-36M. Pope, E. Wybo, M. Greeneway, L. Reckdenwald, M. Paluch
11/14/14 Concordia (Wis.)131 512112 251-20-36E. Wybo (2), L. Reckdenwald, M. Weber, A. Brunges
11/15/14@ Concordia (Wis.)000 0101013 330-41-36
11/21/14 St. Scholastica10102711133341-21-36E. Shamley, A. Girard
11/22/14 St. Scholastica111 312126 300-10-24M. Paluch, A. Girard, M. Greeneway
12/03/14@ Marian123 6231016 491-71-412E. Shamley, I. Regine, M. Greeneway (2), L. Reckdenwald (2)
12/05/14 Finlandia313 7171215 441-31-612A. Girard (2), L. Ebdon, M. Weber, M. Pope, E. Shamley, L. Reckdenwald
12/06/14 Finlandia235 10151922 562-30-36A. Stensland, M. Paluch (2), M. Greeneway (2), M. Weber, A. Girard, C. Campbell, H. Lesperance, M. Bodine
01/09/15@ St. Mary's2000211792290-40-510H. Lesperance, M. Greeneway
01/10/15@ Gustavus Adolphus010 13116 201-10-12M. Weber
01/16/15 Wisconsin-Stevens Point023 5979 251-70-48M. Paluch, H. Lesperance, K. Griffith, M. Greeneway (2)
01/17/15 Wisconsin-Stevens Point320 58144 262-52-614M. Greeneway, E. Wybo, K. Griffith, L. Reckdenwald (2)
01/21/15@ Marian110 214124 300-50-714H. Lesperance, M. Weber

Team Summary


Scoring First5-1-1
Opp. Scores First4-4-1
When Outshooting Opponent7-2-2
When Outshot by Opponent1-2-0
1-goal Games0-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-1-21-4-01-0-0
After 28-2-00-1-21-2-0

Special Teams

Power Play156224.2
Penalty Kill516282.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Lake Forest162421061
Shots by Period123otTot.
Lake Forest1781781705531
Avg./GameLake ForestOpp.Lake ForestOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-5-2, 8-3-1 NCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/01/14@ Adrian001 1131 58511 24112010 411-41-36
11/02/14@ Adrian020 2111 381114 33722 111-42-48
11/07/14 St. Norbert023 5001 19127 285713 250-21-510
11/08/14 St. Norbert140 5010 1121419 45995 233-81-36
11/14/14 Concordia (Wis.)131 5001 112112 259414 271-20-36
11/15/14@ Concordia (Wis.)000 0102 3101013 331129 220-41-36
11/21/14 St. Scholastica1010201102711133345470161-21-36
11/22/14 St. Scholastica111 3001 112126 305911 250-10-24
12/03/14@ Marian123 6001 1231016 49278 171-71-412
12/05/14 Finlandia313 7012 3171215 44195 151-31-612
12/06/14 Finlandia235 10011 2151922 56739 192-30-36
01/09/15@ St. Mary's200020110211792299942240-40-510
01/10/15@ Gustavus Adolphus010 1110 23116 205114 201-10-12
01/16/15 Wisconsin-Stevens Point023 5101 2979 25799 251-70-48
01/17/15 Wisconsin-Stevens Point320 5214 78144 26141713 442-52-614
01/21/15@ Marian110 2000 014124 30686 200-50-714

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