Michigan Wolverines Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Zach HymanFSr15710171.1333121000
Dylan LarkinFFr15313161.066712241100
Alex KileFSo1596151.0000360600
Tyler MotteFSo1559140.93335101000
Andrew CoppFJr1576130.8667361310
Cristoval NievesFJr1548120.8000481100
Zach WerenskiDFr1539120.8000240100
JT CompherFSo1538110.73337300000
Max ShuartFSo153690.6000481000
Michael DowningDSo153470.466714580000
Travis LynchFSr154260.4000000000
Kevin LohanDSo152460.4000481000
Cutler MartinDFr111560.5455361000
Tony CalderoneFFr122350.4167480000
Brennan ServilleDSr110440.36367140000
Dexter DancsFFr141230.214313260000
Nolan De JongDSo120330.2500360000
Andrew SinelliFSr80220.2500240000
Zach NagelvoortGSo130220.1538000000
Evan AllenFSo51010.2000120000
Sam PiazzaDFr40110.2500240000
Mike ChiassonDSr60110.16676120000
Justin SelmanFJr40110.2500000000
Luke DwyerGSr10000.0000000000
Alex TalcottFFr30000.0000000000
Steve RacineGJr40000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Zach NagelvoortSo13660.500337132.77820311.904
Steve RacineJr4210.667111753.7772082.882
Luke DwyerSr1000.000040.0000021.000
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Big Ten Conference-Only Statistics

Andrew CoppFJr33251.6667001210
Tyler MotteFSo31451.6667241000
Max ShuartFSo31451.6667240000
Dylan LarkinFFr30551.6667360000
Alex KileFSo33141.3333000200
Zach HymanFSr32241.3333000000
JT CompherFSo32241.3333360000
Zach WerenskiDFr31341.3333000000
Michael DowningDSo32131.00005100000
Travis LynchFSr31231.0000000000
Cristoval NievesFJr31231.0000000000
Brennan ServilleDSr30331.00006120000
Kevin LohanDSo30220.6667240000
Tony CalderoneFFr31010.3333000000
Cutler MartinDFr30110.3333000000
Luke DwyerGSr0000000000
Evan AllenFSo0000000000
Alex TalcottFFr0000000000
Andrew SinelliFSr20000.0000120000
Zach NagelvoortGSo30000.0000000000
Sam PiazzaDFr10000.0000000000
Mike ChiassonDSr10000.0000000000
Steve RacineGJr10000.0000000000
Nolan De JongDSo10000.0000000000
Dexter DancsFFr30000.0000120000
Justin SelmanFJr10000.0000000000

Big Ten Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Zach NagelvoortSo3210.66761592.2644078.929
Steve RacineJr1000.0001203.0000011.917
Luke DwyerSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and Big Ten Comparison

Zach HymanFSr15710172103224000
Dylan LarkinFFr153131624113055600
Alex KileFSo1596156063314002
Tyler MotteFSo15591410103145410
Andrew CoppFJr1576136133325012
Cristoval NievesFJr1548128113123000
Zach WerenskiDFr1539124013134000
JT CompherFSo15381130003224600
Max ShuartFSo153698103145400
Michael DowningDSo15347580032131000
Travis LynchFSr154260003123000
Kevin LohanDSo152468103022400
Cutler MartinDFr111566103011000
Tony CalderoneFFr122358003101000
Brennan ServilleDSr11044140030331200
Dexter DancsFFr1412326003000200
Nolan De JongDSo120336001000000
Andrew SinelliFSr80224002000200
Zach NagelvoortGSo130220003000000
Evan AllenFSo51012000000000
Sam PiazzaDFr40114001000000
Mike ChiassonDSr601112001000000
Justin SelmanFJr40110001000000
Luke DwyerGSr10000000000000
Alex TalcottFFr30000000000000
Steve RacineGJr40000001000000

Overall and Big Ten Goaltending Comparison

Zach NagelvoortSo13660.5002.77820.9043210.6672.26440.929
Steve RacineJr4210.6673.77720.8821000.0003.00000.917
Luke DwyerSr1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-7-0, 2-1-0 Big Ten)

10/04/14@ Ferris State012 3101512 370-21-314T. Motte, T. Lynch, E. Allen
10/17/14 New Hampshire001 11187 260-21-26A. Kile
10/18/14 New Hampshire020 29178 340-50-410M. Downing, C. Martin
10/24/14@ Massachusetts-Lowell242 815176 381-10-14A. Kile, T. Motte, Z. Hyman (3), D. Larkin, D. Dancs, Z. Werenski
10/25/14@ Boston University110 2121216 402-50-26Z. Werenski, A. Kile
10/31/14@ Michigan Tech001 11478 290-60-625D. Larkin
11/01/14@ Michigan Tech101 210612 280-74-746A. Copp, M. Shuart
11/14/14 American International131 5141611 410-30-14T. Motte, M. Shuart, K. Lohan, A. Copp (2)
11/15/14 American International312 619918 462-31-510Z. Hyman, A. Kile, C. Nieves, T. Lynch (2), A. Copp
11/21/14 Penn State101 214188 400-41-26M. Shuart, M. Downing
11/22/14 Penn State035 8122112 450-51-816C. Nieves, T. Motte, Z. Hyman, A. Copp, A. Kile, J. Compher (2), M. Downing
11/28/14 Rensselaer102 391014 330-31-12A. Kile, T. Motte, Z. Hyman
11/29/14 Rensselaer312 614910 332-40-410K. Lohan, A. Kile, C. Nieves (2), T. Calderone, J. Compher
12/05/14 Ohio State251 89116 264-50-612Z. Hyman, Z. Werenski, T. Lynch, A. Copp (2), A. Kile (2), T. Calderone
12/13/14@ Boston College001 1151413 421-60-36D. Larkin

Team Summary


Scoring First3-3-0
Opp. Scores First5-4-0
When Outshooting Opponent7-5-0
When Outshot by Opponent0-2-0
1-goal Games2-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-1-00-6-02-0-0
After 26-0-02-3-00-4-0

Special Teams

Power Play126119.7
Penalty Kill455581.8

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-7-0, 2-1-0 Big Ten)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/04/14@ Ferris State012 3310 4101512 379148 310-21-314
10/17/14 New Hampshire001 1131 51187 2671315 350-21-26
10/18/14 New Hampshire020 2010 19178 347916 320-50-410
10/24/14@ Massachusetts-Lowell242 8121 415176 3861314 331-10-14
10/25/14@ Boston University110 2012 3121216 4015910 342-50-26
10/31/14@ Michigan Tech001 1112 41478 2915811 340-60-625
11/01/14@ Michigan Tech101 2321 610612 281098 270-74-746
11/14/14 American International131 5011 2141611 41265 130-30-14
11/15/14 American International312 6120 319918 466126 242-31-510
11/21/14 Penn State101 2300 314188 401576 280-41-26
11/22/14 Penn State035 8010 1122112 4591716 420-51-816
11/28/14 Rensselaer102 3011 291014 339612 270-31-12
11/29/14 Rensselaer312 6000 014910 331187 262-40-410
12/05/14 Ohio State251 8111 39116 265912 264-50-612
12/13/14@ Boston College001 1302 5151413 429713 291-60-36

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