Minnesota Golden Gophers Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Mike ReillyDJr23421251.08705211200
Kyle RauFSr23814220.95658161410
Justin KloosFSo23813210.913010202500
Travis BoydFSr16910191.18755104510
Connor ReillyFSo23114150.6522000401
Taylor CammarataFSo23213150.6522481100
Sam WarningFSr2377140.60874160010
Hudson FaschingFSo2275120.54559181200
Seth AmbrozFSr2356110.478316321100
Michael BrodzinskiDSo213690.42867140000
Ben MarshallDSr232790.39135181000
Brady SkjeiDJr171780.470612240001
Jake BischoffDSo202570.3500000000
Leon BristedtFFr193360.315815300000
Ryan CollinsDFr160660.3750000000
Vinni LettieriFSo214150.2381480000
Christian IsacksonFSr231230.13045130000
A.J. MichaelsonFJr191120.10538270000
Ryan ReillyFJr110220.1818360000
Jack GloverDFr110220.1818360000
Adam WilcoxGJr230110.0435120000
Steve JohnsonDFr100110.1000240000
Nick LehrGFr10000.0000000000
Robin HöglundFFr40000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Adam WilcoxJr231282.5915913532.61653554.904
Nick LehrFr1010.0002333.5857016.889
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Big Ten Conference-Only Statistics

Travis BoydFSr766121.7143002300
Mike ReillyDJr719101.4286120000
Connor ReillyFSo76281.1429000200
Sam WarningFSr73471.00004160010
Justin KloosFSo71671.0000240100
Seth AmbrozFSr73360.85717140100
Hudson FaschingFSo72240.5714240000
Jake BischoffDSo61340.6667000000
Kyle RauFSr72130.4286120200
Leon BristedtFFr71230.42865100000
Brady SkjeiDJr70330.4286480000
Ben MarshallDSr70330.42863140000
Taylor CammarataFSo71120.2857001100
Vinni LettieriFSo71120.2857120000
Ryan CollinsDFr50220.4000000000
Michael BrodzinskiDSo60220.3333000000
A.J. MichaelsonFJr61010.1667120000
Christian IsacksonFSr71010.1429360000
Adam WilcoxGJr70110.1429000000
Robin HöglundFFr0000000000
Steve JohnsonDFr20000.0000000000
Ryan ReillyFJr10000.0000000000
Jack GloverDFr20000.0000240000
Nick LehrGFr10000.0000000000

Big Ten Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Adam WilcoxJr7312.667213973.17451172.891
Nick LehrFr1010.0002333.5857016.889
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Overall and Big Ten Comparison

Mike ReillyDJr2342125211271910200
Kyle RauFSr238142216147213202
Justin KloosFSo238132120257167401
Travis BoydFSr1691019104576612023
Connor ReillyFSo23114150047628002
Taylor CammarataFSo23213158117112011
Sam WarningFSr237714160073471600
Hudson FaschingFSo22751218127224400
Seth AmbrozFSr235611321173361401
Michael BrodzinskiDSo2136914006022000
Ben MarshallDSr23279181070331400
Brady SkjeiDJr1717824007033800
Jake BischoffDSo202570006134000
Leon BristedtFFr19336300071231000
Ryan CollinsDFr160660005022000
Vinni LettieriFSo214158007112200
Christian IsacksonFSr2312313007101600
A.J. MichaelsonFJr1911227006101200
Ryan ReillyFJr110226001000000
Jack GloverDFr110226002000400
Adam WilcoxGJr230112007011000
Steve JohnsonDFr100114002000000
Nick LehrGFr10000001000000
Robin HöglundFFr40002000000000

Overall and Big Ten Goaltending Comparison

Adam WilcoxJr231282.5912.61653.9047312.6673.17451.891
Nick LehrFr1010.0003.58570.8891010.0003.58570.889

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-9-2, 3-2-2 Big Ten)

10/10/14vs. Minnesota-Duluth220 46610 221-31-512S. Warning, K. Rau, J. Kloos, H. Fasching
10/12/14vs. Rensselaer111 3111310 341-40-510S. Ambroz, H. Fasching, C. Reilly
10/24/14 Bemidji State131 513109 322-61-614T. Cammarata, K. Rau, T. Boyd (2), H. Fasching
10/25/14 Bemidji State212 515312 302-40-38C. Reilly, K. Rau, J. Kloos, T. Boyd, B. Skjei
10/31/14@ St. Cloud State001 191112 320-23-614H. Fasching
11/01/14 St. Cloud State02114121391351-41-310J. Kloos (3), C. Reilly
11/07/14 Notre Dame113 5181412 441-40-310J. Kloos, L. Bristedt, M. Reilly, S. Warning, B. Marshall
11/09/14 Notre Dame310 49715 312-41-612S. Warning, H. Fasching, M. Reilly, M. Brodzinski
11/14/14 Minnesota-Duluth000 0764 170-12-617
11/15/14@ Minnesota-Duluth001 151010 250-41-527L. Bristedt
11/28/14@ Boston College123 681012 300-20-48S. Warning, B. Marshall, J. Bischoff, V. Lettieri (2), C. Reilly
11/29/14@ Northeastern110 26912 272-30-319J. Kloos, K. Rau
12/05/14@ Michigan State311 58119 283-70-412T. Boyd, S. Warning, K. Rau, M. Reilly, C. Reilly
12/06/14@ Michigan State201038781242-21-410C. Reilly (2), K. Rau
01/02/15 Merrimack101 2101319 420-40-24M. Brodzinski, C. Reilly
01/03/15 RIT110131614154491-60-36V. Lettieri, M. Reilly, K. Rau
01/09/15@ Michigan10203167120352-51-38C. Reilly, J. Kloos, T. Boyd
01/10/15@ Michigan131 58169 330-22-36T. Boyd (2), S. Ambroz, C. Reilly, A. Michaelson
01/16/15 Wisconsin10102209155490-50-14S. Warning, H. Fasching
01/17/15 Wisconsin320 5211910 501-71-655T. Boyd (2), S. Warning, C. Reilly, C. Isackson
01/23/15vs. Minnesota State110 2796 220-41-310S. Ambroz, M. Brodzinski
01/24/15vs. Minnesota-Duluth001 1101111 321-30-12K. Rau
01/30/15@ Wisconsin142 711159 352-31-514V. Lettieri, J. Bischoff, S. Ambroz (2), L. Bristedt, T. Cammarata, H. Fasching

Team Summary


Scoring First6-7-1
Opp. Scores First6-2-1
When Outshooting Opponent11-3-1
When Outshot by Opponent1-5-1
1-goal Games3-5
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 19-1-11-5-02-3-1
After 29-1-02-5-11-3-1

Special Teams

Power Play248927.0
Penalty Kill739081.1

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-9-2, 3-2-2 Big Ten)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14vs. Minnesota-Duluth220 4012 36610 2211610 271-31-512
10/12/14vs. Rensselaer111 3000 0111310 34688 221-40-510
10/24/14 Bemidji State131 5011 213109 3281013 312-61-614
10/25/14 Bemidji State212 5120 315312 306115 222-40-38
10/31/14@ St. Cloud State001 1211 491112 32131311 370-23-614
11/01/14 St. Cloud State0211402103121391352840141-41-310
11/07/14 Notre Dame113 5000 0181412 44695 201-40-310
11/09/14 Notre Dame310 4020 29715 313119 232-41-612
11/14/14 Minnesota-Duluth000 0111 3764 17151013 380-12-617
11/15/14@ Minnesota-Duluth001 1200 251010 2515109 340-41-527
11/28/14@ Boston College123 6002 281012 306911 260-20-48
11/29/14@ Northeastern110 2111 36912 27141214 402-30-319
12/05/14@ Michigan State311 5000 08119 281095 243-70-412
12/06/14@ Michigan State20103210038781241511127452-21-410
01/02/15 Merrimack101 2120 3101319 42575 170-40-24
01/03/15 RIT110131010216141544956100211-60-36
01/09/15@ Michigan10203012141671203571283302-51-38
01/10/15@ Michigan131 5421 78169 3314128 340-22-36
01/16/15 Wisconsin1010200202209155493782200-50-14
01/17/15 Wisconsin320 5011 2211910 507127 261-71-655
01/23/15vs. Minnesota State110 2130 4796 221354 220-41-310
01/24/15vs. Minnesota-Duluth001 1101 2101111 3211132 261-30-12
01/30/15@ Wisconsin142 7221 511159 3510148 322-31-514

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