Minnesota Golden Gophers Women's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Hannah BrandtFSr151918372.4667001310
Dani CameranesiFJr151720372.46676122800
Sarah PotomakFFr13726332.5385361001
Kelly PannekFSo151312251.6667243300
Cara PiazzaFSo15713201.3333001101
Kate SchipperFJr15515201.3333240200
Megan WolfeDJr15215171.13337140000
Milica McMillenDSr15510151.00009182400
Lee SteckleinDJr15310130.8667240000
Sydney BaldwinDSo15110110.7333121100
Brook GarzoneFSr156390.6000002000
Caitlin ReillyFSo153360.4000120100
Taylor WilliamsonFFr151560.4000121000
Nina RodgersFSo154150.3333360100
Sophie SkarzynskiDFr151340.2667120000
Kelsey ClineD/FJr150330.2000360000
Anna BarlowDFr61120.3333120000
Paige HaleyD/FJr150110.0667360000
Tianna GundersonFFr100110.1000000000
Emma MayGFr10000.0000000000
Sierra SmithFFr10000.0000000000
Amanda LeveilleGSr120000.0000000000
Sidney PetersGJr50000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Amanda LeveilleSr121110.917186711.61073190.913
Sidney PetersJr53001.00022080.5777235.946
Emma MayFr1000.0000200.0000031.000
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WCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Dani CameranesiFJr111417312.8182482700
Hannah BrandtFSr111514292.6364001210
Sarah PotomakFFr9521262.8889120000
Kelly PannekFSo111010201.8182122300
Cara PiazzaFSo11710171.5455001101
Kate SchipperFJr11512171.5455240200
Megan WolfeDJr11113141.27275100000
Milica McMillenDSr11310131.18189181200
Sydney BaldwinDSo11010100.9091000000
Brook GarzoneFSr116280.7273002000
Lee SteckleinDJr112570.6364240000
Caitlin ReillyFSo113360.5455120100
Nina RodgersFSo114150.4545240100
Taylor WilliamsonFFr111450.4545121000
Sophie SkarzynskiDFr111340.3636120000
Anna BarlowDFr51120.4000120000
Kelsey ClineD/FJr110220.1818240000
Paige HaleyD/FJr110110.0909360000
Tianna GundersonFFr70110.1429000000
Emma MayGFr10000.0000000000
Sierra SmithFFr10000.0000000000
Amanda LeveilleGSr100000.0000000000
Sidney PetersGJr30000.0000000000

WCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Amanda LeveilleSr10910.900155511.63492156.912
Sidney PetersJr31001.0001880.6836114.933
Emma MayFr1000.0000200.0000031.000
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Overall and WCHA Comparison

Hannah BrandtFSr1519183701311151429012
Dani CameranesiFJr15172037122811141731827
Sarah PotomakFFr1372633610952126200
Kelly PannekFSo1513122543311101020223
Cara PiazzaFSo15713200111171017011
Kate SchipperFJr15515204021151217402
Megan WolfeDJr1521517140011113141000
Milica McMillenDSr1551015182411310131812
Lee SteckleinDJr153101340011257400
Sydney BaldwinDSo15110112111101010000
Brook GarzoneFSr1563902011628020
Caitlin ReillyFSo1533620111336201
Taylor WilliamsonFFr1515621011145210
Nina RodgersFSo1541560111415401
Sophie SkarzynskiDFr1513420011134200
Kelsey ClineD/FJr1503360011022400
Anna BarlowDFr61122005112200
Paige HaleyD/FJr1501160011011600
Tianna GundersonFFr100110007011000
Emma MayGFr10000001000000
Sierra SmithFFr10000001000000
Amanda LeveilleGSr1200000010000000
Sidney PetersGJr50000003000000

Overall and WCHA Goaltending Comparison

Amanda LeveilleSr121110.9171.61073.91310910.9001.63492.912
Sidney PetersJr53001.0000.57772.94631001.0000.68361.933
Emma MayFr1000.0000.000001.0001000.0000.000001.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-1-0, 10-1-0 WCHA)

10/01/15@ Penn State011 281916 431-10-12M. McMillen, S. Potomak
10/02/15@ Penn State221 5171011 380-40-36M. Wolfe, K. Pannek (2), H. Brandt (2)
10/09/15 St. Cloud State124 751617 383-30-26L. Stecklein, C. Piazza, D. Cameranesi (2), M. McMillen, K. Pannek (2)
10/10/15 St. Cloud State380 1110104 242-20-24K. Pannek, B. Garzone, S. Potomak (2), H. Brandt (4), K. Schipper, C. Piazza (2)
10/16/15@ Ohio State142 7131514 421-50-38K. Schipper, C. Piazza, B. Garzone, D. Cameranesi (2), S. Skarzynski, N. Rodgers
10/17/15@ Ohio State362 11211711 492-52-410K. Schipper, B. Garzone, M. McMillen, D. Cameranesi (2), K. Pannek, H. Brandt (3), C. Reilly (2)
10/23/15 Minnesota-Duluth023 518228 482-32-28K. Pannek (2), D. Cameranesi, S. Potomak, C. Piazza
10/24/15 Minnesota-Duluth141 610910 292-30-36B. Garzone, C. Piazza, K. Pannek, D. Cameranesi (2), A. Barlow
10/29/15@ North Dakota311 51554 241-21-38C. Reilly, M. McMillen, K. Schipper, N. Rodgers, M. Wolfe
10/30/15@ North Dakota102 39715 310-30-26B. Garzone, K. Pannek, D. Cameranesi
11/13/15 Bemidji State130 481512 352-40-36C. Piazza, K. Pannek, D. Cameranesi, K. Schipper
11/14/15 Bemidji State143 8131813 443-51-24T. Williamson, D. Cameranesi, H. Brandt (5), N. Rodgers
11/20/15 Yale321 613915 371-22-24K. Pannek, D. Cameranesi (3), S. Potomak, H. Brandt
11/21/15 Yale220 471616 393-30-38H. Brandt, S. Baldwin, L. Stecklein, M. McMillen
11/27/15@ Minnesota State533 1114913 361-10-24K. Pannek, D. Cameranesi (2), B. Garzone, L. Stecklein, S. Potomak (2), H. Brandt (3), N. Rodgers

Team Summary


Scoring First11-0-0
Opp. Scores First3-1-0
When Outshooting Opponent14-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent0-0-0
1-goal Games0-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 111-1-01-0-02-0-0
After 214-0-00-1-00-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play244652.2
Penalty Kill293778.4

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-1-0, 10-1-0 WCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/01/15@ Penn State011 2000 081916 431235 201-10-12
10/02/15@ Penn State221 5000 0171011 38142 70-40-36
10/09/15 St. Cloud State124 7000 051617 38311 53-30-26
10/10/15 St. Cloud State380 11000 010104 24123 62-20-24
10/16/15@ Ohio State142 7101 2131514 42873 181-50-38
10/17/15@ Ohio State362 11101 2211711 49479 202-52-410
10/23/15 Minnesota-Duluth023 5110 218228 487210 192-32-28
10/24/15 Minnesota-Duluth141 6010 110910 29566 172-30-36
10/29/15@ North Dakota311 5001 11554 24784 191-21-38
10/30/15@ North Dakota102 3031 49715 317177 310-30-26
11/13/15 Bemidji State130 4000 081512 35774 182-40-36
11/14/15 Bemidji State143 8003 3131813 44559 193-51-24
11/20/15 Yale321 6111 313915 37494 171-22-24
11/21/15 Yale220 4100 171616 39636 153-30-38
11/27/15@ Minnesota State533 11010 114913 36863 171-10-24

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