Morrisville Mustangs Men's Hockey
2006-2007 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Matt DamskovFJr171010201.17651401
Nick CarelliFSo1669150.93750410
Joseph HermanFJr17510150.88241500
Evan KernohanDFr1748120.70590400
Andrew AlarieFFr1546100.66670100
Stefan CarnegieFFr173690.52941200
Keith WilliamsFSo173580.47061300
Brent QuinnFFr151670.46670100
Samuel ForgetDFr170770.41180000
Steve NiederbuhlFFr52351.00000200
Brady PrattFFr42130.75001000
Tyler FultonFFr172130.17651200
Esteban GonzalezFFr161230.18750100
Christopher CacaceDJr90330.33330000
Patrick MorssFSo172020.11760000
Matt BendallFSo42020.50001000
Andrew GreenDJr121120.16670100
Joakim CedinFFr111120.18180100
Steven WilliamsDFr111120.18180000
Timothy DorakDSo80110.12500000
Cody CasselmanDFr40110.25000000
CJ SchneiderDFr80110.12500000
Corey SmithDSo130110.07690000
Travis MooreGFr100000.00000000
Shawn SmailFSo90000.00000000
Jason FranskyFFr20000.00000000
Ryan TetraultFFr10000.00000000
Ryan HirschfieldFFr10000.00000000
Tim KampDFr30000.00000000
Dana CalderoneFSo30000.00000000
Cody WilliamsGSr70000.00000000
Brett FreeseGJr10000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Travis MooreFr10360.333385733.97891344.901
Cody WilliamsSr7340.429323874.96150241.883
Brett FreeseJr11001.0002602.0000024.923
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D-III Independent Conference-Only Statistics

Travis MooreGFr00000000
Brady PrattFFr00000000
Samuel ForgetDFr00000000
Shawn SmailFSo00000000
Andrew GreenDJr00000000
Steve NiederbuhlFFr00000000
Matt DamskovFJr00000000
Brent QuinnFFr00000000
Timothy DorakDSo00000000
Jason FranskyFFr00000000
Cody CasselmanDFr00000000
Patrick MorssFSo00000000
Joakim CedinFFr00000000
Ryan TetraultFFr00000000
Stefan CarnegieFFr00000000
Evan KernohanDFr00000000
Steven WilliamsDFr00000000
Ryan HirschfieldFFr00000000
Nick CarelliFSo00000000
Tim KampDFr00000000
Matt BendallFSo00000000
Dana CalderoneFSo00000000
Joseph HermanFJr00000000
Cody WilliamsGSr00000000
Christopher CacaceDJr00000000
Andrew AlarieFFr00000000
Esteban GonzalezFFr00000000
Keith WilliamsFSo00000000
CJ SchneiderDFr00000000
Brett FreeseGJr00000000
Tyler FultonFFr00000000
Corey SmithDSo00000000

D-III Independent Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Travis MooreFr0000.0000000.000
Cody WilliamsSr0000.0000000.000
Brett FreeseJr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and D-III Independent Comparison

Matt DamskovFJr1710102014000000
Nick CarelliFSo16691504000000
Joseph HermanFJr175101515000000
Evan KernohanDFr17481204000000
Andrew AlarieFFr15461001000000
Stefan CarnegieFFr1736912000000
Keith WilliamsFSo1735813000000
Brent QuinnFFr1516701000000
Samuel ForgetDFr1707700000000
Steve NiederbuhlFFr523502000000
Brady PrattFFr421310000000
Tyler FultonFFr1721312000000
Esteban GonzalezFFr1612301000000
Christopher CacaceDJr903300000000
Patrick MorssFSo1720200000000
Matt BendallFSo420210000000
Andrew GreenDJr1211201000000
Joakim CedinFFr1111201000000
Steven WilliamsDFr1111200000000
Timothy DorakDSo801100000000
Cody CasselmanDFr401100000000
CJ SchneiderDFr801100000000
Corey SmithDSo1301100000000
Travis MooreGFr1000000000000
Shawn SmailFSo900000000000
Jason FranskyFFr200000000000
Ryan TetraultFFr100000000000
Ryan HirschfieldFFr100000000000
Tim KampDFr300000000000
Dana CalderoneFSo300000000000
Cody WilliamsGSr700000000000
Brett FreeseGJr100000000000

Overall and D-III Independent Goaltending Comparison

Travis MooreFr10360.3333.97891.9010000.0000.000
Cody WilliamsSr7340.4294.96150.8830000.0000.000
Brett FreeseJr11001.0002.00000.9230000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-10-0, 0-0-0 D-III Independent)

10/15/06 Oswego010 1245 111-90-818S. Carnegie
10/20/06@ Geneseo201 3658 192-102-850E. Kernohan, P. Morss, T. Fulton
10/21/06 Plattsburgh003 361010 260-113-1034A. Alarie, S. Williams, M. Damskov
10/27/06 Becker100 1142112 471-102-512A. Green
10/28/06 Becker021 382010 382-121-1020K. Williams, M. Damskov, J. Herman
11/10/06@ Plymouth State222 61167 244-70-1022N. Carelli, J. Herman, P. Morss, M. Bendall, A. Alarie, M. Damskov
11/11/06@ Plymouth State120 37157 292-80-510K. Williams (2), A. Alarie
11/17/06 Potsdam021 311910 301-51-48B. Quinn, N. Carelli, M. Bendall
11/18/06 Brockport110 2774 181-50-918M. Damskov, S. Carnegie
12/08/06@ Brockport100 1933 151-90-720J. Herman
01/06/07@ Buffalo State020 2954 182-61-826E. Kernohan, S. Carnegie
01/12/07@ Fredonia011 2357 152-62-718M. Damskov, J. Herman
01/13/07@ Fredonia010 110117 281-54-612N. Carelli
01/16/07 Cortland012 3798 241-31-625N. Carelli, A. Alarie, M. Damskov
01/20/07@ Buffalo State010 1862 161-61-729E. Kernohan
02/23/07@ Becker104 55815 282-60-1050S. Niederbuhl, N. Carelli, B. Pratt, M. Damskov (2)
02/24/07@ Becker127 107510 227-120-656M. Damskov (2), B. Pratt, T. Fulton, E. Kernohan, N. Carelli, J. Herman, S. Niederbuhl, E. Gonzalez, J. Cedin

Team Summary


Scoring First4-2-0
Opp. Scores First3-8-0
When Outshooting Opponent1-1-0
When Outshot by Opponent6-9-0
1-goal Games3-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 13-2-01-7-03-1-0
After 24-1-02-8-01-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play3113023.8
Penalty Kill10812685.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-10-0, 0-0-0 D-III Independent)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/15/06 Oswego010 1234 9245 11152513 531-90-818
10/20/06@ Geneseo201 3023 5658 19172415 562-102-850
10/21/06 Plattsburgh003 3114 661010 26241018 520-113-1034
10/27/06 Becker100 1020 2142112 47779 231-102-512
10/28/06 Becker021 3101 282010 387611 242-121-1020
11/10/06@ Plymouth State222 6210 31167 24121512 394-70-1022
11/11/06@ Plymouth State120 3000 07157 29141114 392-80-510
11/17/06 Potsdam021 3232 711910 3011236 401-51-48
11/18/06 Brockport110 2010 1774 18211521 571-50-918
12/08/06@ Brockport100 1102 3933 1592210 411-90-720
01/06/07@ Buffalo State020 2115 7954 18131214 392-61-826
01/12/07@ Fredonia011 2122 5357 15161511 422-62-718
01/13/07@ Fredonia010 1542 1110117 2816177 401-54-612
01/16/07 Cortland012 3020 2798 2451310 281-31-625
01/20/07@ Buffalo State010 1220 4862 1619917 451-61-729
02/23/07@ Becker104 5111 35815 2811206 372-60-1050
02/24/07@ Becker127 10011 27510 221088 267-120-656

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