New England College Pilgrims Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Kyle ManlowFSr261313261.000012301241
Bryce NielsenFSo26138210.80778160202
Connor FriesFFr26714210.80775100101
Andreas ZöllnerFFr26514190.73086120100
Chris SantelloFJr26135180.69236123200
Mike WhitehairFFr26611170.65387140200
Cheyne MathesonFSr12312151.2500240200
Garrett BrazzierFSr2667130.5000482200
Conor CrouseFJr1849130.7222001100
Scott CornfieldDJr2656110.42315102400
Kyle ArensonDSo2647110.4231360000
Shawn WatsonFJr2646100.38467141100
Martin HallinFFr163250.31256120100
Sho KawachiDSr171120.11766121100
Yves LeemannDFr230220.08709180000
John QuinlanDJr260220.0769480000
Andrew PriceDSo260220.07695100000
James AngelicolaFSo191010.052610200000
Marcus LindqvistDSr70110.1429120000
Joe ColbertFJr20000.0000120000
Nicolas PotvinFFr160000.00005100000
Dan ShirillaFJr20000.0000000000
Ryan SweeneyFJr150000.00009180000
Jon ManlowGFr10000.0000000000
Zach CarranoGSr10000.0000000000
Aaron MadsenFJr40000.0000120000
Brett KilarGJr260000.0000120000
Will PlattDFr10000.0000000000
Garrett GunskiDSo40000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Brett KilarJr261196.5386515642.49402795.924
Zach CarranoSr1000.0000130.0000071.000
Jon ManlowFr1000.000060.0000021.000
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NEHC Conference-Only Statistics

Kyle ManlowFSr1989170.89478160220
Bryce NielsenFSo1986140.7368480001
Chris SantelloFJr1994130.68425102100
Andreas ZöllnerFFr1958130.6842360100
Connor FriesFFr1957120.6316480100
Shawn WatsonFJr194590.47376121100
Conor CrouseFJr133690.6923000100
Mike WhitehairFFr193690.47375100100
Scott CornfieldDJr193580.4211481200
Garrett BrazzierFSr192680.4211361000
Kyle ArensonDSo192570.3684360000
Cheyne MathesonFSr82570.8750120200
Martin HallinFFr123140.33335100100
Sho KawachiDSr141120.1429481100
Yves LeemannDFr170220.11768160000
Andrew PriceDSo190220.10535100000
James AngelicolaFSo171010.058810200000
John QuinlanDJr190110.0526480000
Joe ColbertFJr0000000000
Nicolas PotvinFFr130000.0000240000
Dan ShirillaFJr10000.0000000000
Ryan SweeneyFJr110000.0000240000
Jon ManlowGFr10000.0000000000
Zach CarranoGSr0000000000
Aaron MadsenFJr10000.0000120000
Brett KilarGJr190000.0000120000
Marcus LindqvistDSr50000.0000120000
Will PlattDFr0000000000
Garrett GunskiDSo20000.0000120000

NEHC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Brett KilarJr19676.4745211572.69561621.923
Jon ManlowFr1000.000060.0000021.000
Zach CarranoSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and NEHC Comparison

Kyle ManlowFSr2613132630121989171602
Bryce NielsenFSo26138211602198614800
Connor FriesFFr26714211001195712801
Andreas ZöllnerFFr26514191201195813601
Chris SantelloFJr261351812321994131021
Mike WhitehairFFr26611171402193691001
Cheyne MathesonFSr12312154028257202
Garrett BrazzierFSr26671382219268610
Conor CrouseFJr18491301113369001
Scott CornfieldDJr265611102419358812
Kyle ArensonDSo26471160019257600
Shawn WatsonFJr2646101411194591211
Martin HallinFFr163251201123141001
Sho KawachiDSr17112121114112811
Yves LeemannDFr230221800170221600
John QuinlanDJr2602280019011800
Andrew PriceDSo260221000190221000
James AngelicolaFSo191012000171012000
Marcus LindqvistDSr70112005000200
Joe ColbertFJr20002000000000
Nicolas PotvinFFr16000100013000400
Dan ShirillaFJr20000001000000
Ryan SweeneyFJr15000180011000400
Jon ManlowGFr10000001000000
Zach CarranoGSr10000000000000
Aaron MadsenFJr40002001000200
Brett KilarGJr2600020019000200
Will PlattDFr10000000000000
Garrett GunskiDSo40002002000200

Overall and NEHC Goaltending Comparison

Brett KilarJr261196.5382.49402.92419676.4742.69561.923
Zach CarranoSr1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000
Jon ManlowFr1000.0000.000001.0001000.0000.000001.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-9-6, 6-7-6 NEHC)

11/03/15@ Fitchburg State002 212129 330-61-48K. Arenson, C. Fries
11/06/15 Skidmore310 410168 341-41-36B. Nielsen, C. Santello, S. Watson, K. Manlow
11/07/15 Castleton102038425191-31-918S. Cornfield, J. Angelicola, C. Santello
11/13/15@ St. Michael's105 6111122 442-80-614G. Brazzier, C. Fries (2), B. Nielsen, M. Whitehair, C. Santello
11/14/15@ Norwich100 11075 221-50-24K. Manlow
11/20/15 Wentworth110 211155 312-80-310C. Santello, B. Nielsen
11/24/15@ Framingham State311 51067 232-50-513M. Whitehair, C. Crouse, B. Nielsen (2), K. Manlow
12/04/15 Southern Maine111 310117 280-11-26K. Arenson, S. Watson, C. Santello
12/05/15 University of New England020 28118 271-30-14K. Manlow, C. Fries
12/08/15 Daniel Webster271 10182711 562-30-12S. Cornfield (2), G. Brazzier, B. Nielsen, K. Arenson, K. Manlow, M. Whitehair, C. Santello (2), C. Matheson
12/10/15@ St. Anselm201 37124 230-20-26B. Nielsen, A. Zöllner, C. Santello
01/02/16vs. Neumann010 1101014 340-31-36K. Manlow
01/03/16vs. Canton213 67129 281-30-510G. Brazzier, K. Manlow (2), M. Whitehair, B. Nielsen, C. Fries
01/08/16 Babson1010212862280-20-38A. Zöllner, K. Manlow
01/09/16 Massachusetts-Boston2120551770291-32-38K. Manlow (2), M. Hallin, A. Zöllner, C. Santello
01/12/16@ Salem State102 310115 261-40-26C. Santello, G. Brazzier (2)
01/15/16@ Castleton200 21183 220-51-716S. Watson, S. Cornfield
01/16/16@ Skidmore23106111774392-62-612C. Santello (2), C. Matheson (2), B. Nielsen, A. Zöllner
01/22/16 Norwich001 1698 230-31-12M. Whitehair
01/23/16 St. Michael's222 616176 391-20-512C. Santello, K. Manlow, S. Kawachi, A. Zöllner, C. Crouse, B. Nielsen
01/30/16 St. Anselm101027572212-41-818C. Crouse, K. Manlow
02/05/16@ University of New England042 66108 241-31-720C. Crouse, B. Nielsen (3), S. Cornfield, G. Brazzier
02/06/16@ Southern Maine001 16916 311-51-36M. Hallin
02/12/16@ Massachusetts-Boston02103131171320-20-24S. Watson, M. Hallin, C. Fries
02/13/16@ Babson1010238104250-20-38C. Fries, M. Whitehair
02/20/16@ University of New England100 113179 390-10-02K. Arenson

Team Summary


Scoring First8-2-4
Opp. Scores First3-7-2
When Outshooting Opponent6-3-0
When Outshot by Opponent5-6-6
1-goal Games1-4
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 19-1-20-7-22-1-2
After 25-1-14-6-12-2-4

Special Teams

Power Play229622.9
Penalty Kill829685.4

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
New England College302731088
Shots by Period123otTot.
New England College25130121018780
Avg./GameNew England CollegeOpp.New England CollegeOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-9-6, 6-7-6 NEHC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/03/15@ Fitchburg State002 2210 312129 33101213 350-61-48
11/06/15 Skidmore310 4100 110168 348106 241-41-36
11/07/15 Castleton10203003038425191016130391-31-918
11/13/15@ St. Michael's105 6000 0111122 44678 212-80-614
11/14/15@ Norwich100 1201 31075 22101011 311-50-24
11/20/15 Wentworth110 2000 011155 311035 182-80-310
11/24/15@ Framingham State311 5020 21067 23111013 342-50-513
12/04/15 Southern Maine111 3010 110117 289914 320-11-26
12/05/15 University of New England020 2102 38118 2717811 361-30-14
12/08/15 Daniel Webster271 10000 0182711 565712 242-30-12
12/10/15@ St. Anselm201 3110 27124 23111315 390-20-26
01/02/16vs. Neumann010 1130 4101014 347194 300-31-36
01/03/16vs. Canton213 6120 37129 281367 261-30-510
01/08/16 Babson101021010212862281318113450-20-38
01/09/16 Massachusetts-Boston21205221165177029161672411-32-38
01/12/16@ Salem State102 3010 110115 269135 271-40-26
01/15/16@ Castleton200 2111 31183 229167 320-51-716
01/16/16@ Skidmore2310604206111774391315123432-62-612
01/22/16 Norwich001 1112 4698 2315413 320-31-12
01/23/16 St. Michael's222 6200 216176 391748 291-20-512
01/30/16 St. Anselm1010220002757221107152342-41-818
02/05/16@ University of New England042 6031 46108 24181516 491-31-720
02/06/16@ Southern Maine001 1202 46916 31772 161-51-36
02/12/16@ Massachusetts-Boston0210310203131171322114185580-20-24
02/13/16@ Babson10102101023810425812183410-20-38
02/20/16@ University of New England100 1211 413179 3915138 360-10-02

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