New England College Pilgrims Men's Hockey
1999-2000 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Matthew StackFFr44261.50000100
Mike JohnsonFSo42461.50000100
David GarofaloFSr42351.25000100
Ralph AielloFJr42241.00001100
Keith WallaceFSo42241.00001000
Lou VedovatDSo41341.00000000
Ryan EnricoCSo32131.00000000
Pat BryantFSo40330.75000000
Shawn WhiteheadCSr40330.75000000
Clint EdingerFSr41120.50000000
Justin BousquetFSr41120.50000000
Chris GrotnesFSo41120.50000000
Martin EneFSr40220.50000000
Rob O'LearyDJr40110.25000000
Aaron MarshFFr30110.33330000
Matt MeltonDJr20110.50000000
Mike LupiDSo40110.25000000
Chris McGinnisGSr20000.00000000
Joakim FlyghDSr40000.00000000
Sumner StetsonGSo30000.00000000
Joe PernaFSo10000.00000000
Tyler SennoFFr10000.00000000
Shane WarschawDSo30000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Sumner StetsonSo3120.333171666.1526082.828
Chris McGinnisSr21001.0001740.808419.900
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ECAC East Conference-Only Statistics

Chris McGinnisGSr00000000
Joakim FlyghDSr00000000
Lou VedovatDSo00000000
Sumner StetsonGSo00000000
Ryan EnricoCSo00000000
Matthew StackFFr00000000
Joe PernaFSo00000000
Martin EneFSr00000000
Rob O'LearyDJr00000000
Tyler SennoFFr00000000
Clint EdingerFSr00000000
Aaron MarshFFr00000000
Matt MeltonDJr00000000
Pat BryantFSo00000000
Mike LupiDSo00000000
Justin BousquetFSr00000000
Mike JohnsonFSo00000000
Shawn WhiteheadCSr00000000
Ralph AielloFJr00000000
Chris GrotnesFSo00000000
Shane WarschawDSo00000000
David GarofaloFSr00000000
Keith WallaceFSo00000000

ECAC East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Chris McGinnisSr0000.0000000.000
Sumner StetsonSo0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC East Comparison

Matthew StackFFr442601000000
Mike JohnsonFSo424601000000
David GarofaloFSr423501000000
Ralph AielloFJr422411000000
Keith WallaceFSo422410000000
Lou VedovatDSo413400000000
Ryan EnricoCSo321300000000
Pat BryantFSo403300000000
Shawn WhiteheadCSr403300000000
Clint EdingerFSr411200000000
Justin BousquetFSr411200000000
Chris GrotnesFSo411200000000
Martin EneFSr402200000000
Rob O'LearyDJr401100000000
Aaron MarshFFr301100000000
Matt MeltonDJr201100000000
Mike LupiDSo401100000000
Chris McGinnisGSr200000000000
Joakim FlyghDSr400000000000
Sumner StetsonGSo300000000000
Joe PernaFSo100000000000
Tyler SennoFFr100000000000
Shane WarschawDSo300000000000

Overall and ECAC East Goaltending Comparison

Sumner StetsonSo3120.3336.15260.8280000.0000.000
Chris McGinnisSr21001.0000.80841.9000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-12-3, 5-9-3 ECAC East)

11/19/99vs. Mass Coll Lib Arts  --
11/20/99@ Williams  --
11/27/99vs. Geneseo202 4131312 386-26-012L. Vedovat, M. Johnson (2), R. Aiello
11/28/99@ Elmira022 44710 2110-111-022D. Garofalo (2), C. Edinger, R. Aiello
11/30/99 Plymouth State042 6132010 434-02-024K. Wallace, R. Enrico (2), J. Bousquet, M. Stack, C. Grotnes
12/03/99@ Trinity  4-02-024
12/04/99@ Amherst  4-02-024
12/10/99vs. Massachusetts-Dartmouth  4-02-024
12/11/99vs. Air Force112 48144 269-17-318M. Stack (3), K. Wallace
01/07/00 Southern Maine  9-17-318
01/08/00 Salem State  9-17-318
01/14/00 Bowdoin  9-17-318
01/15/00 Colby  9-17-318
01/21/00vs. Connecticut College  9-17-318
01/22/00@ Wesleyan  9-17-318
01/26/00@ Plymouth State  9-17-318
01/28/00 Skidmore  9-17-318
01/29/00 Hamilton  9-17-318
02/04/00@ Babson  9-17-318
02/05/00@ Massachusetts-Boston  9-17-318
02/11/00 Norwich  9-17-318
02/12/00 Middlebury  9-17-318
02/15/00 Assumption  9-17-318
02/19/00@ St. Anselm  9-17-318
02/26/00vs. Southern Maine  9-17-318
03/03/00vs. Norwich  9-17-318

Team Summary


Scoring First2-1-0
Opp. Scores First0-1-0
When Outshooting Opponent2-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent0-2-0
1-goal Games0-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 11-1-00-1-010-10-3
After 21-0-00-1-010-11-3

Special Teams

Power Play294725.0
Penalty Kill-233-766.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
New England College378018
Shots by Period123otTot.
New England College3854360128
Avg./GameNew England CollegeOpp.New England CollegeOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-12-3, 5-9-3 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/19/99vs. Mass Coll Lib Arts    9-17-318
11/20/99@ Williams    9-17-318
11/27/99vs. Geneseo202 4101 2131312 3811810 296-26-012
11/28/99@ Elmira022 4423 94710 21131517 4510-111-022
11/30/99 Plymouth State042 6000 0132010 43001 14-02-024
12/03/99@ Trinity    4-02-024
12/04/99@ Amherst    4-02-024
12/10/99vs. Massachusetts-Dartmouth    4-02-024
12/11/99vs. Air Force112 4034 78144 2671215 349-17-318
01/07/00 Southern Maine    9-17-318
01/08/00 Salem State    9-17-318
01/14/00 Bowdoin    9-17-318
01/15/00 Colby    9-17-318
01/21/00vs. Connecticut College    9-17-318
01/22/00@ Wesleyan    9-17-318
01/26/00@ Plymouth State    9-17-318
01/28/00 Skidmore    9-17-318
01/29/00 Hamilton    9-17-318
02/04/00@ Babson    9-17-318
02/05/00@ Massachusetts-Boston    9-17-318
02/11/00 Norwich    9-17-318
02/12/00 Middlebury    9-17-318
02/15/00 Assumption    9-17-318
02/19/00@ St. Anselm    9-17-318
02/26/00vs. Southern Maine    9-17-318
03/03/00vs. Norwich    9-17-318

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