North Dakota Fighting Hawks Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Nick SchmaltzFSo15217191.2667360000
Drake CaggiulaFSr1499181.285711442100
Brock BoeserFFr1578151.0000480101
Troy StecherDJr1539120.8000361000
Bryn ChyzykFSr156390.6000361111
Christian WolaninDFr133580.6154362000
Luke JohnsonFJr153470.4667481100
Johnny SimonsonFSo142570.50007141000
Austin PoganskiFSo152460.4000481000
Tucker PoolmanDSo111560.5455120000
Rhett GardnerFFr144150.35718241110
Shane GersichFFr104040.4000121000
Keaton ThompsonDJr141340.2857480100
Gage AusmusDJr150440.2667480000
Chris WilkieFFr153030.2000480200
Paul LaDueDJr141230.2143120100
Coltyn SandersonFSr130220.1538240000
Joel JanatuinenFFr80110.1250120000
Hayden ShawDFr110110.0909000000
Trevor OlsonFSo140110.0714390000
Matt HrynkiwGJr120000.0000000000
Cam JohnsonGSo50000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Matt HrynkiwJr12921.792236542.11072236.911
Cam JohnsonSo5201.83392522.1414083.902
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NCHC Conference-Only Statistics

Nick SchmaltzFSo629111.8333120000
Brock BoeserFFr63581.3333120000
Drake CaggiulaFSr64261.00004191100
Troy StecherDJr61561.0000000000
Rhett GardnerFFr64150.8333481110
Christian WolaninDFr61450.8333121000
Shane GersichFFr52020.4000120000
Chris WilkieFFr62020.3333240100
Luke JohnsonFJr61120.3333121000
Bryn ChyzykFSr61120.3333121000
Austin PoganskiFSo60220.3333240000
Paul LaDueDJr51010.2000120100
Gage AusmusDJr60110.1667240000
Joel JanatuinenFFr30110.3333000000
Keaton ThompsonDJr60110.1667360000
Johnny SimonsonFSo60110.16675100000
Tucker PoolmanDSo40110.2500000000
Hayden ShawDFr30000.0000000000
Trevor OlsonFSo50000.0000390000
Matt HrynkiwGJr60000.0000000000
Cam JohnsonGSo10000.0000000000
Coltyn SandersonFSr50000.0000120000

NCHC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Matt HrynkiwJr6510.833133312.35341118.901
Cam JohnsonSo1000.0003276.5494010.769
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Overall and NCHC Comparison

Nick SchmaltzFSo152171960062911200
Drake CaggiulaFSr149918442164261911
Brock BoeserFFr1578158016358200
Troy StecherDJr1539126106156000
Bryn ChyzykFSr156396116112210
Christian WolaninDFr133586206145210
Luke JohnsonFJr153478116112210
Johnny SimonsonFSo14257141060111000
Austin PoganskiFSo152468106022400
Tucker PoolmanDSo111562004011000
Rhett GardnerFFr1441524116415811
Shane GersichFFr104042105202200
Keaton ThompsonDJr141348016011600
Gage AusmusDJr150448006011400
Chris WilkieFFr153038026202401
Paul LaDueDJr141232015101201
Coltyn SandersonFSr130224005000200
Joel JanatuinenFFr80112003011000
Hayden ShawDFr110110003000000
Trevor OlsonFSo140119005000900
Matt HrynkiwGJr120000006000000
Cam JohnsonGSo50000001000000

Overall and NCHC Goaltending Comparison

Matt HrynkiwJr12921.7922.11072.9116510.8332.35341.901
Cam JohnsonSo5201.8332.14140.9021000.0006.54940.769

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-2-2, 5-1-0 NCHC)

10/09/15vs. Lake Superior032 5171512 441-41-523S. Gersich, K. Thompson, A. Poganski, B. Chyzyk (2)
10/10/15vs. Maine010011110186451-31-24C. Wilkie
10/16/15@ Bemidji State22004111272321-53-512J. Simonson, B. Chyzyk, L. Johnson, A. Poganski
10/17/15 Bemidji State203 59912 301-60-24D. Caggiula, T. Stecher, B. Boeser (3)
10/23/15@ Vermont011 215197 411-40-210J. Simonson, B. Chyzyk
10/24/15@ Vermont212 513716 360-30-28D. Caggiula, B. Boeser, C. Wolanin, B. Chyzyk, T. Stecher
10/30/15@ Colorado College212 5141211 371-41-716S. Gersich, C. Wilkie (2), R. Gardner, B. Boeser
10/31/15@ Colorado College110 2181212 420-40-523C. Wolanin, S. Gersich
11/06/15 Wisconsin100 181012 300-20-14L. Johnson
11/07/15 Wisconsin102 313196 380-70-510C. Wolanin, S. Gersich, D. Caggiula
11/13/15 Miami321 613811 321-42-518P. LaDue, B. Boeser, B. Chyzyk, D. Caggiula, R. Gardner, N. Schmaltz
11/14/15 Miami102141311102360-31-24B. Boeser, R. Gardner, N. Schmaltz, L. Johnson
11/20/15@ St. Cloud State211 47910 262-31-510R. Gardner, D. Caggiula (3)
11/21/15@ St. Cloud State010 18516 290-32-513T. Stecher
11/27/15@ Michigan State210 314133 300-10-320T. Poolman, D. Caggiula (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First6-1-1
Opp. Scores First5-1-1
When Outshooting Opponent10-2-2
When Outshot by Opponent1-0-0
1-goal Games2-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 18-0-11-1-02-1-1
After 24-0-12-2-05-0-1

Special Teams

Power Play95616.1
Penalty Kill445678.6

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
North Dakota191516151
Shots by Period123otTot.
North Dakota18417116310528
Avg./GameNorth DakotaOpp.North DakotaOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-2-2, 5-1-0 NCHC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/09/15vs. Lake Superior032 5200 2171512 445813 261-41-523
10/10/15vs. Maine010010100111101864534112201-31-24
10/16/15@ Bemidji State22004112041112723244102201-53-512
10/17/15 Bemidji State203 5200 29912 30579 211-60-24
10/23/15@ Vermont011 2000 015197 418811 271-40-210
10/24/15@ Vermont212 5110 213716 3611144 290-30-28
10/30/15@ Colorado College212 5011 2141211 377104 211-41-716
10/31/15@ Colorado College110 2000 0181212 427148 290-40-523
11/06/15 Wisconsin100 1120 381012 301274 230-20-14
11/07/15 Wisconsin102 3010 113196 38664 160-70-510
11/13/15 Miami321 6002 213811 324512 211-42-518
11/14/15 Miami10214021031311102364640140-31-24
11/20/15@ St. Cloud State211 4111 37910 26111611 382-31-510
11/21/15@ St. Cloud State010 1132 68516 293117 210-32-513
11/27/15@ Michigan State210 3010 114133 307135 250-10-320

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