North Dakota Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Drake CaggiulaFJr19814221.157912242120
Michael ParksFSr19614201.0526122210
Mark MacMillanFSr1587151.00003170221
Nick SchmaltzFFr15312151.0000481100
Jordan SchmaltzDJr19311140.7368120300
Luke JohnsonFSo194590.47378161100
Paul LaDueDSo183690.50005100200
Troy StecherDSo171890.529410200000
Brendan O'DonnellFSr175270.41189291100
Tucker PoolmanDFr175270.4118361400
Bryn ChyzykFJr133470.5385241010
Connor GaarderFSr192460.31586121100
Stephane PattynFSr192460.315815302020
Nick MattsonDSr101340.4000240000
Austin PoganskiFFr151340.2667120000
Johnny SimonsonFFr160440.2500240000
Trevor OlsonFFr153030.20007171000
Gage AusmusDSo192130.157911220000
Colten St. ClairFSr132130.23083170000
Keaton ThompsonDSo140330.2143480000
Coltyn SandersonFJr40110.2500120000
Andrew PanzarellaDSr30110.3333240000
Wade MurphyFSo70000.0000240000
Zane McIntyreGJr190000.0000000000
Cam JohnsonGFr20000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Zane McIntyreJr191342.7373611071.95180473.929
Cam JohnsonFr2000.0004435.5406013.765
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NCHC Conference-Only Statistics

Mark MacMillanFSr1076131.30002150221
Drake CaggiulaFJr1057121.20007141110
Michael ParksFSr1028101.0000000000
Nick SchmaltzFFr62461.0000361000
Jordan SchmaltzDJr102350.5000120200
Paul LaDueDSo102350.5000240200
Nick MattsonDSr51340.8000000000
Bryn ChyzykFJr61230.5000000000
Johnny SimonsonFFr90330.3333120000
Trevor OlsonFFr92020.2222271000
Brendan O'DonnellFSr82020.2500241000
Stephane PattynFSr101120.20007141010
Tucker PoolmanDFr91120.2222241100
Connor GaarderFSr100220.2000240000
Troy StecherDSo80220.2500480000
Austin PoganskiFFr80220.2500000000
Gage AusmusDSo101010.1000480000
Luke JohnsonFSo100110.1000480000
Keaton ThompsonDSo90110.1111240000
Colten St. ClairFSr80110.12502150000
Coltyn SandersonFJr10000.0000000000
Wade MurphyFSo20000.0000120000
Andrew PanzarellaDSr20000.0000240000
Zane McIntyreGJr100000.0000000000
Cam JohnsonGFr0000000000

NCHC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Zane McIntyreJr10631.650206011.99650282.934
Cam JohnsonFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and NCHC Comparison

Drake CaggiulaFJr198142224211057121411
Michael ParksFSr1961420222102810000
Mark MacMillanFSr15871517021076131502
Nick SchmaltzFFr15312158116246610
Jordan SchmaltzDJr193111420310235202
Luke JohnsonFSo19459161110011800
Paul LaDueDSo18369100210235402
Troy StecherDSo1718920008022800
Brendan O'DonnellFSr1752729118202410
Tucker PoolmanDFr175276149112411
Bryn ChyzykFJr133474106123000
Connor GaarderFSr19246121110022400
Stephane PattynFSr192463020101121410
Nick MattsonDSr101344005134000
Austin PoganskiFFr151342008022000
Johnny SimonsonFFr160444009033200
Trevor OlsonFFr1530317109202710
Gage AusmusDSo19213220010101800
Colten St. ClairFSr13213170080111500
Keaton ThompsonDSo140338009011400
Coltyn SandersonFJr40112001000000
Andrew PanzarellaDSr30114002000400
Wade MurphyFSo70004002000200
Zane McIntyreGJr1900000010000000
Cam JohnsonGFr20000000000000

Overall and NCHC Goaltending Comparison

Zane McIntyreJr191342.7371.95180.92910631.6501.99650.934
Cam JohnsonFr2000.0005.54060.7650000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-4-2, 6-3-1 NCHC)

10/10/14 Bemidji State001 19710 261-41-48N. Schmaltz
10/11/14@ Bemidji State110 21499 320-61-718C. St. Clair, S. Pattyn
10/17/14@ Colorado College300 3141114 391-51-714B. O'Donnell, M. MacMillan (2)
10/18/14@ Colorado College403 716109 355-91-417T. Poolman, J. Schmaltz, P. LaDue (2), M. MacMillan (3)
10/24/14 Providence132 691510 342-50-828L. Johnson, M. Parks, P. LaDue, T. Poolman, B. Chyzyk, D. Caggiula
10/25/14 Providence1100268111260-71-714L. Johnson, A. Poganski
11/01/14 Air Force0021399123330-40-319T. Poolman, D. Caggiula, B. Chyzyk
11/07/14@ Wisconsin013 4121714 432-61-510C. Gaarder, C. St. Clair, M. Parks (2)
11/08/14@ Wisconsin113 51779 330-20-26B. O'Donnell, D. Caggiula, L. Johnson, T. Stecher, G. Ausmus
11/14/14 Miami110 2995 230-61-227M. Parks, D. Caggiula
11/15/14 Miami031 47119 271-30-310M. MacMillan, M. Parks, D. Caggiula (2)
11/21/14@ St. Cloud State010 171010 270-32-48D. Caggiula
11/22/14@ St. Cloud State210 315168 390-30-36B. O'Donnell, T. Olson (2)
11/28/14 Nebraska-Omaha0110212482260-30-314G. Ausmus, N. Schmaltz
11/29/14 Nebraska-Omaha210 36143 231-40-410J. Schmaltz, M. MacMillan, S. Pattyn
12/05/14 Lake Superior052 711239 433-40-26T. Olson, M. MacMillan, T. Poolman (2), C. Gaarder, M. Parks, B. O'Donnell
12/06/14 Lake Superior012 361211 292-40-714B. O'Donnell, L. Johnson, J. Schmaltz
12/12/14@ Denver001 171310 300-32-629B. Chyzyk
12/13/14@ Denver120 31583 260-30-36N. Mattson, N. Schmaltz, D. Caggiula

Team Summary


Scoring First7-2-0
Opp. Scores First6-2-2
When Outshooting Opponent10-1-0
When Outshot by Opponent3-3-2
1-goal Games5-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 18-0-02-3-03-1-2
After 26-0-14-2-13-2-0

Special Teams

Power Play188421.4
Penalty Kill738486.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
North Dakota172321162
Shots by Period123otTot.
North Dakota2012131746594
Avg./GameNorth DakotaOpp.North DakotaOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-4-2, 6-3-1 NCHC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14 Bemidji State001 1140 59710 2613164 331-41-48
10/11/14@ Bemidji State110 2001 11499 329911 290-61-718
10/17/14@ Colorado College300 3010 1141114 398159 321-51-714
10/18/14@ Colorado College403 7011 216109 35779 235-91-417
10/24/14 Providence132 6001 191510 34887 232-50-828
10/25/14 Providence11002101026811126117114330-71-714
11/01/14 Air Force002131100299123336536200-40-319
11/07/14@ Wisconsin013 4021 3121714 437103 202-61-510
11/08/14@ Wisconsin113 5010 11779 339105 240-20-26
11/14/14 Miami110 2210 3995 2315114 300-61-227
11/15/14 Miami031 4010 17119 279146 291-30-310
11/21/14@ St. Cloud State010 1012 371010 277198 340-32-48
11/22/14@ St. Cloud State210 3110 215168 3961211 290-30-36
11/28/14 Nebraska-Omaha0110202002124822611991300-30-314
11/29/14 Nebraska-Omaha210 3011 26143 2310915 341-40-410
12/05/14 Lake Superior052 7220 411239 438125 253-40-26
12/06/14 Lake Superior012 3001 161211 294211 172-40-714
12/12/14@ Denver001 1112 471310 301298 290-32-629
12/13/14@ Denver120 3001 11583 2671016 330-30-36

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