Norwich Cadets Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

William PelletierFSo131014241.84625103210
Dean NiezgodaFJr171010201.17657143201
Anthony FlahertyFSo1978150.7895361100
Tyler PiacentiniFSo1976130.6842241002
Gerard McEleneyFSr1767130.7647361100
Alec ThiedaDSr19211130.6842121000
Nevin LawlerFSr1957120.6316481210
Austin SurowiecFSo1974110.57898161200
Paul RussellFSo1765110.6471120101
Kevin SalvucciFFr1838110.6111360101
Cody SmithDSo1619100.6250001000
Brendan BoyceFSo145380.5714480000
Corey HaleDSr193580.4211480300
Bryce CurrierDSr170880.47069180000
Brian RowlandDSo132570.53856201100
Alec BrandrupDFr161560.3750480100
Trevor StewartFSo103250.5000001000
Nick PichetteFSo131450.38463170100
Payton BaldillezFFr102240.4000480100
Ryan WhitellDJr122240.33334161000
Justin CharbonneauFFr111120.1818360000
Mitch ByrneFFr40220.5000120000
Connor EvangelistaDFr70110.1429240000
Dmitry ErmakovFSo30110.3333000000
Braeden OstepchukGFr100000.0000000000
Ty ReichenbachGSo90000.0000000000
Matic Marin&353;ekGSr10000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Braeden OstepchukFr10820.800145811.44552163.921
Ty ReichenbachSo9801.944125301.35882182.938
Matic Marin&353;ekSr1000.0000190.0000091.000
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ECAC East Conference-Only Statistics

William PelletierFSo7610162.2857242100
Dean NiezgodaFJr1186141.2727482101
Anthony FlahertyFSo1277141.1667121100
Nevin LawlerFSr1257121.0000241210
Gerard McEleneyFSr1056111.1000121100
Kevin SalvucciFFr1137100.9091360101
Paul RussellFSo115490.8182000101
Alec ThiedaDSr122680.6667001000
Cody SmithDSo111780.7273001000
Brendan BoyceFSo94370.7778240000
Corey HaleDSr123360.5000360300
Alec BrandrupDFr101560.6000360100
Tyler PiacentiniFSo123250.4167120001
Austin SurowiecFSo122350.4167481000
Brian RowlandDSo81450.6250240100
Bryce CurrierDSr100550.50006120000
Trevor StewartFSo52240.8000001000
Ryan WhitellDJr81120.2500241000
Nick PichetteFSo81120.25003170100
Mitch ByrneFFr30110.3333120000
Connor EvangelistaDFr50110.2000120000
Dmitry ErmakovFSo30110.3333000000
Payton BaldillezFFr60110.1667000000
Braeden OstepchukGFr50000.0000000000
Ty ReichenbachGSo70000.0000000000
Matic Marin&353;ekGSr0000000000
Justin CharbonneauFFr80000.0000360000

ECAC East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Ty ReichenbachSo77001.000104051.48191137.932
Braeden OstepchukFr55001.00043030.7909285.955
Matic Marin&353;ekSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC East Comparison

William PelletierFSo131014241032761016421
Dean NiezgodaFJr171010201432118614821
Anthony FlahertyFSo197815611127714211
Tyler PiacentiniFSo19761341012325200
Gerard McEleneyFSr176713611105611211
Alec ThiedaDSr192111321012268010
Nevin LawlerFSr195712812125712412
Austin SurowiecFSo197411161212235810
Paul RussellFSo17651120111549001
Kevin SalvucciFFr183811601113710601
Cody SmithDSo16191001011178010
Brendan BoyceFSo145388009437400
Corey HaleDSr1935880312336603
Bryce CurrierDSr170881800100551200
Brian RowlandDSo1325720118145401
Alec BrandrupDFr1615680110156601
Trevor StewartFSo103250105224010
Nick PichetteFSo13145170181121701
Payton BaldillezFFr102248016011000
Ryan WhitellDJr1222416108112410
Justin CharbonneauFFr111126008000600
Mitch ByrneFFr40222003011200
Connor EvangelistaDFr70114005011200
Dmitry ErmakovFSo30110003011000
Braeden OstepchukGFr100000005000000
Ty ReichenbachGSo90000007000000
Matic Marin&353;ekGSr10000000000000

Overall and ECAC East Goaltending Comparison

Braeden OstepchukFr10820.8001.44552.92155001.0000.79092.955
Ty ReichenbachSo9801.9441.35882.93877001.0001.48191.932
Matic Marin&353;ekSr1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (16-2-1, 12-0-0 ECAC East)

10/31/14 Plymouth State225 9111614 412-61-36G. McEleney, T. Piacentini (3), P. Baldillez (2), R. Whitell, A. Surowiec (2)
11/07/14 St. Michael's022 4121013 351-60-36G. McEleney, C. Smith, K. Salvucci, A. Brandrup
11/14/14 Southern Maine230 5121513 402-70-48A. Flaherty, C. Hale, B. Boyce, N. Lawler (2)
11/15/14 University of New England112 47812 272-50-612C. Hale, A. Thieda, N. Lawler, T. Piacentini
11/21/14@ St. Anselm122 5141211 371-51-612P. Russell, R. Whitell, D. Niezgoda, T. Piacentini, K. Salvucci
11/22/14@ New England College031 461910 351-21-24G. McEleney (2), B. Boyce, D. Niezgoda
11/28/14vs. Plattsburgh032 514119 341-60-48W. Pelletier, J. Charbonneau, B. Boyce, A. Surowiec (2)
11/29/14vs. Concordia (Minn.)1100212493280-20-24T. Stewart, A. Surowiec
12/05/14@ Skidmore220 491211 321-50-421D. Niezgoda, W. Pelletier, K. Salvucci, T. Piacentini
12/06/14@ Castleton113 5161610 422-30-38W. Pelletier (2), A. Flaherty (3)
01/02/15 Colby102 36115 221-50-48D. Niezgoda, P. Russell, W. Pelletier
01/03/15 Buffalo State031 410119 301-31-330W. Pelletier (2), B. Rowland, T. Piacentini
01/06/15@ Plattsburgh001 111146 310-41-614D. Niezgoda
01/09/15 Massachusetts-Boston222 61489 311-51-410A. Flaherty (2), C. Hale, A. Surowiec, T. Stewart, P. Russell
01/10/15 Babson101131415155490-50-26P. Russell, D. Niezgoda, W. Pelletier
01/16/15@ St. Michael's531 917156 381-40-24N. Lawler, B. Boyce, G. McEleney, W. Pelletier (2), T. Stewart, N. Pichette, D. Niezgoda (2)
01/17/15@ Middlebury000 05812 250-30-410
01/23/15@ University of New England312 617166 392-31-36A. Flaherty, G. McEleney, B. Rowland, P. Russell, A. Thieda, D. Niezgoda
01/24/15@ Southern Maine203 510206 360-50-36P. Russell, A. Surowiec, B. Boyce, N. Lawler, D. Niezgoda

Team Summary


Scoring First9-1-1
Opp. Scores First7-1-0
When Outshooting Opponent16-2-1
When Outshot by Opponent0-0-0
1-goal Games2-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 111-0-11-1-04-1-0
After 213-0-01-2-02-0-1

Special Teams

Power Play198422.6
Penalty Kill616889.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (16-2-1, 12-0-0 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14 Plymouth State225 9100 1111614 41343 102-61-36
11/07/14 St. Michael's022 4001 1121013 35279 181-60-36
11/14/14 Southern Maine230 5000 0121513 40536 142-70-48
11/15/14 University of New England112 4100 17812 277410 212-50-612
11/21/14@ St. Anselm122 5001 1141211 37438 151-51-612
11/22/14@ New England College031 4111 361910 35747 181-21-24
11/28/14vs. Plattsburgh032 5001 114119 346512 231-60-48
11/29/14vs. Concordia (Minn.)1100201102124932861181260-20-24
12/05/14@ Skidmore220 4000 091211 32877 221-50-421
12/06/14@ Castleton113 5001 1161610 427810 252-30-38
01/02/15 Colby102 3000 06115 22957 211-50-48
01/03/15 Buffalo State031 4010 110119 30656 171-31-330
01/06/15@ Plattsburgh001 1040 411146 311089 270-41-614
01/09/15 Massachusetts-Boston222 6003 31489 319611 261-51-410
01/10/15 Babson10113020021415155497921190-50-26
01/16/15@ St. Michael's531 9000 017156 38476 171-40-24
01/17/15@ Middlebury000 0210 35812 251154 200-30-410
01/23/15@ University of New England312 6100 117166 399107 262-31-36
01/24/15@ Southern Maine203 5100 110206 36946 190-50-36

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