Notre Dame Fighting Irish Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Robbie RussoDSr18710170.94445102201
Thomas DiPauliFJr18312150.8333361000
Mario LuciaFJr18113140.77788161000
Vince HinostrozaFSo18212140.77787221100
Sam HerrFJr1865110.611111220000
Steven FogartyFJr184590.5000120101
Jake EvansFFr183690.50006120100
Jordan GrossDFr182790.5000240000
Connor HurleyFFr173580.4706121000
Peter SchneiderFSr183470.38897141001
Austin WuthrichFSr145160.4286480000
Anders BjorkFFr171450.29416120010
Andy RyanDJr181340.22229180000
Luke RipleyDFr181230.1667481000
Justin WadeDSo170330.17656150000
Dawson CookFFr181120.1111480000
Tony BretzmanDFr60110.1667120000
Chad KatunarGSo90000.0000240000
Cal PetersenGFr100000.0000000000
Ali ThomasFSo130000.0000480000
Eric JohnsonDSr20000.0000000000
Ben OstlieFSo90000.0000240000
Bo BrauerFFr10000.0000000000
Joe AikenFSr30000.0000000000
Nathan BillitierDFr90000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Cal PetersenFr10451.450255642.66052254.910
Chad KatunarSo9431.562255262.85090239.905
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Hockey East Conference-Only Statistics

Vince HinostrozaFSo81891.12503140000
Robbie RussoDSr83581.0000481100
Mario LuciaFJr85160.7500240000
Thomas DiPauliFJr82460.7500121000
Peter SchneiderFSr82350.6250360001
Sam HerrFJr82240.50007140000
Jake EvansFFr81340.5000480000
Jordan GrossDFr81340.5000000000
Austin WuthrichFSr62130.5000120000
Connor HurleyFFr82130.3750001000
Andy RyanDJr81120.2500360000
Luke RipleyDFr81120.2500121000
Anders BjorkFFr80220.2500360000
Justin WadeDSo80110.1250240000
Tony BretzmanDFr40110.2500000000
Chad KatunarGSo40000.0000240000
Cal PetersenGFr40000.0000000000
Ali ThomasFSo40000.0000000000
Eric JohnsonDSr0000000000
Ben OstlieFSo60000.0000120000
Dawson CookFFr80000.0000480000
Bo BrauerFFr0000000000
Steven FogartyFJr80000.0000000000
Joe AikenFSr20000.0000000000
Nathan BillitierDFr20000.0000000000

Hockey East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Cal PetersenFr4211.62582451.96011110.932
Chad KatunarSo4211.625122452.93760106.898
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Overall and Hockey East Comparison

Robbie RussoDSr187101710228358811
Thomas DiPauliFJr18312156108246210
Mario LuciaFJr181131416108516400
Vince HinostrozaFSo1821214221181891400
Sam HerrFJr186511220082241400
Steven FogartyFJr184592018000000
Jake EvansFFr1836912018134800
Jordan GrossDFr182794008134000
Connor HurleyFFr173582108213010
Peter SchneiderFSr1834714108235600
Austin WuthrichFSr145168006213200
Anders BjorkFFr1714512008022600
Andy RyanDJr1813418008112600
Luke RipleyDFr181238108112210
Justin WadeDSo1703315008011400
Dawson CookFFr181128008000800
Tony BretzmanDFr60112004011000
Chad KatunarGSo90004004000400
Cal PetersenGFr100000004000000
Ali ThomasFSo130008004000000
Eric JohnsonDSr20000000000000
Ben OstlieFSo90004006000200
Bo BrauerFFr10000000000000
Joe AikenFSr30000002000000
Nathan BillitierDFr90002002000000

Overall and Hockey East Goaltending Comparison

Cal PetersenFr10451.4502.66052.9104211.6251.96011.932
Chad KatunarSo9431.5622.85090.9054211.6252.93760.898

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-8-2, 4-2-2 Hockey East)

10/10/14 Rensselaer101 210815 330-51-36M. Lucia, J. Gross
10/12/14 Minnesota-Duluth000 0788 230-62-818
10/17/14 Lake Superior212 5151511 410-40-16T. DiPauli, M. Lucia, S. Fogarty (2), R. Russo
10/18/14 Lake Superior203 512713 320-10-411J. Evans, A. Wuthrich, M. Lucia (3)
10/24/14 Niagara402 6131013 360-42-36S. Herr (2), P. Schneider, D. Cook, R. Russo (2)
10/25/14 Niagara331 718129 393-90-716V. Hinostroza, C. Hurley, M. Lucia, S. Herr, S. Fogarty, J. Evans, A. Bjork
10/31/14 Vermont201 3878 230-30-24T. DiPauli (2), M. Lucia
11/01/14 Vermont0200210873280-20-48J. Evans, M. Lucia
11/07/14@ Minnesota000 0695 200-31-412
11/09/14@ Minnesota020 23119 231-62-48R. Russo, A. Wuthrich
11/14/14@ Merrimack110137891250-20-38V. Hinostroza, A. Ryan, C. Hurley
11/15/14@ Merrimack001 12712 210-41-510R. Russo
11/20/14 Massachusetts-Lowell100 19513 270-40-714S. Herr
11/21/14 Massachusetts-Lowell110028681230-20-36M. Lucia, S. Herr
11/28/14 Union1100268112270-31-36S. Herr, A. Wuthrich
11/29/14 Ohio State100 110911 300-31-26S. Fogarty
12/05/14@ Massachusetts115 78912 290-20-12C. Hurley, A. Wuthrich, M. Lucia, J. Gross, P. Schneider (2), L. Ripley
12/06/14@ Massachusetts031 48169 331-100-324A. Wuthrich, M. Lucia, R. Russo (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First6-2-1
Opp. Scores First2-6-1
When Outshooting Opponent7-2-0
When Outshot by Opponent1-6-2
1-goal Games2-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-2-10-5-02-1-1
After 22-2-14-6-02-0-1

Special Teams

Power Play5736.8
Penalty Kill566783.6

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Notre Dame201517153
Shots by Period123otTot.
Notre Dame1601631837513
Avg./GameNotre DameOpp.Notre DameOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-8-2, 4-2-2 Hockey East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14 Rensselaer101 2021 310815 338912 290-51-36
10/12/14 Minnesota-Duluth000 0120 3788 2312107 290-62-818
10/17/14 Lake Superior212 5111 3151511 4112810 300-40-16
10/18/14 Lake Superior203 5010 112713 3211107 280-10-411
10/24/14 Niagara402 6012 3131013 3611610 270-42-36
10/25/14 Niagara331 7000 018129 3921011 233-90-716
10/31/14 Vermont201 3020 2878 2391512 360-30-24
11/01/14 Vermont02002002021087328716174440-20-48
11/07/14@ Minnesota000 0113 5695 20181412 440-31-412
11/09/14@ Minnesota020 2310 43119 239715 311-62-48
11/14/14@ Merrimack110130110278912581051240-20-38
11/15/14@ Merrimack001 1112 42712 211068 240-41-510
11/20/14 Massachusetts-Lowell100 1111 39513 2711168 350-40-714
11/21/14 Massachusetts-Lowell1100201102868123111193340-20-36
11/28/14 Union11002002136811227714143380-31-36
11/29/14 Ohio State100 1212 510911 3010612 280-31-26
12/05/14@ Massachusetts115 7122 58912 2951010 250-20-12
12/06/14@ Massachusetts031 4000 08169 33158 141-100-324

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