Ohio State Buckeyes Women's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Kendall CurtisFSr1475120.8571121000
Claudia KeplerFJr1464100.71439181200
Cara ZubkoDSr144590.6429360200
Lauren BoyleDFr140880.57145130000
Julianna IafalloFSo141670.5000000100
Dani SadekDSo141670.5000361000
Alexa RanahanDJr140770.500011220000
Maddy FieldFFr145160.42867141100
Lauren SpringFSo142240.2857240100
Katie MathenyFJr141340.2857121000
Dana RasmussenFFr142130.2143360000
Maggie RothgeryFSr141120.1429240100
Breanne GrantDJr140220.1429480000
Bryanna NeuwaldDSr90110.11116120000
Julia McKinnonFSr130110.07697140000
Stacy DanczakGSr60110.1667000000
Melani MoylanFSr140000.0000360000
Allison GasuikFSo20000.0000000000
Selena HunterGSo20000.0000000000
Alex LaMereGSo110000.0000000000
Erin LangermeierFFr140000.0000120000
Hayley StudlerFJr10000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Alex LaMereSo11360.333285233.21141230.891
Stacy DanczakSr6230.400222744.81280113.837
Selena HunterSo2000.0006418.8416032.842
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WCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Claudia KeplerFJr1264100.83338161200
Kendall CurtisFSr124480.6667120000
Cara ZubkoDSr124370.5833240200
Julianna IafalloFSo121560.5000000100
Dani SadekDSo121560.5000361000
Alexa RanahanDJr120660.50008160000
Lauren BoyleDFr120660.5000360000
Lauren SpringFSo122240.3333240100
Maddy FieldFFr123030.25005101000
Dana RasmussenFFr121120.1667240000
Katie MathenyFJr120220.1667120000
Breanne GrantDJr120110.0833240000
Julia McKinnonFSr120110.08337140000
Stacy DanczakGSr50110.2000000000
Melani MoylanFSr120000.0000360000
Bryanna NeuwaldDSr70000.00005100000
Allison GasuikFSo0000000000
Selena HunterGSo20000.0000000000
Maggie RothgeryFSr120000.0000120000
Alex LaMereGSo90000.0000000000
Erin LangermeierFFr120000.0000120000
Hayley StudlerFJr0000000000

WCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Alex LaMereSo9260.250264433.52041200.885
Stacy DanczakSr5130.250212345.3785096.821
Selena HunterSo2000.0006418.8416032.842
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Overall and WCHA Comparison

Kendall CurtisFSr14751221012448200
Claudia KeplerFJr14641018121264101612
Cara ZubkoDSr1445960212437402
Lauren BoyleDFr14088130012066600
Julianna IafalloFSo1416700112156001
Dani SadekDSo1416761012156610
Alexa RanahanDJr140772200120661600
Maddy FieldFFr145161411123031010
Lauren SpringFSo1422440112224401
Katie MathenyFJr1413421012022200
Dana RasmussenFFr1421360012112400
Maggie RothgeryFSr1411240112000200
Breanne GrantDJr1402280012011400
Bryanna NeuwaldDSr9011120070001000
Julia McKinnonFSr130111400120111400
Stacy DanczakGSr60110005011000
Melani MoylanFSr1400060012000600
Allison GasuikFSo20000000000000
Selena HunterGSo20000002000000
Alex LaMereGSo110000009000000
Erin LangermeierFFr1400020012000200
Hayley StudlerFJr10000000000000

Overall and WCHA Goaltending Comparison

Alex LaMereSo11360.3333.21141.8919260.2503.52041.885
Stacy DanczakSr6230.4004.81280.8375130.2505.37850.821
Selena HunterSo2000.0008.84160.8422000.0008.84160.842

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (5-9-0, 3-9-0 WCHA)

10/02/15@ Lindenwood140 51499 322-80-1125M. Rothgery, K. Matheny, D. Rasmussen, K. Curtis, M. Field
10/03/15@ Lindenwood120 361112 290-11-36M. Field, K. Curtis (2)
10/10/15@ Wisconsin000 0424 100-43-48
10/11/15@ Wisconsin000 0694 190-20-514
10/16/15 Minnesota101 2873 180-31-512C. Zubko, C. Kepler
10/17/15 Minnesota101 2479 202-42-512J. Iafallo, C. Kepler
10/23/15 Minnesota State122 5101114 352-50-48M. Field, C. Zubko, C. Kepler (2), K. Curtis
10/24/15 Minnesota State400 418139 401-40-614D. Sadek, L. Spring (2), C. Zubko
11/06/15 Bemidji State001 1958 220-40-612D. Rasmussen
11/07/15 Bemidji State010 112156 330-21-12K. Curtis
11/14/15@ North Dakota012 341212 280-00-12C. Kepler, K. Curtis, M. Field
11/15/15@ North Dakota001 1346 130-32-36M. Field
11/20/15@ St. Cloud State101 27910 260-00-38C. Kepler, K. Curtis
11/21/15@ St. Cloud State010 181511 341-53-510C. Zubko

Team Summary


Scoring First2-4-0
Opp. Scores First3-5-0
When Outshooting Opponent3-4-0
When Outshot by Opponent1-5-0
1-goal Games2-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 12-0-02-6-01-3-0
After 24-1-00-6-01-2-0

Special Teams

Power Play84517.8
Penalty Kill496279.0

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Ohio State10119030
Shots by Period123otTot.
Ohio State1131291170359
Avg./GameOhio StateOpp.Ohio StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (5-9-0, 3-9-0 WCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/02/15@ Lindenwood140 5100 11499 3211714 322-80-1125
10/03/15@ Lindenwood120 3011 261112 29855 180-11-36
10/10/15@ Wisconsin000 0313 7424 1082112 410-43-48
10/11/15@ Wisconsin000 0242 8694 19232810 610-20-514
10/16/15 Minnesota101 2142 7873 18131514 420-31-512
10/17/15 Minnesota101 2362 11479 20211711 492-42-512
10/23/15 Minnesota State122 5201 3101114 35453 122-50-48
10/24/15 Minnesota State400 4000 018139 40944 171-40-614
11/06/15 Bemidji State001 1101 2958 22845 170-40-612
11/07/15 Bemidji State010 1012 312156 335911 250-21-12
11/14/15@ North Dakota012 3101 241212 2820911 400-00-12
11/15/15@ North Dakota001 1211 4346 1312138 330-32-36
11/20/15@ St. Cloud State101 2111 37910 26657 180-00-38
11/21/15@ St. Cloud State010 1202 481511 341098 271-53-510

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