Penn State Nittany Lions Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Casey BaileyFJr231710271.173911222400
Taylor HolstromFSr20518231.15006120210
David GoodwinFSo221012221.0000243001
Eric ScheidFJr17126181.0588243111
Dylan RichardFSo16510150.9375481210
Curtis LoikFJr23510150.6522481300
Scott ConwayFFr22510150.681816321200
Luke JuhaDJr20011110.55005100000
David GlenFJr144480.5714480100
Ricky DeRosaFSo183470.3889480000
James RobinsonFFr202460.3000240000
Erik AutioDFr220660.27276120000
Tommy OlczykFJr195050.26323141010
Max GardinerFSr213140.1905240300
Connor VarleyDJr151340.26678270000
Nate JensenDSr201340.20004190000
Patrick KoudysDSr230440.17397250000
David ThompsonDSo170440.2353000000
Kenny BrooksFJr190330.1579120000
Jonathan MilleyFJr41120.5000240100
Jacob FriedmanFJr111010.0909120000
Mike WilliamsonDSo100110.1000480000
Zach SaarFSo70000.0000240000
PJ MusicoGJr40000.0000120000
Eamon McAdamGSo90000.0000000000
Matthew SkoffGJr150000.0000120000
Peter SweetlandDJr110000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Matthew SkoffJr15742.615378232.69890362.907
Eamon McAdamSo9421.643234752.90750240.913
PJ MusicoJr4111.50041012.3727042.913
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Big Ten Conference-Only Statistics

Casey BaileyFJr875121.50007141100
David GoodwinFSo857121.5000122001
Eric ScheidFJr54261.2000000001
Taylor HolstromFSr62461.00005100100
Luke JuhaDJr70550.7143120000
James RobinsonFFr82240.5000000000
Scott ConwayFFr80440.50006120000
Curtis LoikFJr81230.3750360100
David GlenFJr31231.0000120100
Max GardinerFSr72020.2857240200
Dylan RichardFSo41120.5000121000
Erik AutioDFr80220.2500240000
Tommy OlczykFJr81010.1250001010
Ricky DeRosaFSo71010.1429240000
Nate JensenDSr71010.1429240000
Connor VarleyDJr40110.2500000000
Patrick KoudysDSr80110.1250120000
Kenny BrooksFJr70110.1429000000
David ThompsonDSo80110.1250000000
Jonathan MilleyFJr10000.0000240000
Zach SaarFSo40000.0000120000
PJ MusicoGJr10000.0000000000
Eamon McAdamGSo50000.0000000000
Matthew SkoffGJr30000.0000000000
Mike WilliamsonDSo30000.0000120000
Jacob FriedmanFJr40000.0000000000
Peter SweetlandDJr30000.0000000000

Big Ten Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Eamon McAdamSo5311.700153052.95400165.917
Matthew SkoffJr32001.00071612.6090073.912
PJ MusicoJr1010.0002225.377108.800
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Overall and Big Ten Comparison

Casey BaileyFJr231710272224875121411
Taylor HolstromFSr2051823120262461001
David GoodwinFSo2210122243085712220
Eric ScheidFJr17126184315426000
Dylan RichardFSo16510158124112210
Curtis LoikFJr23510158138123601
Scott ConwayFFr2251015321280441200
Luke JuhaDJr200111110007055200
David GlenFJr144488013123201
Ricky DeRosaFSo183478007101400
James RobinsonFFr202464008224000
Erik AutioDFr2206612008022400
Tommy OlczykFJr1950514108101010
Max GardinerFSr213144037202402
Connor VarleyDJr1513427004011000
Nate JensenDSr2013419007101400
Patrick KoudysDSr2304425008011200
David ThompsonDSo170440008011000
Kenny BrooksFJr190332007011000
Jonathan MilleyFJr41124011000400
Jacob FriedmanFJr111012004000000
Mike WilliamsonDSo100118003000200
Zach SaarFSo70004004000200
PJ MusicoGJr40002001000000
Eamon McAdamGSo90000005000000
Matthew SkoffGJr150002003000000
Peter SweetlandDJr110000003000000

Overall and Big Ten Goaltending Comparison

Matthew SkoffJr15742.6152.69890.90732001.0002.60900.912
Eamon McAdamSo9421.6432.90750.9135311.7002.95400.917
PJ MusicoJr4111.5002.37270.9131010.0005.37710.800

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-7-4, 5-2-1 Big Ten)

10/10/14 Connecticut01102136115350-10-12T. Olczyk, D. Goodwin
10/11/14 Connecticut151 7121812 421-40-423D. Glen, E. Scheid, T. Holstrom (2), D. Goodwin, J. Milley, C. Bailey
10/17/14vs. Alaska-Anchorage2100314823272-32-48C. Loik, D. Richard, C. Bailey
10/18/14@ Alaska120 3101518 431-40-24E. Scheid, C. Varley, M. Gardiner
10/24/14 Holy Cross012 3101921 501-90-38R. DeRosa, E. Scheid, C. Bailey
10/26/14 Holy Cross025 7151416 452-70-412C. Bailey, C. Loik, E. Scheid, D. Glen, J. Friedman, S. Conway (2)
10/30/14 Bentley210 3182016 541-32-48C. Bailey, C. Loik, D. Goodwin
10/31/14 Bentley012 3161122 492-62-48S. Conway, T. Holstrom, E. Scheid
11/14/14@ Massachusetts-Lowell012 3111115 370-10-12C. Bailey, T. Olczyk, D. Goodwin
11/15/14@ Massachusetts-Lowell310 413108 311-41-36C. Bailey (2), E. Scheid, T. Olczyk
11/21/14@ Michigan300 31576 281-20-410M. Gardiner, E. Scheid, C. Bailey
11/22/14@ Michigan010 191716 421-80-510T. Holstrom
11/29/14vs. Cornell100 1121016 380-20-28D. Goodwin
12/05/14@ Wisconsin212 5141511 402-51-24D. Glen, J. Robinson, D. Richard, C. Bailey, D. Goodwin
12/06/14@ Wisconsin031 412147 331-10-48J. Robinson, M. Gardiner, T. Olczyk, R. DeRosa
12/29/14vs. Robert Morris011 2131410 370-32-621S. Conway, C. Bailey
12/30/14vs. Western Michigan001 19168 330-41-216C. Loik
01/09/15 Ohio State004041813206570-10-12C. Bailey (3), D. Goodwin
01/10/15 Ohio State121 414138 351-31-410C. Loik, D. Goodwin, E. Scheid (2)
01/16/15 Michigan State10102219191500-20-26E. Scheid, D. Goodwin
01/17/15 Michigan State122 5161311 400-61-512C. Bailey (2), N. Jensen, D. Goodwin, T. Holstrom
01/23/15 Northern Michigan113 5211715 532-60-36C. Bailey, D. Richard (2), D. Glen, S. Conway
01/24/15 Northern Michigan032052024173640-61-529R. DeRosa, E. Scheid (2), T. Olczyk, D. Richard

Team Summary


Scoring First6-1-2
Opp. Scores First6-6-2
When Outshooting Opponent10-6-4
When Outshot by Opponent2-1-0
1-goal Games4-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-1-12-2-23-4-1
After 210-1-21-6-01-0-2

Special Teams

Power Play199120.9
Penalty Kill617581.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Penn State193031080
Shots by Period123otTot.
Penn State32631430518963
Avg./GamePenn StateOpp.Penn StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-7-4, 5-2-1 Big Ten)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14 Connecticut011020110213611535511102280-10-12
10/11/14 Connecticut151 7010 1121812 421487 291-40-423
10/17/14vs. Alaska-Anchorage2100310203148232749103262-32-48
10/18/14@ Alaska120 3112 4101518 43121110 331-40-24
10/24/14 Holy Cross012 3001 1101921 5014412 301-90-38
10/26/14 Holy Cross025 7001 1151416 4551311 292-70-412
10/30/14 Bentley210 3101 2182016 548810 261-32-48
10/31/14 Bentley012 3200 2161122 4914147 352-62-48
11/14/14@ Massachusetts-Lowell012 3221 5111115 379129 300-10-12
11/15/14@ Massachusetts-Lowell310 4001 113108 311096 251-41-36
11/21/14@ Michigan300 3101 21576 2814188 401-20-410
11/22/14@ Michigan010 1035 891716 42122112 451-80-510
11/29/14vs. Cornell100 1012 3121016 3851010 250-20-28
12/05/14@ Wisconsin212 5101 2141511 406810 242-51-24
12/06/14@ Wisconsin031 4011 212147 33988 251-10-48
12/29/14vs. Robert Morris011 2022 4131410 379177 330-32-621
12/30/14vs. Western Michigan001 1121 49168 33101210 320-41-216
01/09/15 Ohio State004040221518132065781692350-10-12
01/10/15 Ohio State121 4010 114138 3581612 361-31-410
01/16/15 Michigan State101022000221919150101285350-20-26
01/17/15 Michigan State122 5200 2161311 4091011 300-61-512
01/23/15 Northern Michigan113 5040 4211715 5371310 302-60-36
01/24/15 Northern Michigan03205311052024173648975290-61-529

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