Penn State Nittany Lions Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Chase BergerFFr1285131.0833000210
Curtis LoikFSr1249131.08335101101
Kenny BrooksFSr1248121.00007140110
David GoodwinFJr1239121.00006120200
Alec MarshFFr1256110.9167360200
Andrew SturtzFFr1264100.8333361010
David GlenFSr1028101.0000240100
Luke JuhaDSr92570.7778000100
Eric ScheidFSr91670.7778120000
Erik AutioDSo121560.5000000000
Dylan RichardFJr125050.4167121400
Tommy OlczykFSr123250.4167001010
Vince PedrieDFr121450.4167360000
Kevin KerrDFr110550.4545240000
Ricky DeRosaFJr123140.3333243000
Derian HamiltonDFr80220.2500000000
David ThompsonDJr111010.0909240000
Zach SaarFJr31010.3333240100
Matt MendelsonFFr90110.1111120000
Connor VarleyDSr100110.1000000000
Chris FunkeyGFr10000.0000000000
Matthew SkoffGSr60000.0000000000
Eamon McAdamGJr60000.0000000000
James RobinsonFSo10000.0000000000
Mike WilliamsonDJr30000.0000240000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Eamon McAdamJr6510.833153592.50930166.917
Matthew SkoffSr6213.583163582.67960144.900
Chris FunkeyFr1000.0000130.0000031.000
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Big Ten Conference-Only Statistics

Alec MarshFFr0000000000
David ThompsonDJr0000000000
Chris FunkeyGFr0000000000
David GlenFSr0000000000
Kevin KerrDFr0000000000
Matthew SkoffGSr0000000000
David GoodwinFJr0000000000
Matt MendelsonFFr0000000000
Derian HamiltonDFr0000000000
Andrew SturtzFFr0000000000
Ricky DeRosaFJr0000000000
Eamon McAdamGJr0000000000
Dylan RichardFJr0000000000
James RobinsonFSo0000000000
Connor VarleyDSr0000000000
Tommy OlczykFSr0000000000
Kenny BrooksFSr0000000000
Mike WilliamsonDJr0000000000
Zach SaarFJr0000000000
Chase BergerFFr0000000000
Vince PedrieDFr0000000000
Luke JuhaDSr0000000000
Curtis LoikFSr0000000000
Erik AutioDSo0000000000
Eric ScheidFSr0000000000

Big Ten Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Matthew SkoffSr0000.0000000.000
Eamon McAdamJr0000.0000000.000
Chris FunkeyFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and Big Ten Comparison

Chase BergerFFr1285130020000000
Curtis LoikFSr12491310110000000
Kenny BrooksFSr12481214010000000
David GoodwinFJr12391212020000000
Alec MarshFFr1256116020000000
Andrew SturtzFFr1264106100000000
David GlenFSr1028104010000000
Luke JuhaDSr92570010000000
Eric ScheidFSr91672000000000
Erik AutioDSo121560000000000
Dylan RichardFJr125052140000000
Tommy OlczykFSr123250100000000
Vince PedrieDFr121456000000000
Kevin KerrDFr110554000000000
Ricky DeRosaFJr123144300000000
Derian HamiltonDFr80220000000000
David ThompsonDJr111014000000000
Zach SaarFJr31014010000000
Matt MendelsonFFr90112000000000
Connor VarleyDSr100110000000000
Chris FunkeyGFr10000000000000
Matthew SkoffGSr60000000000000
Eamon McAdamGJr60000000000000
James RobinsonFSo10000000000000
Mike WilliamsonDJr30004000000000

Overall and Big Ten Goaltending Comparison

Eamon McAdamJr6510.8332.50930.9170000.0000.000
Matthew SkoffSr6213.5832.67960.9000000.0000.000
Chris FunkeyFr1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-2-3, 0-0-0 Big Ten)

10/10/15@ Canisius321 6151515 452-31-36C. Loik, R. DeRosa, C. Berger, D. Goodwin, D. Glen (2)
10/16/15 Notre Dame121 416713 361-30-00D. Richard (2), A. Marsh (2)
10/17/15 Notre Dame131 5171012 393-32-410D. Thompson, C. Berger, A. Marsh, R. DeRosa, C. Loik
10/23/15 American International332 8182316 570-20-24C. Berger (2), T. Olczyk, C. Loik, E. Autio, K. Brooks, A. Sturtz (2)
10/24/15 American International311 5191510 441-51-38D. Richard, E. Scheid, C. Berger, A. Sturtz, T. Olczyk
10/29/15 St. Lawrence101022014144520-71-48A. Marsh, V. Pedrie
10/30/15 St. Lawrence020 2101218 401-71-48K. Brooks, L. Juha
11/06/15@ Niagara00101141196401-51-48D. Richard
11/13/15 Sacred Heart332 8131721 515-70-16A. Marsh, D. Richard, A. Sturtz, K. Brooks, D. Goodwin (2), Z. Saar, C. Berger
11/14/15 Sacred Heart021 3192523 670-30-310C. Berger (2), T. Olczyk
11/20/15@ Alaska-Anchorage221 512109 310-40-36A. Sturtz (2), R. DeRosa, C. Loik, K. Brooks
11/21/15@ Alaska-Anchorage0010187193371-30-410L. Juha

Team Summary


Scoring First4-0-2
Opp. Scores First3-2-1
When Outshooting Opponent7-2-3
When Outshot by Opponent0-0-0
1-goal Games1-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 14-0-01-2-12-0-2
After 27-1-00-0-20-1-1

Special Teams

Power Play155228.8
Penalty Kill283580.0

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Penn State172013050
Shots by Period123otTot.
Penn State18116617913539
Avg./GamePenn StateOpp.Penn StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-2-3, 0-0-0 Big Ten)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/15@ Canisius321 6001 1151515 4511512 282-31-36
10/16/15 Notre Dame121 4322 716713 367107 241-30-00
10/17/15 Notre Dame131 5120 3171012 3991014 333-32-410
10/23/15 American International332 8003 3182316 571078 250-20-24
10/24/15 American International311 5201 3191510 447510 221-51-38
10/29/15 St. Lawrence101021100220141445271162260-71-48
10/30/15 St. Lawrence020 2112 4101218 40151212 391-71-48
11/06/15@ Niagara00101010011411964051142221-51-48
11/13/15 Sacred Heart332 8200 2131721 518228 385-70-16
11/14/15 Sacred Heart021 3101 2192523 67151119 450-30-310
11/20/15@ Alaska-Anchorage221 5200 212109 31966 210-40-36
11/21/15@ Alaska-Anchorage001011000187193378364211-30-410

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