Plattsburgh Cardinals Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Connor ToomeyFSr17712191.1176242202
Michael CassidyFSr1779160.9412362010
Kevin EmmerlingFJr1767130.7647001200
Mark ConstantineFSr1749130.7647360000
Anthony CalabreseDJr1839120.666710200000
Ayrton ValenteDFr1729110.64715100000
Matt QuiltyFFr1629110.6875240000
Rich BottingDJr1846100.55566121100
Connor GormanFJr185490.5000122110
Luke BaleshtaFJr183690.500010200000
Kyle HallFSo172790.5294121110
Michael RadisaFJr103580.8000360100
Alex BrentonFSr93360.6667360000
Zach PoppFJr113360.54557142000
Patrick HermansDSo154150.33337140200
Brandon O'QuinnFFr163250.3125480001
Josh KoernerFSo83250.6250121000
Paul FregeauFFr83140.5000121100
Brandon BeadowDSr180440.22225100000
Dillan FoxFJr141230.2143120000
Preston KayeDSr150220.13339180000
Chris TaffDFr70110.1429240000
Andrew RossyDFr30000.0000240000
Spencer FinneyGJr110000.0000000000
Brady RouleauGSo90000.0000000000
Ryan HubbardGFr40000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Spencer FinneyJr11801.944175691.79201247.936
Brady RouleauSo9540.556184242.55011160.899
Ryan HubbardFr4000.0003792.2930018.857
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SUNYAC Conference-Only Statistics

Connor ToomeyFSr949131.4444241002
Michael CassidyFSr1066121.2000362010
Kevin EmmerlingFJr946101.1111000100
Rich BottingDJr104480.8000241100
Michael RadisaFJr83581.0000360100
Anthony CalabreseDJr102680.80006120000
Ayrton ValenteDFr101780.8000360000
Mark ConstantineFSr93470.7778120000
Matt QuiltyFFr81670.8750240000
Connor GormanFJr103360.6000121000
Zach PoppFJr83360.7500482000
Luke BaleshtaFJr102460.6000480000
Kyle HallFSo92460.6667001110
Brandon O'QuinnFFr103250.5000360001
Alex BrentonFSr43141.0000000000
Josh KoernerFSo21121.0000001000
Brandon BeadowDSr100220.2000000000
Patrick HermansDSo81010.1250360000
Dillan FoxFJr80110.1250120000
Preston KayeDSr70110.1429000000
Chris TaffDFr50110.2000120000
Paul FregeauFFr40000.0000000000
Andrew RossyDFr20000.0000240000
Spencer FinneyGJr60000.0000000000
Brady RouleauGSo50000.0000000000
Ryan HubbardGFr10000.0000000000

SUNYAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Spencer FinneyJr65001.000103151.90370141.934
Brady RouleauSo5410.80082611.8386197.924
Ryan HubbardFr1000.0001203.000002.667
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Overall and SUNYAC Comparison

Connor ToomeyFSr177121942294913410
Michael CassidyFSr177916620106612620
Kevin EmmerlingFJr17671301294610001
Mark ConstantineFSr1749136009347200
Anthony CalabreseDJr1839122000102681200
Ayrton ValenteDFr172911100010178600
Matt QuiltyFFr1629114008167400
Rich BottingDJr184610121110448411
Connor GormanFJr1854922110336210
Luke BaleshtaFJr18369200010246800
Kyle HallFSo172792119246011
Michael RadisaFJr103586018358601
Alex BrentonFSr93366004314000
Zach PoppFJr1133614208336820
Patrick HermansDSo1541514028101600
Brandon O'QuinnFFr1632580010325600
Josh KoernerFSo83252102112010
Paul FregeauFFr83142114000000
Brandon BeadowDSr18044100010022000
Dillan FoxFJr141232008011200
Preston KayeDSr1502218007011000
Chris TaffDFr70114005011200
Andrew RossyDFr30004002000400
Spencer FinneyGJr110000006000000
Brady RouleauGSo90000005000000
Ryan HubbardGFr40000001000000

Overall and SUNYAC Goaltending Comparison

Spencer FinneyJr11801.9441.79201.93665001.0001.90370.934
Brady RouleauSo9540.5562.55011.8995410.8001.83861.924
Ryan HubbardFr4000.0002.29300.8571000.0003.00000.667

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-4-1, 9-1-0 SUNYAC)

10/31/14@ Potsdam004 4111117 390-81-38Z. Popp, M. Cassidy (2), A. Valente
11/07/14@ Brockport010 114911 340-50-26R. Botting
11/08/14@ Geneseo043 7141510 391-40-219L. Baleshta, M. Quilty, K. Emmerling, M. Radisa, K. Hall, B. O'Quinn, C. Toomey
11/14/14 Buffalo State240 6161311 402-61-514C. Gorman, Z. Popp, M. Radisa, M. Cassidy, R. Botting, B. O'Quinn
11/15/14 Fredonia211 4151312 400-40-24K. Emmerling, J. Koerner, M. Constantine, C. Toomey
11/21/14 Morrisville032 5171512 440-30-26M. Constantine, M. Radisa, R. Botting, Z. Popp, B. O'Quinn
11/22/14 Morrisville113 5131726 561-40-38A. Calabrese, M. Cassidy (2), K. Emmerling (2)
11/28/14vs. Norwich001 16512 230-41-612A. Calabrese
11/29/14@ Middlebury121 415717 391-42-410K. Emmerling, D. Fox, C. Gorman, M. Cassidy
12/05/14 Oswego001 1101110 310-01-38M. Constantine
12/06/14 Cortland322 7212823 720-30-26R. Botting, C. Toomey, M. Cassidy, K. Hall, P. Hermans, L. Baleshta, A. Brenton
01/02/15 New England College311 512913 341-50-714A. Valente, J. Koerner, P. Fregeau (3)
01/03/15 Amherst00000911135380-30-24
01/06/15 Norwich040 41089 271-60-410C. Toomey (2), L. Baleshta, C. Gorman
01/09/15@ Skidmore031 412158 352-61-48M. Constantine, J. Koerner, K. Emmerling, C. Toomey
01/16/15 Middlebury010 1488 200-61-38M. Quilty
01/17/15 Williams012 3121927 582-52-414P. Hermans (3)
01/23/15 Potsdam123 6221814 540-30-310C. Gorman (2), A. Calabrese, A. Brenton (2), C. Toomey

Team Summary


Scoring First7-2-0
Opp. Scores First6-2-1
When Outshooting Opponent12-1-1
When Outshot by Opponent1-3-0
1-goal Games1-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-0-04-3-04-1-1
After 211-0-00-3-02-1-1

Special Teams

Power Play117913.9
Penalty Kill516183.6

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-4-1, 9-1-0 SUNYAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14@ Potsdam004 4101 2111117 3913810 310-81-38
11/07/14@ Brockport010 1000 014911 34688 220-50-26
11/08/14@ Geneseo043 7211 4141510 397149 301-40-219
11/14/14 Buffalo State240 6010 1161311 406106 222-61-514
11/15/14 Fredonia211 4001 1151312 4010138 310-40-24
11/21/14 Morrisville032 5111 3171512 4451010 250-30-26
11/22/14 Morrisville113 5110 2131726 56944 171-40-38
11/28/14vs. Norwich001 1032 56512 2314119 340-41-612
11/29/14@ Middlebury121 4002 215717 3911114 261-42-410
12/05/14 Oswego001 1111 3101110 31101512 370-01-38
12/06/14 Cortland322 7001 1212823 728113 220-30-26
01/02/15 New England College311 5000 012913 34786 211-50-714
01/03/15 Amherst000000000091113538612112310-30-24
01/06/15 Norwich040 4001 11089 2711146 311-60-410
01/09/15@ Skidmore031 4110 212158 35768 212-61-48
01/16/15 Middlebury010 1111 3488 20877 220-61-38
01/17/15 Williams012 3330 6121927 58585 182-52-414
01/23/15 Potsdam123 6110 2221814 547411 220-30-310

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