Plattsburgh Cardinals Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Pat EganFFr191012221.1579122400
Rich BottingDSr21315180.85718161200
Dillan FoxFSr21710170.80955101001
Cole StallardFFr20124160.8000363600
Chris TaffDSo16114150.9375480000
Brandon O'QuinnFSo1668140.8750240300
Kevin EmmerlingFSr19112130.68423172600
Connor GormanFSr1994130.68427142001
Nick BelgerFFr1558130.8667122200
Kyle HallFJr2148120.5714480100
Michael RadisaFSr2174110.5238362000
Luke BaleshtaFSr2147110.5238360000
Cam OwensFFr1729110.6471240100
Anthony CalabreseDSr19110110.57895100000
Matt QuiltyFSo164590.5625002000
Ayrton ValenteDSo193690.47375100100
Ross SloanFFr132570.5385360200
Patrick HermansDJr150770.46678160000
Santino RagoneDFr70220.28573170000
Ryan ChiassonDFr150220.13335100000
Jakob EngvallDFr120220.16677140000
Jesse NeherFFr131010.0769120000
Paul FregeauFSo30110.3333000000
Brady RouleauGJr80000.0000000000
Spencer FinneyGSr140000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Spencer FinneySr141121.821328492.26232323.910
Brady RouleauJr8610.857144241.98022156.918
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SUNYAC Conference-Only Statistics

Rich BottingDSr12212141.1667481100
Pat EganFFr1257121.0000121100
Dillan FoxFSr1247110.9167360001
Connor GormanFSr1091101.0000362001
Cole StallardFFr127290.7500122500
Chris TaffDSo91780.8889360000
Kevin EmmerlingFSr115270.63643171200
Brandon O'QuinnFSo91670.7778120000
Michael RadisaFSr123250.4167361000
Matt QuiltyFSo93250.5556001000
Ayrton ValenteDSo112350.4545240100
Cam OwensFFr101450.5000000100
Luke BaleshtaFSr120550.4167240000
Patrick HermansDJr80550.6250480000
Nick BelgerFFr72240.5714121200
Kyle HallFJr122240.3333240000
Anthony CalabreseDSr111340.3636360000
Ross SloanFFr81230.3750240100
Jakob EngvallDFr90110.11115100000
Santino RagoneDFr30000.0000000000
Paul FregeauFSo10000.0000000000
Jesse NeherFFr80000.0000000000
Ryan ChiassonDFr80000.0000360000
Brady RouleauGJr40000.0000000000
Spencer FinneyGSr80000.0000000000

SUNYAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Spencer FinneySr8611.812184912.20181206.920
Brady RouleauJr44001.00072401.7501090.928
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Overall and SUNYAC Comparison

Pat EganFFr19101222224125712211
Rich BottingDSr213151816121221214811
Dillan FoxFSr21710171010124711600
Cole StallardFFr201241663612729225
Chris TaffDSo16114158009178600
Brandon O'QuinnFSo1668144039167200
Kevin EmmerlingFSr19112131726115271712
Connor GormanFSr1994131420109110620
Nick BelgerFFr1558132227224212
Kyle HallFJr21481280112224400
Michael RadisaFSr21741162012325610
Luke BaleshtaFSr21471160012055400
Cam OwensFFr17291140110145001
Anthony CalabreseDSr1911011100011134600
Matt QuiltyFSo164590209325010
Ayrton ValenteDSo19369100111235401
Ross SloanFFr132576028123401
Patrick HermansDJr1507716008055800
Santino RagoneDFr702217003000000
Ryan ChiassonDFr1502210008000600
Jakob EngvallDFr12022140090111000
Jesse NeherFFr131012008000000
Paul FregeauFSo30110001000000
Brady RouleauGJr80000004000000
Spencer FinneyGSr140000008000000

Overall and SUNYAC Goaltending Comparison

Spencer FinneySr141121.8212.26232.9108611.8122.20181.920
Brady RouleauJr8610.8571.98022.91844001.0001.75010.928

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (17-3-1, 10-1-1 SUNYAC)

10/31/15@ Canton132 6111010 313-90-421K. Hall, B. O'Quinn, D. Fox, K. Emmerling (3)
11/06/15 Fredonia023 5162110 472-50-36K. Emmerling (2), P. Egan, R. Botting, R. Sloan
11/07/15 Buffalo State022 4101415 391-50-48B. O'Quinn, C. Stallard, N. Belger, C. Gorman
11/13/15@ Oswego1121511491251-50-12C. Taff, K. Emmerling, C. Gorman, D. Fox, P. Egan
11/14/15@ Cortland104 5191419 521-50-36M. Radisa, R. Botting, A. Valente, C. Gorman, K. Hall
11/21/15 Potsdam412 718818 444-50-14N. Belger, D. Fox, K. Emmerling, C. Stallard (3), A. Valente
11/27/15vs. Middlebury311 5111212 350-21-12N. Belger, J. Neher, C. Stallard, L. Baleshta, M. Quilty
11/28/15@ Norwich2301611944282-63-714K. Emmerling, A. Valente, M. Radisa, P. Egan, D. Fox (2)
12/04/15@ Brockport100017397260-21-36M. Quilty
12/05/15@ Geneseo022 471014 312-41-625C. Gorman, P. Egan, M. Radisa, C. Owens
01/01/16 Fitchburg State322 7171311 412-50-24P. Egan (2), C. Stallard, C. Owens, B. O'Quinn, L. Baleshta, K. Hall
01/02/16 Colby021 318129 392-80-48C. Stallard, P. Egan, R. Botting
01/08/16@ Norwich111 31089 271-42-310C. Stallard, K. Emmerling, M. Radisa
01/09/16 Canton512 816615 373-61-716N. Belger (2), R. Sloan, B. O'Quinn (2), P. Egan, L. Baleshta (2)
01/15/16@ Middlebury021 381710 351-40-26M. Radisa (2), B. O'Quinn
01/16/16@ Williams101021912140450-21-36C. Stallard, K. Emmerling
01/22/16@ Morrisville023 5101314 371-52-38C. Stallard, M. Quilty, P. Egan, D. Fox (2)
01/23/16 Morrisville310 414166 360-20-26M. Quilty, C. Gorman (3)
01/29/16@ Fredonia121 461712 352-71-714K. Emmerling, P. Egan, C. Stallard (2)
01/30/16@ Buffalo State100 114710 310-50-612M. Radisa
02/05/16 Oswego20114147183420-50-38K. Hall, A. Calabrese, C. Gorman (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First6-1-1
Opp. Scores First11-2-0
When Outshooting Opponent15-1-0
When Outshot by Opponent2-1-1
1-goal Games6-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 19-0-04-1-04-2-1
After 210-0-04-1-03-2-1

Special Teams

Power Play2810127.7
Penalty Kill627582.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (17-3-1, 10-1-1 SUNYAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/15@ Canton132 6002 2111010 313510 183-90-421
11/06/15 Fredonia023 5100 1162110 4761010 262-50-36
11/07/15 Buffalo State022 4011 2101415 3910105 251-50-48
11/13/15@ Oswego11215220041149125141150301-50-12
11/14/15@ Cortland104 5010 1191419 52466 161-50-36
11/21/15 Potsdam412 7010 118818 445107 224-50-14
11/27/15vs. Middlebury311 5202 4111212 359810 270-21-12
11/28/15@ Norwich23016212051194428128100302-63-714
12/04/15@ Brockport1000110001739726131114290-21-36
12/05/15@ Geneseo022 4122 571014 3120118 392-41-625
01/01/16 Fitchburg State322 7000 0171311 41585 182-50-24
01/02/16 Colby021 3000 018129 391079 262-80-48
01/08/16@ Norwich111 3114 61089 276714 271-42-310
01/09/16 Canton512 8020 216615 378107 253-61-716
01/15/16@ Middlebury021 3000 081710 35888 241-40-26
01/16/16@ Williams10102110131912140451531100-21-36
01/22/16@ Morrisville023 5110 2101314 3751010 251-52-38
01/23/16 Morrisville310 4011 214166 367117 250-20-26
01/29/16@ Fredonia121 4201 361712 3513710 302-71-714
01/30/16@ Buffalo State100 1000 014710 31897 240-50-612
02/05/16 Oswego201141110314718342101271300-50-38

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