Plymouth State Panthers Men's Hockey
2002-2003 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Rory NickersonFFr21415190.90480001
Dennis KaneFFr22144180.81820400
Kyle PoirierFSo19107170.89470900
Matt ToutainFJr2187150.71432000
Mitchell LaFleurFSo2259140.63642010
Mike JacksonFJr21410140.66670000
Paul FeeneyDFr2258130.59090300
Bryon CroftDJr21211130.61900100
Michal BodnarFSo1639120.75001200
Nick DeBaggisDFr224590.40910100
Matt GottsFFr95380.88890100
Max WernertDSo223470.31820000
Craig RussellFSr224260.27270000
Tony LaScolaFSr122240.33330000
Ryan LuczynskiFJr181230.16670000
Dan ButlerFFr121230.25000100
Eric OickleDFr190330.15790000
Jason MitchellDFr140220.14290000
Charlie McLemanFFr220220.09090000
Joey LeeDFr140110.07140000
Chuck HudsonFFr30110.33330000
Mike ManssonGJr90110.11110000
Joe McCabeGFr60000.00000000
Chris HysonGFr140000.00000000
Ralph MenzioneDJr150000.00000000
Kyle VanDingsteeGFr40000.00000000
Ian GillFFr60000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Chris HysonFr14371.318485615.13780259.844
Mike ManssonJr9123.417384574.98490243.865
Kyle VanDingsteeFr4130.250212175.80330120.851
Joe McCabeFr6001.500131077.2840040.755
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ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Statistics

Rory NickersonFFr16414181.12500001
Dennis KaneFFr16104140.87500400
Matt ToutainFJr1566120.80002000
Mitchell LaFleurFSo1639120.75001000
Kyle PoirierFSo1465110.78570500
Mike JacksonFJr1529110.73330000
Paul FeeneyDFr1655100.62500300
Bryon CroftDJr1519100.66670100
Matt GottsFFr85381.00000100
Max WernertDSo163360.37500000
Nick DeBaggisDFr163360.37500100
Michal BodnarFSo102460.60000100
Craig RussellFSr162020.12500000
Ryan LuczynskiFJr121120.16670000
Dan ButlerFFr101120.20000100
Jason MitchellDFr90110.11110000
Joey LeeDFr80110.12500000
Chuck HudsonFFr20110.50000000
Charlie McLemanFFr160110.06250000
Eric OickleDFr160110.06250000
Joe McCabeGFr30000.00000000
Chris HysonGFr90000.00000000
Ralph MenzioneDJr120000.00000000
Mike ManssonGJr70000.00000000
Kyle VanDingsteeGFr40000.00000000
Ian GillFFr60000.00000000
Tony LaScolaFSr70000.00000000

ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Mike ManssonJr7113.500303754.80510184.860
Chris HysonFr9151.214283335.04180152.844
Kyle VanDingsteeFr4130.250212175.80330120.851
Joe McCabeFr3000.0007528.0460024.774
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Overall and ECAC Northeast Comparison

Rory NickersonFFr214151900164141800
Dennis KaneFFr221441804161041404
Kyle PoirierFSo19107170914651105
Matt ToutainFJr2187152015661220
Mitchell LaFleurFSo2259142016391210
Mike JacksonFJr21410140015291100
Paul FeeneyDFr2258130316551003
Bryon CroftDJr21211130115191001
Michal BodnarFSo163912121024601
Nick DeBaggisDFr22459011633601
Matt GottsFFr953801853801
Max WernertDSo22347001633600
Craig RussellFSr22426001620200
Tony LaScolaFSr1222400700000
Ryan LuczynskiFJr18123001211200
Dan ButlerFFr12123011011201
Eric OickleDFr19033001601100
Jason MitchellDFr1402200901100
Charlie McLemanFFr22022001601100
Joey LeeDFr1401100801100
Chuck HudsonFFr301100201100
Mike ManssonGJr901100700000
Joe McCabeGFr600000300000
Chris HysonGFr1400000900000
Ralph MenzioneDJr15000001200000
Kyle VanDingsteeGFr400000400000
Ian GillFFr600000600000

Overall and ECAC Northeast Goaltending Comparison

Chris HysonFr14371.3185.13780.8449151.2145.04180.844
Mike ManssonJr9123.4174.98490.8657113.5004.80510.860
Kyle VanDingsteeFr4130.2505.80330.8514130.2505.80330.851
Joe McCabeFr6001.5007.28400.7553000.0008.04600.774

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (5-12-5, 3-9-4 ECAC Northeast)

11/20/02@ Stonehill112 4756 183-112-816C. Russell, D. Kane (2), D. Butler
11/23/02 Massachusetts-Dartmouth002023772191-40-518P. Feeney, M. Wernert
12/03/02@ Southern Maine102 3936 180-52-516M. Jackson, D. Kane, C. Russell
12/08/02@ Lebanon Valley002 2111013 341-75-1054P. Feeney, D. Kane
12/11/02@ Franklin Pierce202042013194562-83-722M. LaFleur, K. Poirier, D. Kane, N. DeBaggis
12/14/02 Nichols312 613119 332-43-818N. DeBaggis, R. Luczynski, K. Poirier, M. Bodnar, M. LaFleur, P. Feeney
01/07/03@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth111037782241-40-310N. DeBaggis, K. Poirier, M. LaFleur
01/10/03 Brockport101 21059 240-24-1122T. LaScola, C. Russell
01/11/03 Franklin Pierce151 7101210 323-110-1138K. Poirier (2), M. Bodnar, D. Kane (2), M. Toutain, M. Jackson
01/16/03@ Nichols113 514621 411-21-512M. Toutain, K. Poirier, T. LaScola, M. LaFleur, D. Kane
01/19/03@ Framingham State231 6112510 461-71-48M. Toutain (2), P. Feeney (2), N. DeBaggis, C. Russell
01/22/03 So. New Hampshire030 36174 271-43-1033M. Bodnar, K. Poirier, R. Nickerson
01/25/03@ Assumption100 111911 310-52-714D. Kane
01/28/03@ Babson010 16106 220-32-510B. Croft
02/01/03@ Wentworth000 01058 230-31-38
02/04/03@ Curry011 2879 241-51-510M. Gotts, M. Jackson
02/08/03 Johnson and Wales120 310912 311-111-516M. LaFleur, D. Kane (2)
02/12/03 Suffolk015 69713 290-43-718D. Kane, M. Toutain (2), R. Nickerson (3)
02/15/03 Fitchburg State101 29414 270-92-612D. Kane, M. Toutain
02/16/03 Salve Regina212051010136392-72-722M. Gotts, K. Poirier (2), M. Wernert, D. Kane
02/22/03 Worcester State013041414175501-30-12M. Gotts, M. Jackson, K. Poirier, M. Wernert
02/25/03@ Western New England202 413810 311-73-48M. Toutain, B. Croft, M. Gotts (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First4-2-3
Opp. Scores First1-10-2
When Outshooting Opponent4-0-2
When Outshot by Opponent1-11-3
1-goal Games0-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 14-0-11-7-20-5-2
After 22-1-11-11-22-0-2

Special Teams

Power Play2212617.5
Penalty Kill9613770.1

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Plymouth State202233075
Shots by Period123otTot.
Plymouth State22120423519679
Avg./GamePlymouth StateOpp.Plymouth StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (5-12-5, 3-9-4 ECAC Northeast)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/20/02@ Stonehill112 4243 9756 18101014 343-112-816
11/23/02 Massachusetts-Dartmouth0020200202377219513114331-40-518
12/03/02@ Southern Maine102 3253 10936 18181812 480-52-516
12/08/02@ Lebanon Valley002 2143 8111013 34102212 441-75-1054
12/11/02@ Franklin Pierce2020403104201319456318123362-83-722
12/14/02 Nichols312 6112 413119 337108 252-43-818
01/07/03@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth1110320103778224221553451-40-310
01/10/03 Brockport101 2244 101059 2414186 380-24-1122
01/11/03 Franklin Pierce151 7010 1101210 32755 173-110-1138
01/16/03@ Nichols113 5021 314621 416198 331-21-512
01/19/03@ Framingham State231 6101 2112510 46356 141-71-48
01/22/03 So. New Hampshire030 3121 46174 2771210 291-43-1033
01/25/03@ Assumption100 1133 711911 31121615 430-52-714
01/28/03@ Babson010 1142 76106 228198 350-32-510
02/01/03@ Wentworth000 0046 101058 23131314 400-31-38
02/04/03@ Curry011 2130 4879 24121719 481-51-510
02/08/03 Johnson and Wales120 3152 810912 3111128 311-111-516
02/12/03 Suffolk015 6211 49713 29151011 360-43-718
02/15/03 Fitchburg State101 2122 59414 271699 340-92-612
02/16/03 Salve Regina2120522105101013639131696442-72-722
02/22/03 Worcester State0130411204141417550129172401-30-12
02/25/03@ Western New England202 4231 613810 3115128 351-73-48

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