Salem State Vikings Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Cam MonizFSr20147211.0500243410
Andrew BucciFSr1698171.0625241111
Brad JonesDSr20412160.80008321200
Casey MillerFSo20411150.7500241200
Brandon PlattFJr18411150.8333001200
Daniel CampbellFSo17410140.82357140100
Michael ChenDJr2075120.60006201100
Derek MakimaaFSo1766120.70596123200
John NeedhamFJr1738110.6471361010
Brody HelenoDFr20010100.500010200000
Ryan WilkinsonFSo204590.45005260100
Gabriel CrompDSr202680.40005100100
Michael CasaleFSo156170.4667361000
Andrew BettencourtFSr164370.43755101101
Dan HollandFSo173360.35296121000
Ryan DohertyFJr171450.2941000000
Keaton CashinDSr200550.2500120000
Mackenzie CookFSo92240.4444360000
Alex MinterFJr72020.2857240000
Aleksi MustaniemiDFr200220.10006120000
Chris MastropietroFSr71010.1429240000
Rene SallinenDFr20110.5000240000
Émile LévesqueFFr20110.5000000000
Marcus ZelzerGSo130000.0000000000
Jason PucciarelliGSo70000.0000000000
Kyle CarlsonDFr20000.0000000000
Anthony CalabroDFr10000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Marcus ZelzerSo131210.923207821.53444325.942
Jason PucciarelliSo7340.429174222.41690151.899
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MASCAC Conference-Only Statistics

Cam MonizFSr1396151.1538122200
Brandon PlattFJr12410141.1667001200
Andrew BucciFSr1085131.3000121110
Daniel CampbellFSo1148121.0909240100
Brad JonesDSr13210120.92316120100
John NeedhamFJr1237100.8333121010
Derek MakimaaFSo104590.90005102100
Casey MillerFSo132790.6923240100
Brody HelenoDFr130990.69235100000
Michael ChenDJr135270.53856201100
Gabriel CrompDSr131670.5385360100
Andrew BettencourtFSr114260.5455121101
Michael CasaleFSo85050.6250121000
Dan HollandFSo112350.4545481000
Ryan WilkinsonFSo132350.38463220100
Ryan DohertyFJr121450.4167000000
Mackenzie CookFSo72240.5714360000
Keaton CashinDSr130330.2308000000
Alex MinterFJr42020.5000240000
Rene SallinenDFr10111.0000000000
Aleksi MustaniemiDFr130110.07696120000
Émile LévesqueFFr20110.5000000000
Chris MastropietroFSr50000.0000120000
Marcus ZelzerGSo100000.0000000000
Jason PucciarelliGSo30000.0000000000
Kyle CarlsonDFr10000.0000000000
Anthony CalabroDFr0000000000

MASCAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Marcus ZelzerSo10910.900116021.09604227.954
Jason PucciarelliSo3210.66781802.6667060.882
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Overall and MASCAC Comparison

Cam MonizFSr2014721434139615222
Andrew BucciFSr169817411108513211
Brad JonesDSr2041216321213210121201
Casey MillerFSo204111541213279401
Brandon PlattFJr18411150121241014012
Daniel CampbellFSo17410141401114812401
Michael ChenDJr2075122011135272011
Derek MakimaaFSo1766121232104591021
John NeedhamFJr173811610123710210
Brody HelenoDFr20010102000130991000
Ryan WilkinsonFSo204592601132352201
Gabriel CrompDSr20268100113167601
Michael CasaleFSo156176108505210
Andrew BettencourtFSr16437101111426211
Dan HollandFSo17336121011235810
Ryan DohertyFJr1714500012145000
Keaton CashinDSr2005520013033000
Mackenzie CookFSo92246007224600
Alex MinterFJr72024004202400
Aleksi MustaniemiDFr200221200130111200
Chris MastropietroFSr71014005000200
Rene SallinenDFr20114001011000
Émile LévesqueFFr20110002011000
Marcus ZelzerGSo1300000010000000
Jason PucciarelliGSo70000003000000
Kyle CarlsonDFr20000001000000
Anthony CalabroDFr10000000000000

Overall and MASCAC Goaltending Comparison

Marcus ZelzerSo131210.9231.53444.94210910.9001.09604.954
Jason PucciarelliSo7340.4292.41690.8993210.6672.66670.882

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-5-0, 11-2-0 MASCAC)

11/05/15@ Westfield State201 38810 261-21-310B. Platt, D. Holland, C. Moniz
11/10/15@ St. Anselm0021398112300-72-714C. Mastropietro, R. Wilkinson, C. Miller
11/14/15 Plymouth State002 2111215 380-32-510M. Casale, B. Platt
11/19/15 Fitchburg State223 710159 341-30-36D. Makimaa, C. Miller, R. Wilkinson, J. Needham, B. Jones, D. Campbell, C. Moniz
11/21/15@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth0200281962350-20-412D. Makimaa, M. Chen
11/24/15@ Southern Maine000 0987 240-20-14
11/29/15@ Suffolk032 551513 332-50-410B. Jones, D. Holland, C. Moniz (2), C. Miller
12/03/15@ Framingham State230 512166 341-30-228M. Chen, A. Bucci, M. Casale, A. Minter, B. Jones
12/05/15 Worcester State340 714156 350-50-310J. Needham, A. Minter, A. Bucci, M. Chen, M. Casale (3)
12/12/15@ Endicott022 414178 391-20-420R. Wilkinson, B. Jones, G. Cromp, A. Bucci
01/02/16 Endicott011 29175 311-61-316C. Moniz (2)
01/03/16vs. Amherst032 5121111 341-41-38C. Moniz, M. Chen (2), M. Casale, D. Makimaa
01/09/16 Westfield State110 21357 250-20-38A. Bucci, C. Moniz
01/12/16 New England College010 19135 270-21-410D. Makimaa
01/16/16@ Plymouth State121 4131711 412-40-410A. Bucci, D. Makimaa, R. Doherty, G. Cromp
01/21/16@ Fitchburg State211 410189 371-51-510M. Chen, C. Moniz, A. Bucci, D. Makimaa
01/23/16 Massachusetts-Dartmouth421 7181114 433-62-622C. Moniz (2), A. Bettencourt, A. Bucci (2), D. Campbell, B. Platt
01/28/16 Framingham State230 5162116 531-80-24B. Platt, D. Campbell, C. Moniz, A. Bettencourt (2)
01/30/16@ Worcester State322 714179 402-60-14J. Needham, D. Campbell, D. Holland, C. Moniz, M. Cook, R. Wilkinson, C. Miller
02/04/16@ Westfield State311 5131415 421-40-12A. Bucci, M. Cook, C. Moniz, M. Chen, A. Bettencourt

Team Summary


Scoring First8-1-0
Opp. Scores First7-4-0
When Outshooting Opponent13-4-0
When Outshot by Opponent1-1-0
1-goal Games4-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 110-0-04-4-01-1-0
After 212-3-00-1-03-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play188122.2
Penalty Kill576883.8

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Salem State253321180
Shots by Period123otTot.
Salem State2272771934701
Avg./GameSalem StateOpp.Salem StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-5-0, 11-2-0 MASCAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/05/15@ Westfield State201 3100 18810 262128 221-21-310
11/10/15@ St. Anselm0021310102981123065143280-72-714
11/14/15 Plymouth State002 2122 5111215 3851510 300-32-510
11/19/15 Fitchburg State223 7000 010159 3413106 291-30-36
11/21/15@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth02002101138196235129121340-20-412
11/24/15@ Southern Maine000 0001 1987 24899 260-20-14
11/29/15@ Suffolk032 5112 451513 33141112 372-50-410
12/03/15@ Framingham State230 5000 012166 343148 251-30-228
12/05/15 Worcester State340 7101 214156 35475 160-50-310
12/12/15@ Endicott022 4100 114178 39171111 391-20-420
01/02/16 Endicott011 2201 39175 31938 201-61-316
01/03/16vs. Amherst032 5103 4121111 3410129 311-41-38
01/09/16 Westfield State110 2010 11357 255612 230-20-38
01/12/16 New England College010 1102 39135 2710115 260-21-410
01/16/16@ Plymouth State121 4100 1131711 411378 282-40-410
01/21/16@ Fitchburg State211 4002 210189 37489 211-51-510
01/23/16 Massachusetts-Dartmouth421 7110 2181114 43798 243-62-622
01/28/16 Framingham State230 5000 0162116 53435 121-80-24
01/30/16@ Worcester State322 7000 014179 407103 202-60-14
02/04/16@ Westfield State311 5101 2131415 42976 221-40-12

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