Salem State Vikings Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Kristofer FaricFSr1787150.88249181110
John NeedhamFSo1868140.77789181200
Cameron BanwellDSr1549130.86679182200
Andrew BettencourtFJr1339120.92316120001
Gabriel CrompDJr1839120.66677220200
Chad GoodwinFJr1756110.64718161100
Derek MakimaaFFr155490.60004190100
Andrew BucciFJr173690.52944300000
Brad JonesDJr161890.56256200001
Michael CasaleFFr164370.43758241000
Alex MinterFSo173470.4118121100
Mackenzie CookFFr154260.40006120200
Chris MastropietroFJr122460.50006120000
Ian CantyDSr181560.3333241100
Keaton CashinDJr181340.2222240000
Jon HartDSo131340.3077000000
Casey MillerFFr51230.6000120000
Cam MonizFJr92020.22228241000
Daniel CampbellFFr120220.16677140000
Dan HollandFFr70220.2857240000
Jason PucciarelliGFr110110.0909000000
Michael ChenDSo130110.0769120000
Ed FritzGSr10000.0000000000
Ryan DohertyFSo100000.0000000000
Brandon PlattFSo20000.0000000000
Ryan WilkinsonFFr110000.0000240000
Marcus ZelzerGFr80000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Jason PucciarelliFr11631.650246192.32691274.919
Marcus ZelzerFr8350.375294593.79360202.874
Ed FritzSr1000.000030.0000011.000
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MASCAC Conference-Only Statistics

Andrew BettencourtFJr737101.4286240001
John NeedhamFSo113690.8182480100
Kristofer FaricFSr114480.72735100100
Gabriel CrompDJr113580.72736200200
Cameron BanwellDSr92680.88897142100
Michael CasaleFFr104370.7000481000
Andrew BucciFJr102460.60004300000
Chris MastropietroFJr92460.6667480000
Brad JonesDJr90660.66674160000
Chad GoodwinFJr112240.3636360000
Ian CantyDSr111340.3636121100
Derek MakimaaFFr92130.3333120100
Alex MinterFSo112130.2727121100
Mackenzie CookFFr81230.3750480100
Casey MillerFFr41230.7500000000
Cam MonizFJr62020.33336201000
Keaton CashinDJr111120.1818240000
Jon HartDSo61120.3333000000
Daniel CampbellFFr70220.28575100000
Jason PucciarelliGFr80110.1250000000
Michael ChenDSo100110.1000120000
Ed FritzGSr10000.0000000000
Ryan DohertyFSo50000.0000000000
Dan HollandFFr40000.0000120000
Brandon PlattFSo20000.0000000000
Ryan WilkinsonFFr60000.0000000000
Marcus ZelzerGFr40000.0000000000

MASCAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Jason PucciarelliFr8520.714164342.21271176.917
Marcus ZelzerFr4130.250122193.29270111.902
Ed FritzSr1000.000030.0000011.000
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Overall and MASCAC Comparison

Kristofer FaricFSr1787151811114481001
John NeedhamFSo186814181211369801
Cameron BanwellDSr154913182292681421
Andrew BettencourtFJr133912120073710400
Gabriel CrompDJr1839122202113582002
Chad GoodwinFJr175611161111224600
Derek MakimaaFFr1554919019213201
Andrew BucciFJr173693000102463000
Brad JonesDJr16189200090661600
Michael CasaleFFr16437241010437810
Alex MinterFSo1734721111213211
Mackenzie CookFFr1542612028123801
Chris MastropietroFJr1224612009246800
Ian CantyDSr1815641111134211
Keaton CashinDJr1813440011112400
Jon HartDSo131340006112000
Casey MillerFFr51232004123000
Cam MonizFJr9202241062022010
Daniel CampbellFFr12022140070221000
Dan HollandFFr70224004000200
Jason PucciarelliGFr110110008011000
Michael ChenDSo1301120010011200
Ed FritzGSr10000001000000
Ryan DohertyFSo100000005000000
Brandon PlattFSo20000002000000
Ryan WilkinsonFFr110004006000000
Marcus ZelzerGFr80000004000000

Overall and MASCAC Goaltending Comparison

Jason PucciarelliFr11631.6502.32691.9198520.7142.21271.917
Marcus ZelzerFr8350.3753.79360.8744130.2503.29270.902
Ed FritzSr1000.0000.000001.0001000.0000.000001.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-8-1, 6-5-0 MASCAC)

11/06/14 Plymouth State101 27513 250-31-510C. Mastropietro, A. Bucci
11/13/14@ Westfield State010 1151714 460-51-420G. Cromp
11/15/14 Framingham State310 4141611 413-91-727M. Cook, J. Needham, C. Banwell, K. Faric
11/20/14@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth311 5231313 491-30-36M. Casale, K. Cashin, I. Canty, K. Faric, A. Bucci
11/25/14 Southern Maine310 47107 241-31-616C. Goodwin (2), M. Cook, J. Needham
11/30/14 St. Anselm112 4896 230-40-418D. Makimaa, C. Goodwin, K. Faric, C. Banwell
12/04/14 Fitchburg State000 0131712 420-30-16
12/06/14@ Worcester State021 311119 311-40-48A. Minter, A. Bettencourt, C. Goodwin
12/10/14@ Babson001 11199 291-72-714C. Banwell
01/02/15 Suffolk022 481316 370-40-26A. Minter, K. Faric, M. Cook, B. Jones
01/03/15 Wentworth1200351321211-50-833K. Faric (2), M. Cook
01/06/15@ Colby102 312810 301-41-38A. Bucci, J. Needham (2)
01/10/15@ Plymouth State002 281111 301-50-38K. Faric, A. Minter
01/15/15 Westfield State101 2151613 441-50-316C. Goodwin, G. Cromp
01/17/15@ Framingham State122 5141713 442-51-38J. Needham, D. Makimaa, G. Cromp, C. Banwell, M. Casale
01/20/15@ New England College101 211812 310-21-614D. Makimaa (2)
01/22/15 Massachusetts-Dartmouth213 6141016 400-21-414C. Miller, M. Casale, J. Needham, C. Mastropietro, J. Hart, K. Faric
01/29/15@ Fitchburg State231 6181612 460-20-216A. Bettencourt (2), D. Makimaa, C. Moniz (2), M. Casale

Team Summary


Scoring First4-3-1
Opp. Scores First5-5-0
When Outshooting Opponent8-5-0
When Outshot by Opponent1-3-1
1-goal Games1-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-2-11-3-03-3-0
After 25-0-00-6-14-2-0

Special Teams

Power Play137517.3
Penalty Kill657586.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Salem State201720057
Shots by Period123otTot.
Salem State2142191991633
Avg./GameSalem StateOpp.Salem StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-8-1, 6-5-0 MASCAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/06/14 Plymouth State101 2201 37513 2516410 300-31-510
11/13/14@ Westfield State010 1042 6151714 4615209 440-51-420
11/15/14 Framingham State310 4110 2141611 416712 253-91-727
11/20/14@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth311 5101 2231313 4910414 281-30-36
11/25/14 Southern Maine310 4012 37107 244610 201-31-616
11/30/14 St. Anselm112 4100 1896 237814 290-40-418
12/04/14 Fitchburg State000 0003 3131712 4211511 270-30-16
12/06/14@ Worcester State021 3000 011119 3151211 281-40-48
12/10/14@ Babson001 1112 41199 2991812 391-72-714
01/02/15 Suffolk022 4100 181316 371476 270-40-26
01/03/15 Wentworth12003030035132121913115381-50-833
01/06/15@ Colby102 3432 912810 30101210 321-41-38
01/10/15@ Plymouth State002 2012 381111 30687 211-50-38
01/15/15 Westfield State101 2030 3151613 44997 251-50-316
01/17/15@ Framingham State122 5120 3141713 4491112 322-51-38
01/20/15@ New England College101 2022 411812 3171210 290-21-614
01/22/15 Massachusetts-Dartmouth213 6010 1141016 408612 260-21-414
01/29/15@ Fitchburg State231 6111 3181612 468914 310-20-216

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