Salem State Vikings Men's Hockey
2009-2010 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Casey TerreriFFr271021311.14817221300
Nick LampsonFFr271713301.111112353600
Chris MacInnisFSr271416301.11118161401
Damen NisulaFSr27715220.81488160321
Mike GenoveseFJr25116170.680017643311
Brett NollDSr27411150.5556360300
Sam CannataDJr27114150.555616560000
Matt JohnsonFSo2266120.5455001100
Justin RoyFSo2548120.48009211200
Dan SmolinskyFFr2656110.423112240110
Ian FlanaganFSo2356110.478324480100
Derek CrockerFFr2046100.50007141000
Kevin HughesDSr272790.33335261000
Chad JohnsonFFr194480.4211001100
Dan RowlandFFr215270.33337142000
Matt KenlineFFr234370.304320510100
Alex MolnarFJr202240.200011220000
Alex EisathFJr152240.2667270000
Brian HanafinFFr221340.1818240000
Jeff TellierFSr81230.3750000000
Ryan PezzuloFSo121120.16675100100
Sam AvoineGFr150220.1333000000
Matt GenoveseFSo50110.2000240000
James LacourGJr80000.0000000000
Andrew KnightGFr40000.0000000000
Jacob RidgewayGJr30000.0000000000
Trent LizeeFFr30000.0000000000
Eric PyeFFr10000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Sam AvoineFr15942.667348942.28091324.905
James LacourJr8521.688234902.81611222.906
Andrew KnightFr4111.50081932.4924093.921
Jacob RidgewayJr3010.0005714.2553022.815
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MASCAC Conference-Only Statistics

Casey TerreriFFr18716231.27787221200
Nick LampsonFFr18129211.16677142400
Chris MacInnisFSr18109191.05565101201
Damen NisulaFSr18510150.83337140221
Mike GenoveseFJr1694130.812513562211
Sam CannataDJr18111120.666713420000
Matt JohnsonFSo1555100.6667001100
Dan SmolinskyFFr174590.52948160110
Brett NollDSr183690.5000120200
Justin RoyFSo173690.52945131200
Derek CrockerFFr142680.5714240000
Kevin HughesDSr182570.38893221000
Ian FlanaganFSo162570.437515300000
Matt KenlineFFr143360.428617450100
Chad JohnsonFFr154150.3333001100
Dan RowlandFFr143030.21435101000
Alex MolnarFJr132130.23086120000
Brian HanafinFFr151230.2000120000
Ryan PezzuloFSo61120.3333120100
Alex EisathFJr91120.2222150000
Jeff TellierFSr50220.4000000000
Sam AvoineGFr110220.1818000000
Matt GenoveseFSo40110.2500240000
James LacourGJr50000.0000000000
Andrew KnightGFr30000.0000000000
Jacob RidgewayGJr20000.0000000000
Trent LizeeFFr20000.0000000000
Eric PyeFFr10000.0000000000

MASCAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Sam AvoineFr11722.727216531.92841219.912
James LacourJr5401.900143072.73220124.899
Andrew KnightFr3011.25051332.2627051.911
Jacob RidgewayJr2000.0001115.590104.800
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Overall and MASCAC Comparison

Casey TerreriFFr27102131221318716232212
Nick LampsonFFr27171330353618129211424
Chris MacInnisFSr27141630161418109191012
Damen NisulaFSr2771522160318510151402
Mike GenoveseFJr251161764331694135622
Brett NollDSr274111560318369202
Sam CannataDJr2711415560018111124200
Matt JohnsonFSo226612011155510011
Justin RoyFSo2548122112173691312
Dan SmolinskyFFr2656112401174591601
Ian FlanaganFSo2356114801162573000
Derek CrockerFFr204610141014268400
Kevin HughesDSr272792610182572210
Chad JohnsonFFr1944801115415011
Dan RowlandFFr215271420143031010
Matt KenlineFFr234375101143364501
Alex MolnarFJr202242200132131200
Alex EisathFJr152247009112500
Brian HanafinFFr2213440015123200
Jeff TellierFSr81230005022000
Ryan PezzuloFSo1211210016112201
Sam AvoineGFr1502200011022000
Matt GenoveseFSo50114004011400
James LacourGJr80000005000000
Andrew KnightGFr40000003000000
Jacob RidgewayGJr30000002000000
Trent LizeeFFr30000002000000
Eric PyeFFr10000001000000

Overall and MASCAC Goaltending Comparison

Sam AvoineFr15942.6672.28091.90511722.7271.92841.912
James LacourJr8521.6882.81611.9065401.9002.73220.899
Andrew KnightFr4111.5002.49240.9213011.2502.26270.911
Jacob RidgewayJr3010.0004.25530.8152000.0005.59010.800

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-8-4, 11-3-4 MASCAC)

11/17/09 Massachusetts-Dartmouth120 3111911 412-62-718D. Nisula, R. Pezzulo, M. Genovese
11/19/09 Plymouth State023 582015 430-32-521J. Roy, B. Noll, N. Lampson, M. Johnson, C. MacInnis
11/21/09@ Fitchburg State11114111192331-50-816C. Terreri (2), C. MacInnis, M. Johnson
11/27/09@ St. Scholastica1110313831252-41-48D. Nisula (2), N. Lampson
11/28/09vs. St. Norbert012 311159 350-30-423N. Lampson, C. MacInnis, J. Tellier
12/03/09@ Framingham State311 5231314 502-80-313D. Rowland, N. Lampson (2), A. Eisath, J. Roy
12/05/09@ Westfield State1120488144343-61-434J. Roy, C. MacInnis, N. Lampson (2)
12/10/09@ Southern Maine110 29610 250-40-314A. Eisath, C. Terreri
12/12/09 Worcester State035 8161322 511-51-522D. Smolinsky, C. Terreri, I. Flanagan, C. MacInnis (2), B. Noll, M. Johnson (2)
01/04/10 Colby003 37715 292-30-28C. Terreri, M. Kenline, C. MacInnis
01/06/10@ New England College011 21037 201-43-410C. MacInnis, D. Smolinsky
01/14/10@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth003 315614 351-40-14M. Johnson, B. Hanafin, D. Nisula
01/16/10@ Plymouth State011 2131611 401-53-841B. Noll, D. Nisula
01/21/10 Fitchburg State310041616101430-32-36D. Nisula, C. MacInnis, M. Genovese, I. Flanagan
01/23/10 Framingham State200022613121520-91-612M. Genovese, N. Lampson
01/26/10@ Bowdoin120 312167 351-51-524M. Johnson, J. Roy, M. Genovese
01/28/10 Westfield State322 7121213 372-51-818D. Crocker, K. Hughes, C. MacInnis, C. Terreri, M. Kenline, D. Nisula, C. Johnson
02/04/10@ Worcester State110021512154460-82-612M. Genovese (2)
02/06/10 Massachusetts-Dartmouth112 4111711 391-61-514C. Johnson, D. Smolinsky, N. Lampson, M. Genovese
02/11/10 Plymouth State020 217911 370-20-26M. Genovese, N. Lampson
02/13/10@ Fitchburg State121 414712 331-52-818N. Lampson, C. MacInnis, C. Johnson, C. Terreri
02/16/10@ St. Anselm141 65148 271-53-612D. Crocker, D. Rowland, N. Lampson (2), I. Flanagan (2)
02/18/10@ Framingham State216 9141520 493-71-412M. Kenline (2), C. MacInnis, M. Genovese, D. Smolinsky, C. Johnson, S. Cannata, N. Lampson (2)
02/20/10@ Westfield State011021116161440-21-547M. Genovese, C. Terreri
02/27/10 Worcester State415 1018917 443-60-111A. Molnar (2), D. Rowland (2), D. Smolinsky, N. Lampson, K. Hughes, C. MacInnis, C. Terreri, D. Crocker
03/04/10 Plymouth State402 6141513 421-80-614N. Lampson, D. Crocker, D. Rowland, I. Flanagan, C. Terreri, C. MacInnis
03/06/10@ Fitchburg State001121111151381-61-720B. Noll, M. Genovese

Team Summary


Scoring First10-4-3
Opp. Scores First5-4-1
When Outshooting Opponent14-5-4
When Outshot by Opponent1-3-0
1-goal Games3-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-0-23-5-06-3-2
After 28-2-01-4-26-2-2

Special Teams

Power Play3013721.9
Penalty Kill10113077.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Salem State3133442110
Shots by Period123otTot.
Salem State351327334151027
Avg./GameSalem StateOpp.Salem StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-8-4, 11-3-4 MASCAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/17/09 Massachusetts-Dartmouth120 3200 2111911 4118513 362-62-718
11/19/09 Plymouth State023 5200 282015 431187 260-32-521
11/21/09@ Fitchburg State11114102031111923312861271-50-816
11/27/09@ St. Scholastica11103120141383125815115392-41-48
11/28/09vs. St. Norbert012 3000 011159 359166 310-30-423
12/03/09@ Framingham State311 5111 3231314 506610 222-80-313
12/05/09@ Westfield State11204013048814434312111273-61-434
12/10/09@ Southern Maine110 2113 59610 2514716 370-40-314
12/12/09 Worcester State035 8110 2161322 51461 111-51-522
01/04/10 Colby003 3212 57715 2910117 282-30-28
01/06/10@ New England College011 2221 51037 201094 231-43-410
01/14/10@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth003 3000 015614 355122 191-40-14
01/16/10@ Plymouth State011 2112 4131611 40744 151-53-841
01/21/10 Fitchburg State3100430115161610143114103280-32-36
01/23/10 Framingham State20002011022613121526752200-91-612
01/26/10@ Bowdoin120 3240 612167 351888 341-51-524
01/28/10 Westfield State322 7001 1121213 3710129 312-51-818
02/04/10@ Worcester State1100211002151215446191140340-82-612
02/06/10 Massachusetts-Dartmouth112 4101 2111711 39767 201-61-514
02/11/10 Plymouth State020 2201 317911 37966 210-20-26
02/13/10@ Fitchburg State121 4020 214712 337136 261-52-818
02/16/10@ St. Anselm141 6102 35148 27201015 451-53-612
02/18/10@ Framingham State216 9011 2141520 491179 273-71-412
02/20/10@ Westfield State01102020021116161449992290-21-547
02/27/10 Worcester State415 10010 118917 44795 213-60-111
03/04/10 Plymouth State402 6010 1141513 42759 211-80-614
03/06/10@ Fitchburg State0011200101111115138149120351-61-720

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