Salve Regina Seahawks Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Peter GintoliFSr21712190.9048361100
Evan SchmidbauerFSo19511160.8421481300
Alex PompeoDSr21410140.666712320101
Jonathan FelteauFJr20212140.70006120000
Marc BiggsFSr2067130.65007171300
Pat ThompsonFSo19102120.631610281200
Shaun PatryFFr1984120.63166121200
Joseph YeadonFSo2147110.52385101001
Lucas SousaDSr1928100.52638160000
Liam CentrellaFSr215490.4286480010
Evan SchultzFJr94591.00002121100
Nick OwenDJr215380.38108241300
James MaloneFSo183470.38897142100
Kyle MooreFFr101450.5000360100
Tommy EvangelistaFJr192240.2105240000
Shaun AltshullerFSr211340.1905000000
Kevin ClareDFr200440.20007140000
Brandon YeeDSo103030.3000240000
Cameron RussoFFr51230.6000240100
Dominic DiMasciaDSr91230.33336121000
Parker BowenFJr41120.5000000000
Nick CyrDFr211120.09527140000
Adam AugustaFSo50220.4000120000
Blake WojtalaGFr170110.0588360000
Zane PopilockDSo50110.20002120000
Alexander DevineGJr50000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Blake WojtalaFr171070.588429872.55381443.913
Alexander DevineJr5121.375132732.85381110.894
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ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Statistics

Evan SchmidbauerFSo1148121.0909241200
Peter GintoliFSr1237100.8333120100
Evan SchultzFJr54591.80002121100
Shaun PatryFFr106280.8000480100
Alex PompeoDSr121780.66679260000
Jonathan FelteauFJr111780.7273360000
Marc BiggsFSr113470.6364391000
Pat ThompsonFSo116060.54556201000
Liam CentrellaFSr124260.5000360010
Joseph YeadonFSo122460.5000360000
Lucas SousaDSr111560.5455360000
James MaloneFSo113250.4545362100
Nick OwenDJr124040.33335180300
Cameron RussoFFr51230.6000240100
Kevin ClareDFr110330.2727360000
Nick CyrDFr121120.16677140000
Adam AugustaFSo30220.6667000000
Kyle MooreFFr50220.4000240000
Parker BowenFJr21010.5000000000
Shaun AltshullerFSr121010.0833000000
Brandon YeeDSo61010.1667120000
Dominic DiMasciaDSr40110.2500360000
Tommy EvangelistaFJr110110.0909000000
Zane PopilockDSo30110.33332120000
Blake WojtalaGFr90000.0000240000
Alexander DevineGJr40000.0000000000

ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Blake WojtalaFr9540.556245122.81060249.912
Alexander DevineJr4111.50082092.2989175.904
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Overall and ECAC Northeast Comparison

Peter GintoliFSr2171219611123710201
Evan SchmidbauerFSo1951116813114812412
Alex PompeoDSr21410143201121782600
Jonathan FelteauFJr2021214120011178600
Marc BiggsFSr206713171311347910
Pat ThompsonFSo19102122812116062010
Shaun PatryFFr198412121210628801
Joseph YeadonFSo214711101012246600
Lucas SousaDSr192810160011156600
Liam CentrellaFSr2154980012426600
Evan SchultzFJr9459121154591211
Nick OwenDJr215382413124041803
James MaloneFSo18347142111325621
Kyle MooreFFr101456015022400
Tommy EvangelistaFJr1922440011011000
Shaun AltshullerFSr2113400012101000
Kevin ClareDFr20044140011033600
Brandon YeeDSo103034006101200
Cameron RussoFFr51234015123401
Dominic DiMasciaDSr912312104011600
Parker BowenFJr41120002101000
Nick CyrDFr211121400121121400
Adam AugustaFSo50222003022000
Blake WojtalaGFr170116009000400
Zane PopilockDSo5011120030111200
Alexander DevineGJr50000004000000

Overall and ECAC Northeast Goaltending Comparison

Blake WojtalaFr171070.5882.55381.9139540.5562.81060.912
Alexander DevineJr5121.3752.85381.8944111.5002.29891.904

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-9-1, 6-5-1 ECAC Northeast)

10/30/15@ Manhattanville211041513110391-41-718B. Yee, P. Gintoli, P. Thompson (2)
10/31/15@ Neumann100 111416 311-70-614M. Biggs
11/04/15@ Suffolk012031019137492-61-512J. Malone, P. Bowen, N. Owen
11/07/15 Nichols011 2191012 410-51-512P. Thompson, S. Altshuller
11/12/15 Endicott014 511718 360-42-534L. Centrella, S. Patry, M. Biggs, L. Sousa, E. Schmidbauer
11/15/15@ Becker100121215141421-70-512S. Patry, J. Malone
11/21/15 Western New England111 316199 440-50-512S. Patry, E. Schmidbauer, J. Yeadon
11/28/15@ Wesleyan122 5111013 341-31-612P. Gintoli, A. Pompeo, P. Thompson, L. Centrella, J. Yeadon
11/29/15@ Trinity042 6111313 373-60-48M. Biggs (2), T. Evangelista, P. Gintoli, N. Owen, A. Pompeo
12/02/15 Daniel Webster210 3112016 470-90-714D. DiMascia, P. Thompson, L. Sousa
12/05/15@ Curry321 611157 331-21-12A. Pompeo, J. Felteau, P. Thompson, P. Gintoli (2), J. Yeadon
12/12/15@ Utica001 1101015 351-50-114K. Moore
01/08/16@ Johnson and Wales140 513157 350-40-226B. Yee, J. Malone, P. Thompson, P. Gintoli, E. Schultz
01/09/16 Stonehill140 591716 421-42-612A. Pompeo, J. Felteau, S. Patry, E. Schmidbauer, T. Evangelista
01/15/16vs. Elmira111 3161110 370-20-36B. Yee, P. Gintoli, J. Yeadon
01/16/16vs. Hobart100 181812 381-41-26S. Patry
01/20/16 Wentworth323 81485 273-101-1239L. Centrella, M. Biggs, N. Cyr, E. Schultz (2), P. Thompson, C. Russo, E. Schmidbauer
01/23/16 Suffolk200 210179 361-41-310N. Owen, S. Patry
01/27/16@ Nichols510 614911 341-63-816S. Patry (2), L. Centrella (2), N. Owen, P. Thompson
01/30/16@ Endicott220 4131417 441-20-14E. Schultz, N. Owen, E. Schmidbauer, M. Biggs
02/03/16 Becker100 1152321 590-01-12P. Thompson

Team Summary


Scoring First8-4-0
Opp. Scores First3-5-1
When Outshooting Opponent9-6-1
When Outshot by Opponent2-2-0
1-goal Games2-4
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-4-01-1-03-4-1
After 29-0-00-7-02-2-1

Special Teams

Power Play199919.2
Penalty Kill799583.2

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Salve Regina282819176
Shots by Period123otTot.
Salve Regina2602872658820
Avg./GameSalve ReginaOpp.Salve ReginaOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-9-1, 6-5-1 ECAC Northeast)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/30/15@ Manhattanville21104211151513110391412113401-41-718
10/31/15@ Neumann100 1021 311416 3112159 361-70-614
11/04/15@ Suffolk012030120310191374995131282-61-512
11/07/15 Nichols011 2032 5191012 41111312 360-51-512
11/12/15 Endicott014 5052 711718 365137 250-42-534
11/15/15@ Becker1001200101121514142111460311-70-512
11/21/15 Western New England111 3100 116199 444920 330-50-512
11/28/15@ Wesleyan122 5022 4111013 3461211 291-31-612
11/29/15@ Trinity042 6112 4111313 377612 253-60-48
12/02/15 Daniel Webster210 3000 0112016 47312 60-90-714
12/05/15@ Curry321 6210 311157 3315820 431-21-12
12/12/15@ Utica001 1211 4101015 3511137 311-50-114
01/08/16@ Johnson and Wales140 5100 113157 358611 250-40-226
01/09/16 Stonehill140 5101 291716 421335 211-42-612
01/15/16vs. Elmira111 3001 1161110 3791010 290-20-36
01/16/16vs. Hobart100 1011 281812 3816813 371-41-26
01/20/16 Wentworth323 8001 11485 278914 313-101-1239
01/23/16 Suffolk200 2102 310179 366415 251-41-310
01/27/16@ Nichols510 6232 714911 3491510 341-63-816
01/30/16@ Endicott220 4000 0131417 441047 211-20-14
02/03/16 Becker100 1112 4152321 5971110 280-01-12

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