St. John's Johnnies Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Huba SekešiFSo18610160.888911251200
Kevin BeckerFJr21510150.7143241100
Andrew CommersFSr2149130.6190360110
Tyler DunaganFSo2175120.5714482200
Neal SmithFSr2092110.5500390100
Sam ValeriusFSo1756110.6471241000
Matt ColfordFFr2038110.5500361100
Sean LangDFr206390.45006121210
Mitch FritzFFr84591.1250240101
Dan VoceFJr163470.43756120000
Connor KellyFFr134260.4615360100
Dan McNamaraFJr191560.31587140000
Joe FreemarkDSr200660.3000120000
Robb StautzFFr150440.2667480000
Garrett RieblingFFr61230.5000120000
Tyson FultonDSr141230.2143240000
Joey LindbergDFr140330.21436120000
Daniel TripicchioDJr200330.1500240000
Joe ChitwoodFFr130330.2308360000
J.D. CotroneoDSo120220.16675100000
Zach GlienkeDSo111010.0909361000
Connor ThieFFr20110.5000120000
Rob ClickDFr140110.0714240000
Ross SteckleinFJr60110.1667240000
Tyler NelsonGJr40000.0000000000
Sam DockryDSo60000.0000000000
Saxton SoleyGSr190000.0000240000
Jeff FlickerFSo20000.0000000000
Alex AchFSr90000.00003170000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Saxton SoleySr19694.4214511132.42601508.919
Tyler NelsonJr42001.00051591.8912076.938
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MIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Huba SekešiFSo1047111.10006121100
Andrew CommersFSr1246100.8333120110
Tyler DunaganFSo126390.7500481200
Kevin BeckerFJr124590.7500241100
Mitch FritzFFr74481.1429240101
Sam ValeriusFSo93470.7778001000
Neal SmithFSr125160.5000240100
Matt ColfordFFr112460.5455241100
Sean LangDFr123250.4167241100
Dan McNamaraFJr121450.4167360000
Connor KellyFFr93140.4444360100
Dan VoceFJr91340.4444480000
Joe FreemarkDSr110440.3636000000
Robb StautzFFr90330.3333360000
Daniel TripicchioDJr110330.2727240000
Joey LindbergDFr70220.28575100000
Joe ChitwoodFFr60220.3333120000
Garrett RieblingFFr40110.2500120000
Rob ClickDFr100110.1000240000
Tyler NelsonGJr0000000000
J.D. CotroneoDSo60000.0000240000
Sam DockryDSo40000.0000000000
Connor ThieFFr0000000000
Zach GlienkeDSo60000.0000120000
Saxton SoleyGSr120000.0000120000
Jeff FlickerFSo10000.0000000000
Alex AchFSr40000.00002150000
Ross SteckleinFJr30000.0000120000
Tyson FultonDSr70000.0000240000

MIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Saxton SoleySr12642.583257292.05861331.930
Tyler NelsonJr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and MIAC Comparison

Huba SekešiFSo186101625121047111211
Kevin BeckerFJr215101541112459411
Andrew CommersFSr214913601124610201
Tyler DunaganFSo21751282212639812
Neal SmithFSr20921190112516401
Sam ValeriusFSo1756114109347010
Matt ColfordFFr20381161111246411
Sean LangDFr20639121212325411
Mitch FritzFFr84594017448401
Dan VoceFJr1634712009134800
Connor KellyFFr134266019314601
Dan McNamaraFJr19156140012145600
Joe FreemarkDSr2006620011044000
Robb StautzFFr150448009033600
Garrett RieblingFFr61232004011200
Tyson FultonDSr141234007000400
Joey LindbergDFr14033120070221000
Daniel TripicchioDJr2003340011033400
Joe ChitwoodFFr130336006022200
J.D. CotroneoDSo1202210006000400
Zach GlienkeDSo111016106000200
Connor ThieFFr20112000000000
Rob ClickDFr1401140010011400
Ross SteckleinFJr60114003000200
Tyler NelsonGJr40000000000000
Sam DockryDSo60000004000000
Saxton SoleyGSr1900040012000200
Jeff FlickerFSo20000001000000
Alex AchFSr9000170040001500

Overall and MIAC Goaltending Comparison

Saxton SoleySr19694.4212.42601.91912642.5832.05861.930
Tyler NelsonJr42001.0001.89120.9380000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-9-4, 6-4-2 MIAC)

10/31/15vs. St. Thomas3010411971281-42-510H. Sekeši, K. Becker, N. Smith (2)
11/01/15vs. Augsburg000 0694 190-31-518
11/06/15 Concordia (Minn.)100 1131110 340-21-523S. Lang
11/07/15 Concordia (Minn.)011 271417 382-30-24A. Commers, K. Becker
11/13/15 Wisconsin-Eau Claire001018282200-51-48M. Colford
11/14/15 Wisconsin-Stevens Point101 27914 300-01-38G. Riebling, S. Lang
11/19/15 Hamline011 251811 340-30-414H. Sekeši, T. Dunagan
11/21/15@ Hamline031 461113 303-51-410H. Sekeši, T. Dunagan, N. Smith, M. Colford
11/27/15@ Utica002 214711 320-20-510N. Smith, S. Lang
11/28/15vs. Oswego000 06109 250-51-48
12/04/15@ Gustavus Adolphus021 3476 170-20-612H. Sekeši, T. Dunagan, A. Commers
12/05/15 Gustavus Adolphus01001412150311-20-36T. Dunagan
12/12/15 St. Scholastica340 7171111 391-11-12T. Fulton, S. Lang, Z. Glienke, C. Kelly, H. Sekeši, S. Valerius, N. Smith
01/08/16@ Wisconsin-River Falls001 15610 210-40-510D. Voce
01/09/16@ Wisconsin-Superior210 37188 330-50-16S. Valerius, D. Voce, T. Dunagan
01/15/16 St. Olaf101 2171512 441-22-310C. Kelly, S. Lang
01/16/16@ St. Olaf205 791315 371-20-14S. Valerius, K. Becker, D. McNamara, H. Sekeši, C. Kelly (2), T. Dunagan
01/21/16 Bethel223 722159 461-41-24T. Dunagan, M. Colford, A. Commers, S. Valerius (2), M. Fritz, N. Smith
01/23/16@ Bethel304 712611 291-50-518M. Fritz (2), S. Lang, D. Voce, N. Smith (2), K. Becker
01/29/16 St. Thomas101021113103370-30-16M. Fritz, N. Smith
01/30/16@ St. Thomas0110247112240-30-412A. Commers, K. Becker

Team Summary


Scoring First3-6-3
Opp. Scores First5-3-1
When Outshooting Opponent5-3-1
When Outshot by Opponent3-4-3
1-goal Games3-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 14-0-10-6-04-3-3
After 26-1-11-5-21-3-1

Special Teams

Power Play126518.5
Penalty Kill617383.6

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. John's191625060
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. John's1952232228648
Avg./GameSt. John'sOpp.St. John'sOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-9-4, 6-4-2 MIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/15vs. St. Thomas30104211041197128181074391-42-510
11/01/15vs. Augsburg000 0221 5694 199911 290-31-518
11/06/15 Concordia (Minn.)100 1201 3131110 34181411 430-21-523
11/07/15 Concordia (Minn.)011 2021 371417 381297 282-30-24
11/13/15 Wisconsin-Eau Claire0010100101828220101183320-51-48
11/14/15 Wisconsin-Stevens Point101 2201 37914 301769 320-01-38
11/19/15 Hamline011 2001 151811 3410129 310-30-414
11/21/15@ Hamline031 4021 361113 30141115 403-51-410
11/27/15@ Utica002 2220 414711 321778 320-20-510
11/28/15vs. Oswego000 0011 26109 2510510 250-51-48
12/04/15@ Gustavus Adolphus021 3000 0476 17679 220-20-612
12/05/15 Gustavus Adolphus0100110012412150319693271-20-36
12/12/15 St. Scholastica340 7110 2171111 391566 271-11-12
01/08/16@ Wisconsin-River Falls001 1012 35610 218119 280-40-510
01/09/16@ Wisconsin-Superior210 3101 27188 33141110 350-50-16
01/15/16 St. Olaf101 2202 4171512 44979 251-22-310
01/16/16@ St. Olaf205 7110 291315 37768 211-20-14
01/21/16 Bethel223 7210 322159 46969 241-41-24
01/23/16@ Bethel304 7100 112611 297310 201-50-518
01/29/16 St. Thomas1010211002111310337161161340-30-16
01/30/16@ St. Thomas011020020247112241016160420-30-412

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