St. Lawrence Saints Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Patrick DohertyFSr1457120.8571362110
Drew SmolcynskiFSo14110110.78573140100
Tommy ThompsonFJr1437100.714310281000
Gunnar HughesFSr124590.75009400011
Sean McGovernFJr124480.66672120010
Brian WardFJr142680.5714480000
Justin BruckelFSr122570.5833000000
Eric SweetmanDSo142570.50009261000
Woody HudsonFSo143360.4286360100
Chris MartinFSr132460.46157331100
Gavin BayreutherDSo143250.35717222100
Christian HornFFr102350.5000240100
Nolan GluchowskiDFr62350.8333000100
Mike MarnellFFr93140.4444240200
Ryan LoughFFr142240.2857480000
Ben MasellaDSo72240.5714360000
Matt PurmalDFr82130.3750360000
Alex HagenFJr81120.2500000100
Joe SullivanFFr131120.1538240010
Mitch EdenDFr121120.1667481000
Mike GrahamDSo101010.1000480000
Alexander DahlFSo80110.1250360000
Kyle HaytonGFr140000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Kyle HaytonFr14851.607308522.11354435.935
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ECAC Conference-Only Statistics

Patrick DohertyFSr63471.1667242110
Sean McGovernFJr64261.00002120010
Tommy ThompsonFJr62461.00003141000
Eric SweetmanDSo61340.66675180000
Gunnar HughesFSr42130.75007360000
Matt PurmalDFr62130.5000360000
Woody HudsonFSo61230.5000120100
Christian HornFFr61120.3333120000
Joe SullivanFFr61120.3333240010
Ryan LoughFFr61120.3333120000
Brian WardFJr60220.3333360000
Drew SmolcynskiFSo60220.33331100000
Justin BruckelFSr50220.4000000000
Chris MartinFSr50220.40006310000
Gavin BayreutherDSo61010.1667241000
Nolan GluchowskiDFr41010.2500000000
Alexander DahlFSo40110.2500120000
Mitch EdenDFr50110.2000120000
Alex HagenFJr40000.0000000000
Mike GrahamDSo40000.0000240000
Ben MasellaDSo0000000000
Kyle HaytonGFr60000.0000000000
Mike MarnellFFr10000.0000000000

ECAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Kyle HaytonFr6420.667123621.98642159.930
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Overall and ECAC Comparison

Patrick DohertyFSr1457126216347421
Drew SmolcynskiFSo1411011140160221000
Tommy ThompsonFJr143710281062461410
Gunnar HughesFSr12459400042133600
Sean McGovernFJr12448120064261200
Brian WardFJr142688006022600
Justin BruckelFSr122570005022000
Eric SweetmanDSo14257261061341800
Woody HudsonFSo143366016123201
Chris MartinFSr13246331150223100
Gavin BayreutherDSo1432522216101410
Christian HornFFr102354016112200
Nolan GluchowskiDFr62350014101000
Mike MarnellFFr93144021000000
Ryan LoughFFr142248006112200
Ben MasellaDSo72246000000000
Matt PurmalDFr82136006213600
Alex HagenFJr81120014000000
Joe SullivanFFr131124006112400
Mitch EdenDFr121128105011200
Mike GrahamDSo101018004000400
Alexander DahlFSo80116004011200
Kyle HaytonGFr140002006000000

Overall and ECAC Goaltending Comparison

Kyle HaytonFr14851.6072.11354.9356420.6671.98642.930

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-5-1, 4-2-0 ECAC)

10/10/14@ RIT101 21193 232-71-410M. Marnell, D. Smolcynski
10/11/14@ Niagara154 1071112 304-70-612P. Doherty, G. Bayreuther (2), M. Marnell, W. Hudson, N. Gluchowski, B. Masella (2), C. Martin, A. Hagen
10/17/14 Ferris State1010295100240-30-510B. Ward, T. Thompson
10/18/14 Ferris State101 2131014 370-40-612M. Eden, P. Doherty
10/24/14@ Miami320 5844 161-42-716C. Horn, J. Bruckel, M. Graham, R. Lough, E. Sweetman
10/25/14@ Miami100014061110-40-522J. Bruckel
10/31/14 Clarkson0110287113290-00-00B. Ward, W. Hudson
11/01/14@ Clarkson112 4469 191-20-28C. Martin, M. Marnell, G. Hughes (2)
11/07/14@ Brown203 57158 300-31-28R. Lough, T. Thompson, J. Sullivan, S. McGovern (2)
11/08/14@ Yale301 4838 191-20-48P. Doherty, G. Hughes, T. Thompson, S. McGovern
11/14/14@ Colgate020 2111412 370-22-718E. Sweetman, S. McGovern
11/15/14@ Cornell112 4986 231-62-8107G. Hughes, N. Gluchowski, P. Doherty, W. Hudson
11/21/14 Princeton021 3111712 400-30-24G. Bayreuther, C. Horn, M. Purmal
11/22/14 Quinnipiac02002610111280-60-520P. Doherty, M. Purmal

Team Summary


Scoring First3-2-1
Opp. Scores First5-3-0
When Outshooting Opponent4-1-0
When Outshot by Opponent3-4-1
1-goal Games1-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-2-00-3-02-0-1
After 24-2-01-3-13-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play105318.9
Penalty Kill556387.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Lawrence151617048
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Lawrence1161191265366
Avg./GameSt. LawrenceOpp.St. LawrenceOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-5-1, 4-2-0 ECAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14@ RIT101 2221 51193 2312124 282-71-410
10/11/14@ Niagara154 10020 271112 309610 254-70-612
10/17/14 Ferris State101020111395100241913132470-30-510
10/18/14 Ferris State101 2000 0131014 3781015 330-40-612
10/24/14@ Miami320 5022 4844 16101913 421-42-716
10/25/14@ Miami10001010124061111415168530-40-522
10/31/14 Clarkson01102020028711329111564360-00-00
11/01/14@ Clarkson112 4000 0469 1912117 301-20-28
11/07/14@ Brown203 5020 27158 307109 260-31-28
11/08/14@ Yale301 4000 0838 1991211 321-20-48
11/14/14@ Colgate020 2212 5111412 37151010 350-22-718
11/15/14@ Cornell112 4101 2986 231076 231-62-8107
11/21/14 Princeton021 3000 0111712 406155 260-30-24
11/22/14 Quinnipiac020021011361011128103142290-60-520

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