St. Mary's Cardinals Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Martin GruseFSo171411251.47066122321
Jed McGlassonFSr1798171.0000241312
Bob MarxDSr17411150.882411221300
Kelvin WalzFFr1738110.6471240000
Chad CesarzFFr1682100.62506120200
Taylor PortnerFSo1746100.5882481100
Mike MezzanoDSo162790.562512240100
Nick AlbergoFSo162680.5000480000
Kellen WasellFFr152570.4667480000
Jay HeinleFFr160770.43757140000
Bob KinneFSo71450.7143240000
Joey Van AntwerpDJr162240.2500121200
Cole PierceDFr81230.3750240000
Kyle BlondinDFr141230.21438190100
Connor LangfieldDSo121230.250010200000
Mike WolterDSr90330.33336120000
Jared JohnsonFFr170330.17655100000
Michael CimbaFFr32020.6667121000
Jack StruszDFr140220.1429240000
Jude WarnerFFr81010.1250121000
Johnny MoralesFFr31010.3333240000
Michael AmelioDFr40110.2500120000
Christian GaffyGSr30000.0000000000
Nick AlevaFFr80000.0000240000
Phil HeinleGSo140000.0000000000
Jonathon ElliottFJr110000.0000120000
Dylan DockFJr80000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Phil HeinleSo14662.500338532.32241428.928
Christian GaffySr3210.667121804.0000069.852
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MIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Martin GruseFSo87291.1250241201
Jed McGlassonFSr84591.1250001100
Mike MezzanoDSo82570.87508160100
Kelvin WalzFFr82460.7500120000
Nick AlbergoFSo81450.6250360000
Jay HeinleFFr80550.6250120000
Chad CesarzFFr83140.50005100100
Cole PierceDFr41230.7500240000
Bob KinneFSo41230.7500240000
Bob MarxDSr80330.37505100000
Mike WolterDSr60330.50005100000
Kyle BlondinDFr70220.28575100000
Joey Van AntwerpDJr71010.1429001100
Connor LangfieldDSo61010.16675100000
Kellen WasellFFr70110.1429240000
Jared JohnsonFFr80110.1250120000
Taylor PortnerFSo80110.1250000000
Jack StruszDFr70110.1429000000
Christian GaffyGSr0000000000
Jude WarnerFFr30000.0000120000
Nick AlevaFFr30000.0000240000
Johnny MoralesFFr0000000000
Michael AmelioDFr10000.0000000000
Phil HeinleGSo80000.0000000000
Michael CimbaFFr0000000000
Jonathon ElliottFJr60000.0000120000
Dylan DockFJr30000.0000000000

MIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Phil HeinleSo8332.500184942.18711264.936
Christian GaffySr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and MIAC Comparison

Martin GruseFSo1714112512238729412
Jed McGlassonFSr1798174138459011
Bob MarxDSr1741115221380331000
Kelvin WalzFFr1738114008246200
Chad CesarzFFr168210120283141001
Taylor PortnerFSo1746108118011000
Mike MezzanoDSo16279240182571601
Nick AlbergoFSo162688008145600
Kellen WasellFFr152578007011400
Jay HeinleFFr1607714008055200
Bob KinneFSo71454004123400
Joey Van AntwerpDJr162242127101011
Cole PierceDFr81234004123400
Kyle BlondinDFr14123190170221000
Connor LangfieldDSo12123200061011000
Mike WolterDSr9033120060331000
Jared JohnsonFFr1703310008011200
Michael CimbaFFr32022100000000
Jack StruszDFr140224007011000
Jude WarnerFFr81012103000200
Johnny MoralesFFr31014000000000
Michael AmelioDFr40112001000000
Christian GaffyGSr30000000000000
Nick AlevaFFr80004003000400
Phil HeinleGSo140000008000000
Jonathon ElliottFJr110002006000200
Dylan DockFJr80002003000000

Overall and MIAC Goaltending Comparison

Phil HeinleSo14662.5002.32241.9288332.5002.18711.936
Christian GaffySr3210.6674.00000.8520000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-7-2, 3-3-2 MIAC)

10/31/14vs. Augsburg000 0389 200-30-26
11/02/14vs. Concordia (Minn.)103 410109 290-20-28C. Cesarz, M. Gruse, J. McGlasson (2)
11/08/14@ St. Thomas201038422161-51-722M. Gruse, J. McGlasson, M. Mezzano
11/09/14 St. Thomas101 2569 201-20-26C. Cesarz, M. Gruse
11/14/14@ Wisconsin-Superior212 5497 200-21-38K. Walz, C. Cesarz, J. Warner, T. Portner, B. Marx
11/15/14@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point101027660191-30-212M. Gruse, B. Marx
11/21/14@ St. John's00202128102320-30-414K. Walz, M. Mezzano
11/22/14@ St. John's011 21199 292-71-516J. McGlasson, M. Gruse
12/05/14@ Aurora111 310159 342-74-818K. Wasell, J. McGlasson, B. Marx
12/06/14@ Aurora353 11181210 404-60-313K. Wasell, J. McGlasson, J. Van Antwerp, M. Cimba (2), K. Blondin, M. Gruse (2), N. Albergo, C. Cesarz, J. Morales
01/04/15@ Milwaukee School of Engineering000 0872 170-70-512
01/09/15 St. Scholastica104 512714 332-50-414B. Marx, M. Gruse (3), J. McGlasson
01/10/15 Northland221 51595 291-30-312C. Cesarz (2), T. Portner (3)
01/16/15 Bethel212 5141011 350-22-26B. Kinne, K. Walz, J. McGlasson (2), C. Cesarz
01/17/15@ Bethel113 513713 331-41-510C. Cesarz, M. Gruse (4)
01/23/15 Gustavus Adolphus201 31099 281-20-36J. Van Antwerp, C. Pierce, C. Langfield
01/24/15@ Gustavus Adolphus1000111781270-20-28N. Albergo

Team Summary


Scoring First5-2-1
Opp. Scores First3-5-1
When Outshooting Opponent5-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent2-6-2
1-goal Games1-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-1-10-5-03-1-1
After 23-0-03-3-12-4-1

Special Teams

Power Play166524.6
Penalty Kill526283.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Mary's201226058
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Mary's1711431425461
Avg./GameSt. Mary'sOpp.St. Mary'sOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (8-7-2, 3-3-2 MIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14vs. Augsburg000 0200 2389 2011125 280-30-26
11/02/14vs. Concordia (Minn.)103 4110 210109 291086 240-20-28
11/08/14@ St. Thomas201030120384221661251241-51-722
11/09/14 St. Thomas101 2201 3569 20111115 371-20-26
11/14/14@ Wisconsin-Superior212 5020 2497 2017186 410-21-38
11/15/14@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point1010220013766019914121361-30-212
11/21/14@ St. John's0020200202128102321512197530-30-414
11/22/14@ St. John's011 2013 41199 2913614 332-71-516
12/05/14@ Aurora111 3222 610159 34111112 342-74-818
12/06/14@ Aurora353 11011 2181210 406136 254-60-313
01/04/15@ Milwaukee School of Engineering000 0121 4872 1741011 250-70-512
01/09/15 St. Scholastica104 5110 212714 331191 212-50-414
01/10/15 Northland221 5202 41595 29998 261-30-312
01/16/15 Bethel212 5101 2141011 358710 250-22-26
01/17/15@ Bethel113 5011 213713 33111111 331-41-510
01/23/15 Gustavus Adolphus201 3000 01099 2861412 321-20-36
01/24/15@ Gustavus Adolphus10001010121178127719136450-20-28

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