St. Mary's Cardinals Men's Hockey
2001-2002 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Jason FillippFSo221010200.90910100
B.J. GaustadFFr20108180.90001400
Lenny HofmannFSo21414180.85712200
Todd HanggeFJr2168140.66671100
Al SchumacherFSo2359140.60871200
Eric ThomFSo2358130.56521310
Ryan StinsonFSr1848120.66670000
Ryan HollandFSo2355100.43480100
Peter BeneckeDSr233690.39131100
Nick MeekerFSo235380.34780210
Bryan TrottierFSr200880.40000000
Mark GryniewskiDJr112460.54551000
Justin BriglDSo233250.21740000
Colin EmansFJr232350.21741000
Sam PhillipsDSo190440.21050000
Brian MurphyDFr61120.33330000
Mark ZollerFSo70220.28570000
Chris FlaugherFSo231010.04350000
Ryan SpencerFFr91010.11110000
Chris WickershamDFr140110.07140000
Dave RogalskiGFr80000.00000000
Jay JohnsonDSo10000.00000000
Russ SwansonDSo10000.00000000
Ryne EssGFr30000.00000000
Devin BloomFSo70000.00000000
Morgan Buetow-StaplesDFr220000.00000000
Eric RichardsonGSr140000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Eric RichardsonSr14671.464388242.76711302.888
Dave RogalskiFr8322.571254643.23100210.894
Ryne EssFr3110.50071173.5985040.851
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MIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Jason FillippFSo1587151.00000100
B.J. GaustadFFr1375120.92311300
Todd HanggeFJr1566120.80001100
Eric ThomFSo1647110.68751310
Lenny HofmannFSo1438110.78571200
Ryan StinsonFSr1428100.71430000
Al SchumacherFSo163690.56250000
Nick MeekerFSo164370.43750210
Ryan HollandFSo163360.37500000
Peter BeneckeDSr161560.37500100
Bryan TrottierFSr160660.37500000
Colin EmansFJr162350.31251000
Mark GryniewskiDJr82350.62501000
Justin BriglDSo162240.25000000
Sam PhillipsDSo150440.26670000
Brian MurphyDFr21121.00000000
Chris FlaugherFSo161010.06250000
Chris WickershamDFr90110.11110000
Mark ZollerFSo30000.00000000
Dave RogalskiGFr50000.00000000
Jay JohnsonDSo10000.00000000
Ryan SpencerFFr40000.00000000
Russ SwansonDSo00000000
Ryne EssGFr10000.00000000
Devin BloomFSo50000.00000000
Morgan Buetow-StaplesDFr150000.00000000
Eric RichardsonGSr110000.00000000

MIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Eric RichardsonSr11461.409316692.78071247.888
Dave RogalskiFr5301.875132792.79320126.906
Ryne EssFr1010.0002313.9024010.833
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Overall and MIAC Comparison

Jason FillippFSo221010200115871501
B.J. GaustadFFr20108181413751213
Lenny HofmannFSo21414182214381112
Todd HanggeFJr2168141115661211
Al SchumacherFSo235914121636900
Eric ThomFSo2358131316471113
Ryan StinsonFSr1848120014281000
Ryan HollandFSo235510011633600
Peter BeneckeDSr23369111615601
Nick MeekerFSo23538021643702
Bryan TrottierFSr20088001606600
Mark GryniewskiDJr1124610823510
Justin BriglDSo23325001622400
Colin EmansFJr23235101623510
Sam PhillipsDSo19044001504400
Brian MurphyDFr611200211200
Mark ZollerFSo702200300000
Chris FlaugherFSo23101001610100
Ryan SpencerFFr910100400000
Chris WickershamDFr1401100901100
Dave RogalskiGFr800000500000
Jay JohnsonDSo100000100000
Russ SwansonDSo100000000000
Ryne EssGFr300000100000
Devin BloomFSo700000500000
Morgan Buetow-StaplesDFr22000001500000
Eric RichardsonGSr14000001100000

Overall and MIAC Goaltending Comparison

Eric RichardsonSr14671.4642.76711.88811461.4092.78071.888
Dave RogalskiFr8322.5713.23100.8945301.8752.79320.906
Ryne EssFr3110.5003.59850.8511010.0003.90240.833

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-10-3, 7-7-2 MIAC)

11/02/01 Hamline122 5161615 472-91-1036L. Hofmann, M. Gryniewski, B. Gaustad (2), J. Fillipp
11/03/01@ Hamline212 519511 352-71-828P. Benecke, J. Fillipp (2), B. Gaustad, A. Schumacher
11/16/01 St. Scholastica111 31359 270-50-512J. Fillipp, P. Benecke, R. Stinson
11/17/01 Wisconsin-Superior001 1646 160-41-518E. Thom
11/20/01@ Northland222 6121813 432-80-412R. Spencer, R. Holland, B. Gaustad (2), J. Brigl, A. Schumacher
11/30/01 St. Olaf10102715127410-50-36N. Meeker, C. Emans
12/01/01@ St. Olaf130 4171011 381-42-514J. Brigl, B. Murphy, L. Hofmann, E. Thom
12/07/01@ Wisconsin-Stout20013131082330-30-38N. Meeker, J. Fillipp, L. Hofmann
12/08/01@ Wisconsin-River Falls000 07210 190-31-614
01/04/02 Wisconsin-Stevens Point011 261410 300-63-514P. Benecke, R. Holland
01/05/02 Wisconsin-Eau Claire01203139143392-50-48B. Gaustad, R. Stinson, A. Schumacher
01/11/02@ Bethel113 514816 380-40-614C. Emans, R. Stinson, E. Thom, J. Fillipp (2)
01/12/02 Bethel043 791616 412-40-212C. Damerow, J. Fillipp, L. Hofmann, C. Flaugher, R. Stinson, B. Gaustad, A. Schumacher
01/18/02 St. Thomas042 67158 301-50-530T. Hangge (3), N. Meeker, J. Fillipp, C. Damerow
01/19/02@ St. Thomas002 21297 280-73-514T. Hangge (2)
01/25/02 Augsburg002 2121017 391-30-514C. Damerow (2)
01/26/02@ Augsburg100 112129 331-60-38N. Meeker
02/01/02 St. John's011 28911 281-51-636A. Schumacher, N. Meeker
02/02/02 St. John's12014141272352-62-514E. Thom, R. Holland, B. Gaustad, C. Damerow
02/08/02@ Gustavus Adolphus001 19136 280-11-26M. Gryniewski
02/09/02 Gustavus Adolphus200021111104361-50-612B. Gaustad, J. Fillipp
02/15/02@ Concordia (Minn.)012 391315 371-21-210B. Gaustad, E. Thom, R. Holland
02/16/02@ Concordia (Minn.)30003156140350-20-210T. Hangge, J. Brigl, R. Holland

Team Summary


Scoring First8-2-3
Opp. Scores First2-8-0
When Outshooting Opponent9-5-3
When Outshot by Opponent1-4-0
1-goal Games3-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-2-02-6-13-2-2
After 28-0-01-10-01-0-3

Special Teams

Power Play1910917.4
Penalty Kill9010784.1

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Mary's182428272
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Mary's26124225518776
Avg./GameSt. Mary'sOpp.St. Mary'sOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-10-3, 7-7-2 MIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/02/01 Hamline122 5200 2161615 47946 192-91-1036
11/03/01@ Hamline212 5002 219511 35111414 392-71-828
11/16/01 St. Scholastica111 3010 11359 27365 140-50-512
11/17/01 Wisconsin-Superior001 1122 5646 16101012 320-41-518
11/20/01@ Northland222 6112 4121813 431146 212-80-412
11/30/01 St. Olaf10102200027151274111781270-50-36
12/01/01@ St. Olaf130 4111 3171011 3871214 331-42-514
12/07/01@ Wisconsin-Stout200130110213108233119120320-30-38
12/08/01@ Wisconsin-River Falls000 0121 47210 19111412 370-31-614
01/04/02 Wisconsin-Stevens Point011 2131 561410 3071013 300-63-514
01/05/02 Wisconsin-Eau Claire01203012031391433977112272-50-48
01/11/02@ Bethel113 5000 014816 381043 170-40-614
01/12/02 Bethel043 7020 291616 41764 172-40-212
01/18/02 St. Thomas042 6020 27158 309910 281-50-530
01/19/02@ St. Thomas002 2013 41297 2841115 300-73-514
01/25/02 Augsburg002 2112 4121017 39887 231-30-514
01/26/02@ Augsburg100 1022 412129 338135 261-60-38
02/01/02 St. John's011 2220 48911 28998 261-51-636
02/02/02 St. John's12014201031412723589130302-62-514
02/08/02@ Gustavus Adolphus001 1022 49136 286812 260-11-26
02/09/02 Gustavus Adolphus20002200021111104369192211-50-612
02/15/02@ Concordia (Minn.)012 3221 591315 3710126 281-21-210
02/16/02@ Concordia (Minn.)300030301415614035141574400-20-210

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