St. Michael's Purple Knights Men's Hockey
1999-2000 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Chad LauzeFFr55051.00000200
Chris KuthyFJr42020.50000020
Mike GriffinDJr31120.66670100
Colin KriwoxFFr51120.40000100
Jeremy CoccaroFSo50220.40000000
Andy WelgosFSo40220.50000000
Steve BellFFr40220.50000000
Josh RalphFSr50220.40000000
Jason HarringtonFJr51010.20000100
Nick BernoFFr41010.25000000
Martin HyunFFr50110.20000000
Steve McCormackDFr30110.33330000
Jim MurphyDSr30110.33330000
Jim WalshDSo50110.20000000
Matt PauliDFr50000.00000000
Caleb Lanfear10000.00000000
Daykin MariniDSo50000.00000000
John BurtonFFr20000.00000000
Tom MarianoFFr30000.00000000
Chris GrossFFr40000.00000000
Ryan AndersonGFr10000.00000000
Ryan McGrathGFr20000.00000000
Ken WalshDFr40000.00000000
Simon ThebergeGSo40000.00000000
Brad KentDFr40000.00000000
Keiran AlteriFSo10000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Simon ThebergeSo4040.000262087.48500133.836
Ryan McGrathFr2010.0009876.2105057.864
Ryan AndersonFr1000.000050.0000031.000
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ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Statistics

Martin HyunFFr00000000
Matt PauliDFr00000000
Caleb Lanfear00000000
Jason HarringtonFJr00000000
Steve McCormackDFr00000000
Jim MurphyDSr00000000
Mike GriffinDJr00000000
Daykin MariniDSo00000000
John BurtonFFr00000000
Jeremy CoccaroFSo00000000
Tom MarianoFFr00000000
Chris GrossFFr00000000
Nick BernoFFr00000000
Chad LauzeFFr00000000
Andy WelgosFSo00000000
Ryan AndersonGFr00000000
Steve BellFFr00000000
Chris KuthyFJr00000000
Jim WalshDSo00000000
Ryan McGrathGFr00000000
Colin KriwoxFFr00000000
Ken WalshDFr00000000
Simon ThebergeGSo00000000
Brad KentDFr00000000
Josh RalphFSr00000000
Keiran AlteriFSo00000000

ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Simon ThebergeSo0000.0000000.000
Ryan AndersonFr0000.0000000.000
Ryan McGrathFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC Northeast Comparison

Chad LauzeFFr550502000000
Chris KuthyFJr420200000000
Mike GriffinDJr311201000000
Colin KriwoxFFr511201000000
Jeremy CoccaroFSo502200000000
Andy WelgosFSo402200000000
Steve BellFFr402200000000
Josh RalphFSr502200000000
Jason HarringtonFJr510101000000
Nick BernoFFr410100000000
Martin HyunFFr501100000000
Steve McCormackDFr301100000000
Jim MurphyDSr301100000000
Jim WalshDSo501100000000
Matt PauliDFr500000000000
Caleb Lanfear100000000000
Daykin MariniDSo500000000000
John BurtonFFr200000000000
Tom MarianoFFr300000000000
Chris GrossFFr400000000000
Ryan AndersonGFr100000000000
Ryan McGrathGFr200000000000
Ken WalshDFr400000000000
Simon ThebergeGSo400000000000
Brad KentDFr400000000000
Keiran AlteriFSo100000000000

Overall and ECAC Northeast Goaltending Comparison

Simon ThebergeSo4040.0007.48500.8360000.0000.000
Ryan McGrathFr2010.0006.21050.8640000.0000.000
Ryan AndersonFr1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-14-0, 12-5-0 ECAC Northeast)

10/29/99vs. Cortland002 28188 348-16-018C. Kriwox, C. Kuthy
10/30/99@ Potsdam130 451411 308-19-322C. Lauze (3), C. Kuthy
11/06/99@ Curry  8-19-322
11/13/99 Salve Regina  8-19-322
11/20/99@ Stonehill  8-19-322
11/23/99@ Plymouth State  8-19-322
11/27/99 Nichols  8-19-322
12/01/99@ Tufts  8-19-322
12/04/99 Wentworth  8-19-322
12/08/99 Norwich  8-19-322
12/30/99@ Norwich001 1657 184-16-220J. Harrington
12/31/99vs. Trinity  4-16-220
01/07/00vs. Elmira003 34811 237-15-112M. Griffin, C. Lauze, N. Berno
01/08/00vs. Wentworth  7-15-112
01/16/00vs. Johnson and Wales  7-15-112
01/17/00 Massachusetts-Dartmouth  7-15-112
01/22/00 Suffolk  7-15-112
01/28/00@ Lebanon Valley  7-15-112
01/29/00@ Army West Point010 16114 219-18-128C. Lauze
02/05/00 Worcester State  9-18-128
02/08/00@ New Hampshire College  9-18-128
02/12/00@ Framingham State  9-18-128
02/19/00@ Assumption  9-18-128
02/21/00 Fitchburg State  9-18-128
02/24/00@ Western New England  9-18-128
03/02/00@ St. Anselm  9-18-128

Team Summary


Scoring First0-0-0
Opp. Scores First0-5-0
When Outshooting Opponent0-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent0-5-0
1-goal Games3-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 10-0-00-5-012-9-0
After 20-0-00-3-012-11-0

Special Teams

Power Play365720.0
Penalty Kill-277-385.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Michael's146011
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Michael's2956410126
Avg./GameSt. Michael'sOpp.St. Michael'sOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-14-0, 12-5-0 ECAC Northeast)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/29/99vs. Cortland002 2121 48188 34171012 398-16-018
10/30/99@ Potsdam130 4333 951411 30141715 468-19-322
11/06/99@ Curry    8-19-322
11/13/99 Salve Regina    8-19-322
11/20/99@ Stonehill    8-19-322
11/23/99@ Plymouth State    8-19-322
11/27/99 Nichols    8-19-322
12/01/99@ Tufts    8-19-322
12/04/99 Wentworth    8-19-322
12/08/99 Norwich    8-19-322
12/30/99@ Norwich001 1354 12657 18152019 544-16-220
12/31/99vs. Trinity    4-16-220
01/07/00vs. Elmira003 3221 54811 2322157 447-15-112
01/08/00vs. Wentworth    7-15-112
01/16/00vs. Johnson and Wales    7-15-112
01/17/00 Massachusetts-Dartmouth    7-15-112
01/22/00 Suffolk    7-15-112
01/28/00@ Lebanon Valley    7-15-112
01/29/00@ Army West Point010 1113 56114 21181215 459-18-128
02/05/00 Worcester State    9-18-128
02/08/00@ New Hampshire College    9-18-128
02/12/00@ Framingham State    9-18-128
02/19/00@ Assumption    9-18-128
02/21/00 Fitchburg State    9-18-128
02/24/00@ Western New England    9-18-128
03/02/00@ St. Anselm    9-18-128

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