St. Norbert Green Knights Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Noah NelsonFJr85381.0000361002
Erik CooperFSr84481.0000361110
Michael HillFSr84260.750010201100
Pijus RulevičiusFJr73250.71435101100
Brad PungFFr82350.6250480100
Tyler ZepedaFSr62350.8333000000
Storm WahlrabFFr81450.6250241000
Roman UchynFFr84040.5000361100
Riley ChristensenFFr43141.0000000000
Steven PhillipsFFr82240.5000240000
Blake ThompsonDJr81340.500013370100
Tanner FroeseFSo80440.5000000000
Chris RygusDSo82130.3750121000
Tyler AndrewsDFr60330.5000000000
Ross PavekFJr32020.6667000000
Connor BradshawFSr31120.6667120000
Alfred JohanssonDSo81120.2500000000
Sean CampbellDSo60220.3333360000
Jake LarsonFFr50220.4000120000
Clay Van DiestDFr80220.25003170000
Kyle LeeFSo40110.2500120000
Tony KujavaGJr70000.0000000000
Nick LeSageDFr30000.0000120000
Lane ValimontDFr10000.0000000000
T.J. BlackGFr20000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Tony KujavaJr76001.00073781.11111105.938
T.J. BlackFr2110.50051003.0000041.891
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NCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Erik CooperFSr63471.1667241010
Michael HillFSr64261.0000361100
Pijus RulevičiusFJr53140.8000361100
Noah NelsonFJr63140.6667120002
Steven PhillipsFFr62240.6667000000
Brad PungFFr62240.6667360100
Tyler ZepedaFSr52240.8000000000
Storm WahlrabFFr61340.6667241000
Riley ChristensenFFr32131.0000000000
Blake ThompsonDJr60330.50005210000
Tanner FroeseFSo60330.5000000000
Roman UchynFFr62020.3333360000
Chris RygusDSo62020.3333121000
Connor BradshawFSr21121.0000120000
Alfred JohanssonDSo61120.3333000000
Sean CampbellDSo40220.5000120000
Jake LarsonFFr40220.5000120000
Tyler AndrewsDFr40220.5000000000
Kyle LeeFSo40110.2500120000
Tony KujavaGJr50000.0000000000
Nick LeSageDFr30000.0000120000
Lane ValimontDFr10000.0000000000
Ross PavekFJr10000.0000000000
T.J. BlackGFr20000.0000000000
Clay Van DiestDFr60000.00003170000

NCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Tony KujavaJr54001.00052581.1628065.929
T.J. BlackFr2110.50051003.0000041.891
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Overall and NCHA Comparison

Noah NelsonFJr85386106314200
Erik CooperFSr84486116347410
Michael HillFSr842620116426611
Pijus RulevičiusFJr732510115314611
Brad PungFFr82358016224601
Tyler ZepedaFSr62350005224000
Storm WahlrabFFr81454106134410
Roman UchynFFr84046116202600
Riley ChristensenFFr43140003213000
Steven PhillipsFFr82244006224000
Blake ThompsonDJr8134370160332100
Tanner FroeseFSo80440006033000
Chris RygusDSo82132106202210
Tyler AndrewsDFr60330004022000
Ross PavekFJr32020001000000
Connor BradshawFSr31122002112200
Alfred JohanssonDSo81120006112000
Sean CampbellDSo60226004022200
Jake LarsonFFr50222004022200
Clay Van DiestDFr8022170060001700
Kyle LeeFSo40112004011200
Tony KujavaGJr70000005000000
Nick LeSageDFr30002003000200
Lane ValimontDFr10000001000000
T.J. BlackGFr20000002000000

Overall and NCHA Goaltending Comparison

Tony KujavaJr76001.0001.11111.93854001.0001.16280.929
T.J. BlackFr2110.5003.00000.8912110.5003.00000.891

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-1-0, 5-1-0 NCHA)

10/30/15@ Marian202 411813 320-20-38M. Hill, C. Rygus, S. Phillips, N. Nelson
10/31/15 Marian101 29511 250-22-421E. Cooper, N. Nelson
11/06/15 Lake Forest012 3121412 380-40-28T. Zepeda, P. Rulevičius, R. Uchyn
11/07/15@ Lake Forest431 816157 382-40-26A. Johansson, M. Hill, E. Cooper, P. Rulevičius, T. Zepeda, C. Bradshaw, B. Pung, R. Christensen
11/13/15@ Aurora004 4161820 540-80-410S. Phillips, S. Wahlrab, E. Cooper, N. Nelson
11/14/15@ Aurora322 7111310 341-20-831B. Pung, M. Hill (2), P. Rulevičius, C. Rygus, R. Christensen, R. Uchyn
11/20/15@ Wisconsin-Superior202 4171415 462-50-26N. Nelson, R. Pavek, E. Cooper, R. Uchyn
11/21/15@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point221 51988 351-61-722R. Pavek, R. Christensen, R. Uchyn, B. Thompson, N. Nelson

Team Summary


Scoring First5-0-0
Opp. Scores First2-1-0
When Outshooting Opponent7-1-0
When Outshot by Opponent0-0-0
1-goal Games0-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-0-01-0-01-1-0
After 24-0-01-1-02-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play63318.2
Penalty Kill293290.6

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Norbert14815037
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Norbert11195960302
Avg./GameSt. NorbertOpp.St. NorbertOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-1-0, 5-1-0 NCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/30/15@ Marian202 4001 111813 32735 150-20-38
10/31/15 Marian101 2130 49511 256106 220-22-421
11/06/15 Lake Forest012 3100 1121412 38437 140-40-28
11/07/15@ Lake Forest431 8020 216157 38675 182-40-26
11/13/15@ Aurora004 4010 1161820 54548 170-80-410
11/14/15@ Aurora322 7100 1111310 3411127 301-20-831
11/20/15@ Wisconsin-Superior202 4000 0171415 463910 222-50-26
11/21/15@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point221 5002 21988 35758 201-61-722

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