St. Norbert Green Knights Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Mason BaptistaFSr11412161.45459180100
Cullen BradshawFSr11510151.3636002101
Michael HillFJr11104141.2727361300
Marian FialaDSr11211131.18187140000
Erik CooperFJr1193121.0909363410
Noah NelsonFSo114590.8182240000
Sam HigginsDSr110990.81828160000
Ross PavekFSo105380.80008162201
Blake ThompsonDSo104480.80005211300
Kyle LeeFFr102680.8000360000
Tanner FroeseFFr94370.7778120100
Chris RialFSr103470.70005101001
Tyler ZepedaFJr103360.6000120010
Mitch AmattoFFr103250.5000000100
Pijus Rulevi&269;iusFSo92240.4444120100
Sean CampbellDFr102240.40006120100
Sam DoughertyFSr30441.3333240000
George MalliarasDSr101230.3000120000
Nils LidbergDFr40220.5000120000
Tony KujavaGSo30110.3333000000
Brett BowerFSr10111.0000000000
Chris RygusDFr100110.1000240000
Connor BradshawFJr10111.0000000000
David JacobsonGSr80000.0000000000
Hunter BrownDSr10000.0000000000
T.J. WeesDSr20000.0000360000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

David JacobsonSr88001.00084801.00012140.946
Tony KujavaSo3201.83321850.6486244.957
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NCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Marian FialaDSr819101.2500480000
Michael HillFJr88191.1250361200
Erik CooperFJr86391.1250122200
Blake ThompsonDSo84481.0000121300
Noah NelsonFSo83581.0000120000
Cullen BradshawFSr82681.0000000001
Kyle LeeFFr82681.0000240000
Mason BaptistaFSr81781.00007140000
Ross PavekFSo85270.87506122201
Chris RialFSr83360.7500481001
Mitch AmattoFFr83250.6250000100
Tanner FroeseFFr62350.8333120000
Sam HigginsDSr80550.62505100000
Tyler ZepedaFJr73140.5714000010
Pijus Rulevi&269;iusFSo61120.3333000000
Sean CampbellDFr81120.25006120000
Sam DoughertyFSr20221.0000000000
George MalliarasDSr70110.1429000000
Nils LidbergDFr30110.3333000000
David JacobsonGSr60000.0000000000
Tony KujavaGSo20000.0000000000
Brett BowerFSr0000000000
Chris RygusDFr70000.0000120000
Hunter BrownDSr0000000000
Connor BradshawFJr0000000000
T.J. WeesDSr10000.0000360000

NCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

David JacobsonSr66001.00063601.00011110.948
Tony KujavaSo2101.75021250.9600132.941
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Overall and NCHA Comparison

Mason BaptistaFSr1141216180181781400
Cullen BradshawFSr11510150218268000
Michael HillFJr11104146138819612
Marian FialaDSr1121113140081910800
Erik CooperFJr1193126348639222
Noah NelsonFSo114594008358200
Sam HigginsDSr11099160080551000
Ross PavekFSo10538162285271222
Blake ThompsonDSo1044821138448213
Kyle LeeFFr102686008268400
Tanner FroeseFFr94372016235200
Chris RialFSr1034710108336810
Tyler ZepedaFJr103362007314000
Mitch AmattoFFr103250018325001
Pijus Rulevi&269;iusFSo92242016112000
Sean CampbellDFr10224120181121200
Sam DoughertyFSr30444002022000
George MalliarasDSr101232007011000
Nils LidbergDFr40222003011000
Tony KujavaGSo30110002000000
Brett BowerFSr10110000000000
Chris RygusDFr100114007000200
Connor BradshawFJr10110000000000
David JacobsonGSr80000006000000
Hunter BrownDSr10000000000000
T.J. WeesDSr20006001000600

Overall and NCHA Goaltending Comparison

David JacobsonSr88001.0001.00012.94666001.0001.00011.948
Tony KujavaSo3201.8330.64862.9572101.7500.96001.941

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-0-1, 7-0-1 NCHA)

10/31/14 Marian320 512128 322-51-510E. Cooper, T. Zepeda, R. Pavek (2), B. Thompson
11/01/14@ Marian013 471717 411-40-410N. Nelson, B. Thompson, C. Rial, C. Bradshaw
11/07/14 Finlandia133 7111712 401-30-12T. Froese, C. Rial (2), K. Lee, P. Rulevi&269;ius, R. Pavek, M. Amatto
11/08/14 Finlandia561 12181513 461-40-36M. Hill (2), E. Cooper, T. Zepeda, M. Baptista, S. Campbell, C. Bradshaw, B. Thompson, M. Amatto, N. Nelson (2), T. Froese
11/14/14@ Lake Forest111 320137 400-40-28M. Hill, E. Cooper, R. Pavek
11/15/14 Lake Forest110021119113441-81-616M. Hill, K. Lee
11/18/14 Wisconsin-Eau Claire201 311910 301-60-48E. Cooper, T. Froese, C. Bradshaw
11/28/14 Buffalo State232 716148 383-50-425C. Bradshaw (2), M. Hill, N. Nelson, M. Baptista (2), S. Campbell
11/29/14 Buffalo State152 8131913 454-60-510E. Cooper (2), T. Froese, G. Malliaras, M. Baptista, M. Hill, M. Fiala, P. Rulevi&269;ius
12/05/14 Lawrence012 3161823 571-60-48T. Zepeda, E. Cooper, M. Hill
12/06/14@ Lawrence432 9152017 523-80-512R. Pavek, E. Cooper (2), B. Thompson, M. Fiala, M. Hill (3), M. Amatto

Team Summary


Scoring First6-0-0
Opp. Scores First4-0-1
When Outshooting Opponent10-0-1
When Outshot by Opponent0-0-0
1-goal Games1-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-0-01-0-03-0-1
After 29-0-10-0-01-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play185930.5
Penalty Kill414395.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Norbert202617063
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Norbert1501731393465
Avg./GameSt. NorbertOpp.St. NorbertOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-0-1, 7-0-1 NCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14 Marian320 5101 212128 321044 182-51-510
11/01/14@ Marian013 4100 171717 41566 171-40-410
11/07/14 Finlandia133 7100 1111712 40673 161-30-12
11/08/14 Finlandia561 12000 0181513 46332 81-40-36
11/14/14@ Lake Forest111 3100 120137 40101111 320-40-28
11/15/14 Lake Forest11002101021119113448783261-81-616
11/18/14 Wisconsin-Eau Claire201 3101 211910 30564 151-60-48
11/28/14 Buffalo State232 7000 016148 38336 123-50-425
11/29/14 Buffalo State152 8000 0131913 453410 174-60-510
12/05/14 Lawrence012 3001 1161823 57728 171-60-48
12/06/14@ Lawrence432 9000 0152017 52565 163-80-512

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