St. Olaf Oles Men's Hockey
2004-2005 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Ted BickelWJr271610260.96303700
Keith TownsendFSr27719260.96302320
Mike MacMillanFFr27817250.92592500
John EggeWSo25612180.72000000
Patrick GillesFSr27611170.62961111
Jeff BudishFFr2587150.60002011
Joel IhrieFJr2687150.57690310
Josh BiserFJr2078150.75001600
John PaulsonDFr2677140.53850600
Will WetterlinDJr26311140.53851300
Mitch MudraDSo2548120.48001200
Kyle HilmershausenWSo1956110.57890120
Justin GreenFFr264480.30770000
Andrew GastineauDSo253470.28001100
Andy OckulyFFr213250.23810000
Brett KistnerFFr220440.18180000
Mike CassanoFSr111230.27270000
Kevin EidsmoDFr40330.75000000
David ShortDSr261120.07690000
Andy HeyneDSr240220.08330000
Billy MartinRWSo121010.08330000
Matt MudraDSo100110.10000000
Kyle McDermottDSo20000.00000000
Jeff WildeGSo60000.00000000
Mark SkebaGSr10000.00000000
Jeff NordaasFFr10000.00000000
Dan KehlerGJr200000.00000000
Bryan SederbergFFr10000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Dan KehlerJr201145.6755012412.41791500.909
Jeff WildeSo6231.417193653.12331180.905
Mark SkebaSr11001.0001601.0000024.960
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MIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Mike MacMillanFFr16613191.18751400
Ted BickelWJr1696150.93752200
Keith TownsendFSr1659140.87501220
John EggeWSo1539120.80000000
Jeff BudishFFr1647110.68752011
John PaulsonDFr166280.50000500
Patrick GillesFSr165380.50001011
Justin GreenFFr164370.43750000
Joel IhrieFJr154370.46670100
Will WetterlinDJr160770.43750000
Andrew GastineauDSo163250.31251100
Andy OckulyFFr153140.26670000
Mitch MudraDSo142240.28570100
Josh BiserFJr90440.44440000
Kyle HilmershausenWSo112130.27270020
Brett KistnerFFr140220.14290000
Billy MartinRWSo81010.12500000
Mike CassanoFSr51010.20000000
Kevin EidsmoDFr20110.50000000
Andy HeyneDSr160110.06250000
Matt MudraDSo40000.00000000
Kyle McDermottDSo00000000
Jeff WildeGSo20000.00000000
Mark SkebaGSr00000000
Jeff NordaasFFr00000000
Dan KehlerGJr140000.00000000
Bryan SederbergFFr00000000
David ShortDSr160000.00000000

MIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Dan KehlerJr14824.714328692.20851336.913
Jeff WildeSo2020.000131206.5000056.812
Mark SkebaSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and MIAC Comparison

Ted BickelWJr271610263716961522
Keith TownsendFSr27719262316591412
Mike MacMillanFFr278172525166131914
John EggeWSo25612180015391200
Patrick GillesFSr2761117111653810
Jeff BudishFFr2587152016471120
Joel IhrieFJr268715031543701
Josh BiserFJr20781516904400
John PaulsonDFr267714061662805
Will WetterlinDJr2631114131607700
Mitch MudraDSo254812121422401
Kyle HilmershausenWSo195611011121300
Justin GreenFFr26448001643700
Andrew GastineauDSo25347111632511
Andy OckulyFFr21325001531400
Brett KistnerFFr22044001402200
Mike CassanoFSr1112300510100
Kevin EidsmoDFr403300201100
David ShortDSr26112001600000
Andy HeyneDSr24022001601100
Billy MartinRWSo1210100810100
Matt MudraDSo1001100400000
Kyle McDermottDSo200000000000
Jeff WildeGSo600000200000
Mark SkebaGSr100000000000
Jeff NordaasFFr100000000000
Dan KehlerGJr20000001400000
Bryan SederbergFFr100000000000

Overall and MIAC Goaltending Comparison

Dan KehlerJr201145.6752.41791.90914824.7142.20851.913
Jeff WildeSo6231.4173.12331.9052020.0006.50000.812
Mark SkebaSr11001.0001.00000.9600000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-7-6, 8-4-4 MIAC)

11/05/04 Wisconsin-Superior0120388112292-120-716K. Hilmershausen, T. Bickel (2)
11/06/04 St. Scholastica132 6111314 382-70-918M. Mudra, K. Hilmershausen, J. Egge, T. Bickel, J. Budish, J. Biser
11/12/04 Wisconsin-Stevens Point311 5121210 343-82-616J. Budish (2), P. Gilles, J. Biser (2)
11/13/04 Wisconsin-Eau Claire011 2599 232-82-822W. Wetterlin, J. Ihrie
11/19/04@ St. Norbert012 3699 243-103-512J. Ihrie, J. Biser (2)
11/20/04@ Lake Forest0100161380270-101-48J. Ihrie
12/10/04@ Bethel3111689142332-72-716J. Ihrie, J. Paulson (2), J. Green, M. MacMillan (2)
12/11/04 Bethel002021610122400-50-24A. Gastineau, J. Ihrie
01/04/05@ Wisconsin-River Falls212 516113 301-21-26K. Townsend, D. Short, W. Wetterlin, T. Bickel, J. Budish
01/07/05@ Lawrence122 5111419 444-83-818W. Wetterlin, J. Egge, T. Bickel, J. Biser (2)
01/08/05@ Lawrence132 6111622 493-100-612T. Bickel (2), K. Townsend, J. Egge, K. Hilmershausen, M. MacMillan
01/14/05 St. Thomas111 31186 252-133-920J. Paulson, M. MacMillan, M. Cassano
01/15/05@ St. Thomas100 11099 280-142-720T. Bickel
01/21/05 Augsburg010011115111380-60-14J. Green
01/22/05@ Augsburg20103184121350-62-512M. MacMillan, T. Bickel, J. Egge
01/29/05 St. John's0110299102300-50-28K. Townsend, J. Egge
01/30/05@ St. John's001 11588 310-51-36A. Gastineau
02/04/05 Gustavus Adolphus331 710104 243-91-614K. Hilmershausen, K. Townsend (2), M. MacMillan, J. Paulson, T. Bickel, J. Budish
02/05/05@ Gustavus Adolphus133 76911 262-81-726J. Green, T. Bickel (2), J. Egge, P. Gilles, B. Martin, A. Ockuly
02/11/05@ Concordia (Minn.)212 5998 260-81-920T. Bickel (2), K. Hilmershausen, J. Budish, A. Ockuly
02/12/05@ Concordia (Minn.)131 52486 382-50-38J. Ihrie (2), K. Townsend, J. Budish, P. Gilles
02/18/05 Hamline321 6201411 451-30-48P. Gilles, T. Bickel (2), M. Mudra (2), A. Ockuly
02/19/05@ Hamline20103410162321-30-48P. Gilles, K. Townsend, M. MacMillan
02/25/05 St. Mary's111 310147 312-50-410J. Paulson, P. Gilles, A. Gastineau
02/26/05@ St. Mary's10113118154381-51-716J. Green, J. Paulson, J. Budish
03/01/05 Gustavus Adolphus012 3131511 392-40-14J. Paulson, J. Ihrie, M. MacMillan
03/03/05@ St. John's100014892230-41-512M. Mudra

Team Summary


Scoring First11-3-3
Opp. Scores First3-4-3
When Outshooting Opponent9-1-4
When Outshot by Opponent5-6-2
1-goal Games4-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 18-2-21-5-25-0-2
After 29-1-40-5-25-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play3819020.0
Penalty Kill11414180.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Olaf303234298
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Olaf29528228518880
Avg./GameSt. OlafOpp.St. OlafOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-7-6, 8-4-4 MIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/05/04 Wisconsin-Superior012032010388112291213112382-120-716
11/06/04 St. Scholastica132 6000 0111314 38121314 392-70-918
11/12/04 Wisconsin-Stevens Point311 5111 3121210 348811 273-82-616
11/13/04 Wisconsin-Eau Claire011 2102 3599 236109 252-82-822
11/19/04@ St. Norbert012 3221 5699 2416152 333-103-512
11/20/04@ Lake Forest01001001016138027614104340-101-48
12/10/04@ Bethel31116212058914233101960352-72-716
12/11/04 Bethel00202101131610122404792220-50-24
01/04/05@ Wisconsin-River Falls212 5110 216113 3051413 321-21-26
01/07/05@ Lawrence122 5111 3111419 4411811 304-83-818
01/08/05@ Lawrence132 6100 1111622 4910510 253-100-612
01/14/05 St. Thomas111 3043 71186 257188 332-133-920
01/15/05@ St. Thomas100 1211 41099 2881110 290-142-720
01/21/05 Augsburg010010010111151113859102260-60-14
01/22/05@ Augsburg20103021031841213591433290-62-512
01/29/05 St. John's01102101029910230612101290-50-28
01/30/05@ St. John's001 1123 61588 31101214 360-51-36
02/04/05 Gustavus Adolphus331 7100 110104 245511 213-91-614
02/05/05@ Gustavus Adolphus133 7101 26911 26111111 332-81-726
02/11/05@ Concordia (Minn.)212 5010 1998 26151212 390-81-920
02/12/05@ Concordia (Minn.)131 5111 32486 386511 222-50-38
02/18/05 Hamline321 6000 0201411 45558 181-30-48
02/19/05@ Hamline2010311103410162328731191-30-48
02/25/05 St. Mary's111 3101 210147 31477 182-50-410
02/26/05@ St. Mary's10113002021181543867123281-51-716
03/01/05 Gustavus Adolphus012 3200 2131511 3911612 292-40-14
03/03/05@ St. John's1000101012489223112111250-41-512

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