St. Scholastica Saints Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Dylan NowakowskiFJr17815231.35297142301
Luke SimpsonFFr19910191.0000362000
Derek SutliffeFSo19106160.8421361410
Dave WilliamsFSr18411150.8333240200
Keegan BruceFJr1948120.63168161100
Justin KrabbenDJr1728100.58829290200
Michael SpringFJr193690.47376120010
Derek HillsDSr193690.47377251300
Matt MalenstynDSr153580.53337140100
Steven PheeFSo194370.36849180000
Brandon MillinFSo142460.42864190100
Joel PaiementFJr194150.2632241000
Ryan CooperDFr151450.3333240000
Sam WilliamsFFr192240.21056121100
Kale DerksonFFr191230.1579241010
Rich CoyneDJr180330.1667360000
Hunter BergersonFJr111120.1818480000
Josh HansenFSo181010.0556120010
Brandon ParroneDSo170110.0588480000
Tyler BruggemanGJr130000.0000120000
Andrew ClarkDFr100000.0000480000
Connor LucasGSr10000.0000000000
Corey KoopGSo60000.0000000000
Kyle BeaulieuDSo10000.0000240000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Tyler BruggemanJr13742.615267692.02891321.925
Corey KoopSo6330.500163582.68440172.915
Connor LucasSr1000.0001203.000006.857
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NCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Derek SutliffeFSo1285131.0833360310
Dylan NowakowskiFJr1258131.08335102201
Luke SimpsonFFr1246100.8333121000
Dave WilliamsFSr111890.8182240100
Michael SpringFJr123470.58335100010
Keegan BruceFJr123470.58336121100
Derek HillsDSr123360.50006231300
Justin KrabbenDJr122460.50005210200
Matt MalenstynDSr91450.55566120000
Joel PaiementFJr123140.3333241000
Kale DerksonFFr121230.2500241010
Ryan CooperDFr91230.3333120000
Rich CoyneDJr120330.2500120000
Sam WilliamsFFr121120.16675100000
Steven PheeFSo121120.16675100000
Brandon MillinFSo81010.12503170100
Brandon ParroneDSo110110.0909480000
Tyler BruggemanGJr90000.0000000000
Andrew ClarkDFr50000.0000240000
Connor LucasGSr0000000000
Corey KoopGSo30000.0000000000
Josh HansenFSo120000.0000120000
Kyle BeaulieuDSo10000.0000120000
Hunter BergersonFJr60000.0000360000

NCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Tyler BruggemanJr9531.611195422.10290229.923
Corey KoopSo3210.66771792.3521089.927
Connor LucasSr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and NCHA Comparison

Dylan NowakowskiFJr178152314231258131022
Luke SimpsonFFr1991019620124610210
Derek SutliffeFSo1910616614128513603
Dave WilliamsFSr184111540211189401
Keegan BruceFJr1948121611123471211
Justin KrabbenDJr1728102902122462102
Michael SpringFJr193691200123471000
Derek HillsDSr193692513123362313
Matt MalenstynDSr15358140191451200
Steven PheeFSo194371800121121000
Brandon MillinFSo14246190181011701
Joel PaiementFJr1941541012314410
Ryan CooperDFr151454009123200
Sam WilliamsFFr192241211121121000
Kale DerksonFFr1912341012123410
Rich CoyneDJr1803360012033200
Hunter BergersonFJr111128006000600
Josh HansenFSo1810120012000200
Brandon ParroneDSo1701180011011800
Tyler BruggemanGJr130002009000000
Andrew ClarkDFr100008005000400
Connor LucasGSr10000000000000
Corey KoopGSo60000003000000
Kyle BeaulieuDSo10004001000200

Overall and NCHA Goaltending Comparison

Tyler BruggemanJr13742.6152.02891.9259531.6112.10290.923
Corey KoopSo6330.5002.68440.9153210.6672.35210.927
Connor LucasSr1000.0003.00000.8570000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-7-2, 7-4-1 NCHA)

10/31/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering022 451912 361-41-512D. Sutliffe (2), K. Bruce, J. Paiement
11/01/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering142 710199 381-30-38M. Malenstyn, L. Simpson, J. Paiement, M. Spring, D. Sutliffe (3)
11/07/14 Concordia (Wis.)112 41686 300-42-48S. Williams, D. Sutliffe, K. Bruce, K. Derkson
11/08/14 Concordia (Wis.)112 410512 272-42-512K. Bruce, S. Phee, D. Nowakowski (2)
11/15/14@ Finlandia021 315169 402-91-38R. Cooper, J. Krabben, D. Williams
11/16/14@ Finlandia111 3111111 332-50-36J. Krabben, B. Millin, L. Simpson
11/25/14 St. John's110 2776 201-40-412L. Simpson, S. Williams
12/05/14@ Lake Forest000 011178 360-40-12
12/06/14@ Lake Forest010 19137 290-32-831M. Spring
12/07/14@ Aurora330 6161610 421-60-38D. Williams, L. Simpson (2), D. Nowakowski (3)
12/13/14@ St. Thomas002 210710 272-52-510M. Malenstyn, D. Williams
01/02/15vs. Nazareth201031210120340-42-714K. Bruce, S. Phee (2)
01/03/15vs. Tufts135 95199 331-11-510D. Williams, M. Malenstyn, S. Phee, B. Millin, L. Simpson (2), D. Sutliffe (2), J. Hansen
01/09/15@ St. Mary's110 21191 210-42-515J. Paiement, H. Bergerson
01/10/15@ Gustavus Adolphus00000138162390-50-14
01/16/15 Adrian011025392191-21-826D. Hills, D. Sutliffe
01/17/15 Adrian000 012411 270-30-323
01/23/15 Lawrence141 6132012 452-51-427D. Nowakowski (2), L. Simpson (2), D. Hills, D. Sutliffe
01/24/15 Lawrence121 4151714 462-60-512D. Nowakowski, M. Spring, D. Hills, J. Paiement

Team Summary


Scoring First6-3-1
Opp. Scores First4-4-1
When Outshooting Opponent8-3-1
When Outshot by Opponent2-4-1
1-goal Games4-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-1-02-2-13-4-1
After 28-2-01-4-01-1-2

Special Teams

Power Play188122.2
Penalty Kill658279.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Scholastica142721062
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Scholastica2062281844622
Avg./GameSt. ScholasticaOpp.St. ScholasticaOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-7-2, 7-4-1 NCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering022 4010 151912 36161014 401-41-512
11/01/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering142 7210 310199 3881011 291-30-38
11/07/14 Concordia (Wis.)112 4021 31686 3041212 280-42-48
11/08/14 Concordia (Wis.)112 4012 310512 2710319 322-42-512
11/15/14@ Finlandia021 3211 415169 408103 212-91-38
11/16/14@ Finlandia111 3101 2111111 339118 282-50-36
11/25/14 St. John's110 2001 1776 20646 161-40-412
12/05/14@ Lake Forest000 0010 111178 369912 300-40-12
12/06/14@ Lake Forest010 1012 39137 29121312 370-32-831
12/07/14@ Aurora330 6111 3161610 42677 201-60-38
12/13/14@ St. Thomas002 2112 410710 27111216 392-52-510
01/02/15vs. Nazareth201030121412101203491692360-42-714
01/03/15vs. Tufts135 9002 25199 333118 221-11-510
01/09/15@ St. Mary's110 2104 51191 2112714 330-42-515
01/10/15@ Gustavus Adolphus000000000013816239515113340-50-14
01/16/15 Adrian011021100253921982166411-21-826
01/17/15 Adrian000 0012 312411 273106 190-30-323
01/23/15 Lawrence141 6100 1132012 45555 152-51-427
01/24/15 Lawrence121 4200 2151714 469710 262-60-512

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