St. Thomas Tommies Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Connor McBrideFSr20115160.80005183401
Michael DockryFJr2178150.7143362201
Willie FaustFSr2066120.600016462210
Jordan LovickFSr2148120.5714361200
Thomas WilliamsFJr1156111.0000480201
Joakim BrobergFJr2047110.5500240300
Cullen WilloxFFr1947110.57893170000
Nick NielsenFSr2138110.5238240100
Johnny RoisumDJr1928100.52634112100
Bobby MurphyFSr212680.381011250000
Steve SorensenDSr211780.38106120000
Chris BensonFJr215270.3333240000
Ben VikichFFr205270.35006121000
D.J. JonesDJr210660.2857120000
John KirtlandDSr210440.19059180000
Jimmy KortumFJr162130.1875360000
Brian Le BlancFSo211230.1429360000
Ben JentschDFr170330.1765480000
Michael PieperDSr190220.10536120000
Benjamin MyersGFr10000.0000000000
Joe MorrisGSr200000.0000000000
Charlie DonlinDJr50000.0000360000
Schwartz WillDFr10000.0000000000
Mackenzie WatsonDFr20000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Joe MorrisSr201154.6504412162.17171532.924
Benjamin MyersFr1010.0004584.1072017.810
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MIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Connor McBrideFSr12104141.1667123301
Cullen WilloxFFr1146100.90912150000
Willie FaustFSr1246100.83337141010
Johnny RoisumDJr1228100.83334112100
Michael DockryFJr125380.6667361201
Nick NielsenFSr122680.6667240000
Ben VikichFFr114260.5455480000
Thomas WilliamsFJr62350.8333120100
Joakim BrobergFJr111450.4545000000
Bobby MurphyFSr121450.41678190000
Chris BensonFJr122240.3333000000
Jordan LovickFSr122240.3333241100
Steve SorensenDSr121340.3333360000
D.J. JonesDJr120440.3333120000
John KirtlandDSr120330.2500360000
Brian Le BlancFSo121120.1667240000
Jimmy KortumFJr91120.2222120000
Ben JentschDFr80220.2500240000
Michael PieperDSr100220.2000480000
Benjamin MyersGFr0000000000
Joe MorrisGSr120000.0000000000
Charlie DonlinDJr40000.0000360000
Schwartz WillDFr10000.0000000000
Mackenzie WatsonDFr10000.0000000000

MIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Joe MorrisSr12822.750287272.31070310.917
Benjamin MyersFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and MIAC Comparison

Connor McBrideFSr201151618341210414233
Michael DockryFJr21781562212538612
Willie FaustFSr20661246221246101410
Jordan LovickFSr21481261212224411
Thomas WilliamsFJr1156118026235201
Joakim BrobergFJr20471140311145000
Cullen WilloxFFr19471117001146101500
Nick NielsenFSr21381140112268400
Johnny RoisumDJr19281011211228101121
Bobby MurphyFSr212682500121451900
Steve SorensenDSr21178120012134600
Chris BensonFJr2152740012224000
Ben VikichFFr20527121011426800
D.J. JonesDJr2106620012044200
John KirtlandDSr21044180012033600
Jimmy KortumFJr162136009112200
Brian Le BlancFSo2112360012112400
Ben JentschDFr170338008022400
Michael PieperDSr19022120010022800
Benjamin MyersGFr10000000000000
Joe MorrisGSr2000000012000000
Charlie DonlinDJr50006004000600
Schwartz WillDFr10000001000000
Mackenzie WatsonDFr20002001000000

Overall and MIAC Goaltending Comparison

Joe MorrisSr201154.6502.17171.92412822.7502.31070.917
Benjamin MyersFr1010.0004.10720.8100000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-6-4, 8-2-2 MIAC)

10/30/15vs. Augsburg112 411137 312-30-26J. Broberg, M. Dockry, T. Williams (2)
10/31/15vs. St. John's21104181074392-51-48C. Benson, T. Williams, J. Lovick, J. Broberg
11/06/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls101029531180-20-410J. Kortum, C. Benson
11/07/15@ Wisconsin-Superior0100141375290-70-413C. Benson
11/13/15 Gustavus Adolphus102 391517 411-20-24B. Vikich, J. Lovick (2)
11/14/15@ Gustavus Adolphus020 28148 300-10-310C. McBride, J. Roisum
11/20/15 Bethel212 5111613 402-52-613C. Willox, M. Dockry (2), J. Kortum, C. McBride
11/21/15@ Bethel001 17118 260-20-36W. Faust
11/27/15vs. Oswego111 391311 331-31-26W. Faust, J. Lovick, B. Vikich
11/28/15@ Utica000 071011 280-31-616
12/04/15 Hamline031 491614 390-21-512S. Sorensen, C. McBride (2), W. Faust
12/05/15@ Hamline023 581111 301-20-310C. Benson, C. McBride, B. Vikich, J. Roisum, M. Dockry
12/12/15 St. Norbert010 1798 240-31-529M. Dockry
01/08/16@ St. Mary's012 3111522 480-20-09B. Vikich, N. Nielsen, C. Willox
01/09/16 St. Mary's312 614167 373-40-614J. Broberg, C. McBride (3), B. Le Blanc, C. Willox
01/15/16 Wisconsin-Stout021 3131610 392-61-316B. Murphy, C. McBride, N. Nielsen
01/16/16 Wisconsin-Eau Claire110 2161410 402-40-26W. Faust, J. Broberg
01/29/16@ St. John's11002161161340-10-323M. Dockry, B. Murphy
01/30/16 St. John's002021016160420-40-310W. Faust, B. Vikich
02/05/16@ Concordia (Minn.)005 561013 290-31-410C. Willox, N. Nielsen, T. Williams, C. McBride, C. Benson
02/06/16@ Concordia (Minn.)211 417134 341-20-24M. Dockry, T. Williams, C. McBride, W. Faust

Team Summary


Scoring First6-2-1
Opp. Scores First5-4-3
When Outshooting Opponent9-4-3
When Outshot by Opponent1-2-1
1-goal Games4-4
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-1-03-5-22-0-2
After 26-1-32-3-13-2-0

Special Teams

Power Play176625.8
Penalty Kill637287.5

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Thomas152027062
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Thomas22026721311711
Avg./GameSt. ThomasOpp.St. ThomasOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-6-4, 8-2-2 MIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/30/15vs. Augsburg112 4011 211137 318913 302-30-26
10/31/15vs. St. John's21104301041810743911971282-51-48
11/06/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls10102011139531181211121360-20-410
11/07/15@ Wisconsin-Superior010011000141375299741210-70-413
11/13/15 Gustavus Adolphus102 3200 291517 416114 211-20-24
11/14/15@ Gustavus Adolphus020 2001 18148 301359 270-10-310
11/20/15 Bethel212 5101 2111613 4015215 322-52-613
11/21/15@ Bethel001 1101 27118 261292 230-20-36
11/27/15vs. Oswego111 3020 291311 3313137 331-31-26
11/28/15@ Utica000 0100 171011 281074 210-31-616
12/04/15 Hamline031 4011 291614 39111014 350-21-512
12/05/15@ Hamline023 5111 381111 3091713 391-20-310
12/12/15 St. Norbert010 1121 4798 24111013 340-31-529
01/08/16@ St. Mary's012 3121 4111522 487112 200-20-09
01/09/16 St. Mary's312 6101 214167 37898 253-40-614
01/15/16 Wisconsin-Stout021 3113 5131610 39877 222-61-316
01/16/16 Wisconsin-Eau Claire110 2000 0161410 4011916 362-40-26
01/29/16@ St. John's1100210102161161341113103370-10-323
01/30/16 St. John's002020110210161604247112240-40-310
02/05/16@ Concordia (Minn.)005 5210 361013 291296 270-31-410
02/06/16@ Concordia (Minn.)211 4012 317134 349712 281-20-24

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