St. Thomas Tommies Men's Hockey
2011-2012 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Riley HorganFJr23527321.391316320200
Rob PhilippFSr251314271.08007145600
Chris CassFFr25715220.88008163200
Travis BakerFJr251011210.8400391400
Alex AltenberndFFr26610160.61549181011
Matt LipinskiFSr26511160.61547140400
Rob VannelliDJr2669150.576910281400
Brandon BahnemannFJr23122140.6087363300
Chris HickeyRWSr2446100.416718361101
Michael KriegDFr2628100.384611221200
Bryce WalkerFSo253470.28007140002
Tom O'DonnellFSr233470.304311220010
Alex NiestromFSo211560.28576120000
Nick GorskiDSr261560.23087140000
Willi RoseDSo212350.238110311100
Loren FrenchFFr72240.5714121000
Spencer BrendelFJr222240.18187140000
Anthony MoserDJr261340.153817340000
Pat MahoneyFSo51010.2000360000
Jeremy HeplerDFr250110.04007140000
Drew FieldingGFr120000.0000000000
David RussDFr70000.0000000000
Chris LeivermannFJr30000.0000240000
Jeff AndersonFFr10000.0000000000
Jake RossmanDSo10000.0000000000
Sam OlsonFFr10000.0000000000
Kevin SienkoFJr40000.0000000000
Mac WilliamsDSo10000.0000000000
Geoff SadjadiGSo30000.0000000000
Tyrone SimcoeGJr120000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Drew FieldingFr12930.750257212.08011276.917
Tyrone SimcoeJr12831.708317032.64470295.905
Geoff SadjadiSo3101.75041461.6444040.909
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MIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Riley HorganFJr17422261.529414280100
Rob PhilippFSr171012221.29417144400
Travis BakerFJr1679161.0000270400
Rob VannelliDJr1767130.76475101400
Brandon BahnemannFJr1692110.6875363200
Chris CassFFr1638110.68755101100
Alex AltenberndFFr175490.52947141010
Chris HickeyRWSr174480.470613261101
Matt LipinskiFSr172570.41185100200
Michael KriegDFr172460.35296121200
Bryce WalkerFSo172350.29417140002
Tom O'DonnellFSr142350.35719180000
Loren FrenchFFr61230.5000121000
Alex NiestromFSo140330.2143360000
Nick GorskiDSr170330.1765360000
Spencer BrendelFJr151120.13335100000
Willi RoseDSo140220.14298270000
Anthony MoserDJr170220.117612240000
Drew FieldingGFr90000.0000000000
David RussDFr30000.0000000000
Chris LeivermannFJr0000000000
Jeff AndersonFFr10000.0000000000
Jake RossmanDSo0000000000
Sam OlsonFFr10000.0000000000
Kevin SienkoFJr10000.0000000000
Mac WilliamsDSo10000.0000000000
Pat MahoneyFSo10000.0000120000
Geoff SadjadiGSo10000.0000000000
Jeremy HeplerDFr170000.0000360000
Tyrone SimcoeGJr70000.0000120000

MIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Drew FieldingFr9720.778175431.87851217.927
Tyrone SimcoeJr7610.857204202.85820183.901
Geoff SadjadiSo1001.5002641.8687014.875
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Overall and MIAC Comparison

Riley HorganFJr2352732320217422262801
Rob PhilippFSr251314271456171012221444
Chris CassFFr257152216321638111011
Travis BakerFJr25101121914167916704
Alex AltenberndFFr26610161810175491410
Matt LipinskiFSr26511161404172571002
Rob VannelliDJr26691528141767131014
Brandon BahnemannFJr2312214633169211632
Chris HickeyRWSr2446103611174482611
Michael KriegDFr2628102212172461212
Bryce WalkerFSo253471400172351400
Tom O'DonnellFSr233472200142351800
Alex NiestromFSo21156120014033600
Nick GorskiDSr26156140017033600
Willi RoseDSo212353111140222700
Loren FrenchFFr72242106123210
Spencer BrendelFJr222241400151121000
Anthony MoserDJr261343400170222400
Pat MahoneyFSo51016001000200
Jeremy HeplerDFr25011140017000600
Drew FieldingGFr120000009000000
David RussDFr70000003000000
Chris LeivermannFJr30004000000000
Jeff AndersonFFr10000001000000
Jake RossmanDSo10000000000000
Sam OlsonFFr10000001000000
Kevin SienkoFJr40000001000000
Mac WilliamsDSo10000001000000
Geoff SadjadiGSo30000001000000
Tyrone SimcoeGJr120002007000200

Overall and MIAC Goaltending Comparison

Drew FieldingFr12930.7502.08011.9179720.7781.87851.927
Tyrone SimcoeJr12831.7082.64470.9057610.8572.85820.901
Geoff SadjadiSo3101.7501.64440.9091001.5001.86870.875

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (18-6-2, 13-2-1 MIAC)

10/28/11vs. St. Olaf0100189134340-30-514T. Baker
10/29/11vs. St. Mary's111 313169 381-30-410R. Philipp (2), T. Baker
11/05/11 Concordia (Minn.)010 110117 280-51-612N. Gorski
11/11/11@ St. John's113 5181010 381-61-412R. Philipp, T. Baker, C. Cass, A. Altenbernd, B. Walker
11/12/11 St. John's311 5141612 421-11-410T. O'Donnell, T. Baker, M. Lipinski, B. Bahnemann, C. Hickey
11/18/11 Gustavus Adolphus210141211121362-41-48T. O'Donnell, R. Philipp, R. Vannelli, M. Krieg
11/19/11@ Gustavus Adolphus111 311124 272-70-816A. Altenbernd, R. Philipp, M. Lipinski
11/26/11vs. Buffalo State110 211119 310-41-12M. Lipinski, P. Mahoney
11/27/11@ Adrian102 3978 241-61-612C. Cass, R. Philipp, A. Altenbernd
12/02/11@ Concordia (Minn.)200 261210 281-61-38B. Bahnemann, T. Baker
12/03/11@ Concordia (Minn.)011021014174450-101-612B. Bahnemann, T. Baker
12/09/11@ Hamline02013121852371-51-616B. Bahnemann, T. O'Donnell, C. Cass
12/10/11 St. John's320 5879 241-50-36M. Lipinski, S. Brendel, B. Bahnemann, C. Cass, A. Moser
01/07/12@ Bethel234 911169 364-82-524A. Niestrom, M. Lipinski, B. Bahnemann, L. French, W. Rose, R. Horgan, B. Walker, T. Baker, C. Cass
01/13/12 Hamline100121613121420-00-38R. Philipp (2)
01/14/12@ Hamline131 59197 351-41-514R. Philipp, A. Altenbernd, R. Horgan, C. Hickey, C. Cass
01/20/12@ St. Mary's022 431113 272-72-720C. Hickey, T. Baker, R. Philipp, R. Horgan
01/21/12 St. Mary's211 41394 260-20-510R. Vannelli, A. Altenbernd, B. Bahnemann, B. Walker
01/27/12@ St. Olaf120 310118 292-20-36T. Baker, B. Bahnemann, R. Philipp
01/28/12 St. Olaf10012141162332-30-27R. Vannelli (2)
02/03/12 Bethel032 581310 312-40-510C. Cass, T. Baker, L. French, R. Horgan, R. Philipp
02/04/12@ Bethel112 42156 322-50-816R. Horgan, B. Bahnemann, M. Krieg, C. Hickey
02/17/12@ Augsburg021 3161515 460-60-616A. Altenbernd, B. Bahnemann (2)
02/18/12 Augsburg011 214216 411-90-837B. Bahnemann, S. Brendel
02/25/12 St. Olaf120 3121310 352-30-310R. Philipp, R. Vannelli (2)
03/07/12@ St. Norbert100 1987 240-61-512W. Rose

Team Summary


Scoring First9-5-0
Opp. Scores First9-1-2
When Outshooting Opponent13-5-1
When Outshot by Opponent4-0-1
1-goal Games8-5
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 19-3-04-1-15-2-1
After 28-0-22-2-08-4-0

Special Teams

Power Play2912423.4
Penalty Kill11012588.0

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
St. Thomas263323486
Shots by Period123otTot.
St. Thomas29831923814869
Avg./GameSt. ThomasOpp.St. ThomasOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (18-6-2, 13-2-1 MIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/28/11vs. St. Olaf0100100101891343499192390-30-514
10/29/11vs. St. Mary's111 3110 213169 38996 241-30-410
11/05/11 Concordia (Minn.)010 1011 210117 286710 230-51-612
11/11/11@ St. John's113 5012 3181010 3891314 361-61-412
11/12/11 St. John's311 5121 4141612 427516 281-11-410
11/18/11 Gustavus Adolphus21014210031211121361213110362-41-48
11/19/11@ Gustavus Adolphus111 3001 111124 271189 282-70-816
11/26/11vs. Buffalo State110 2111 311119 31784 190-41-12
11/27/11@ Adrian102 3010 1978 2410107 271-61-612
12/02/11@ Concordia (Minn.)200 2021 361210 284105 191-61-38
12/03/11@ Concordia (Minn.)011021010210141744542100160-101-612
12/09/11@ Hamline02013110021218523781050231-51-616
12/10/11 St. John's320 5003 3879 244411 191-50-36
01/07/12@ Bethel234 9031 411169 361181 204-82-524
01/13/12 Hamline100120010116131214291080270-00-38
01/14/12@ Hamline131 5202 49197 3514612 321-41-514
01/20/12@ St. Mary's022 4110 231113 2712810 302-72-720
01/21/12 St. Mary's211 4110 21394 26689 230-20-510
01/27/12@ St. Olaf120 3101 210118 2971610 332-20-36
01/28/12 St. Olaf10012100011411623391141252-30-27
02/03/12 Bethel032 5101 281310 311257 242-40-510
02/04/12@ Bethel112 4010 12156 328107 252-50-816
02/17/12@ Augsburg021 3220 4161515 461495 280-60-616
02/18/12 Augsburg011 2000 014216 41864 181-90-837
02/25/12 St. Olaf120 3022 4121310 3531111 252-30-310
03/07/12@ St. Norbert100 1021 3987 24789 240-61-512

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