Tufts Jumbos Men's Hockey
2002-2003 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Shawn SullivanFSo221220321.45451200
Mike CarceoFSr22918271.22731510
Pat ByrneFJr221210221.00002100
John HurdFSo22128200.90910500
Matt McCarthyFFr22611170.77272100
Ken ClearyFFr22610160.72730010
Gino RotondiFSo21510150.71430100
Remy BickoffFFr2284120.54550200
Jack ThompsonDFr212790.42860100
John Van PeltDJr222790.40910000
Rick BakerFFr203580.40001000
Jason BoudrowFJr52461.20000100
Zak SmothermanDFr152350.33330000
Pat WalshDFr201450.25000000
Chris MartinDSr191450.26320000
Adam Delaney-WinnFFr192130.15790000
Timm SchatzFJr221230.13640000
Matt KniazFSo151230.20000000
Alex GardnerDJr140330.21430000
Sean HayesFSo210330.14290000
Tim KaneGFr40000.00000000
Bryan ContiFSo70000.00000000
Ben CrapserGJr140000.00000000
Matt Potts10000.00000000
Matt NinnemannGFr90000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Ben CrapserJr14472.385587464.66770446.885
Matt NinnemannFr9341.438314813.86450206.869
Tim KaneFr4001.50091174.6279049.845
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NESCAC Conference-Only Statistics

Shawn SullivanFSo191116271.42111200
Mike CarceoFSr19816241.26321500
Pat ByrneFJr191110211.10532100
John HurdFSo19128201.05260500
Matt McCarthyFFr1959140.73682000
Ken ClearyFFr1959140.73680010
Gino RotondiFSo1958130.68420100
Remy BickoffFFr1984120.63160200
John Van PeltDJr192790.47370000
Jack ThompsonDFr182680.44440100
Rick BakerFFr173470.41181000
Zak SmothermanDFr132350.38460000
Jason BoudrowFJr41341.00000000
Pat WalshDFr170440.23530000
Chris MartinDSr160440.25000000
Matt KniazFSo131230.23080000
Alex GardnerDJr120330.25000000
Sean HayesFSo180330.16670000
Timm SchatzFJr191120.10530000
Adam Delaney-WinnFFr161120.12500000
Tim KaneGFr30000.00000000
Bryan ContiFSo70000.00000000
Ben CrapserGJr120000.00000000
Matt Potts10000.00000000
Matt NinnemannGFr80000.00000000

NESCAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Ben CrapserJr12471.375526514.79430397.884
Matt NinnemannFr8331.500264513.45830185.877
Tim KaneFr3000.0005525.8046019.792
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Overall and NESCAC Comparison

Shawn SullivanFSo22122032121911162712
Mike CarceoFSr229182715198162415
Pat ByrneFJr22121022211911102121
John HurdFSo221282005191282005
Matt McCarthyFFr22611172119591420
Ken ClearyFFr22610160019591400
Gino RotondiFSo21510150119581301
Remy BickoffFFr2284120219841202
Jack ThompsonDFr21279011826801
John Van PeltDJr22279001927900
Rick BakerFFr20358101734710
Jason BoudrowFJr524601413400
Zak SmothermanDFr15235001323500
Pat WalshDFr20145001704400
Chris MartinDSr19145001604400
Adam Delaney-WinnFFr19213001611200
Timm SchatzFJr22123001911200
Matt KniazFSo15123001312300
Alex GardnerDJr14033001203300
Sean HayesFSo21033001803300
Tim KaneGFr400000300000
Bryan ContiFSo700000700000
Ben CrapserGJr14000001200000
Matt Potts100000100000
Matt NinnemannGFr900000800000

Overall and NESCAC Goaltending Comparison

Ben CrapserJr14472.3854.66770.88512471.3754.79430.884
Matt NinnemannFr9341.4383.86450.8698331.5003.45830.877
Tim KaneFr4001.5004.62790.8453000.0005.80460.792

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-11-4, 7-10-2 NESCAC)

11/22/02@ St. Michael's033 6102113 441-41-212J. Hurd, J. Boudrow, K. Cleary, M. Carceo (2), G. Rotondi
11/23/02@ Norwich201 37610 230-60-514K. Cleary, P. Byrne, J. Hurd
12/01/02@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth1210461242241-52-318P. Byrne, J. Boudrow, C. Martin, M. Carceo
12/06/02 New England College121 47128 272-92-722S. Sullivan, R. Bickoff, J. Hurd, M. Carceo
12/07/02 St. Anselm12003118103320-31-38R. Bickoff, J. Van Pelt, S. Sullivan
01/10/03@ Middlebury011 210108 280-31-310J. Hurd, P. Byrne
01/11/03@ Williams232 7978 244-82-1020S. Sullivan, P. Byrne, M. McCarthy, R. Bickoff, J. Hurd (3)
01/14/03@ Connecticut College421 7121314 391-32-734P. Byrne (2), J. Hurd, M. McCarthy (2), R. Baker, M. Kniaz
01/17/03@ Mass Coll Lib Arts113 514516 351-41-615R. Bickoff, S. Sullivan, M. Carceo, M. McCarthy, R. Baker
01/18/03@ Skidmore020 26139 281-40-612J. Hurd, Z. Smotherman
01/21/03@ Suffolk02204159185471-41-310P. Walsh, S. Sullivan, M. McCarthy, K. Cleary
01/24/03 Bowdoin110 2786 210-31-12K. Cleary, P. Byrne
01/25/03 Colby111036691220-51-412K. Cleary, S. Sullivan (2)
01/31/03 Salem State203055882231-41-48R. Bickoff, M. McCarthy, G. Rotondi (2), J. Hurd
02/01/03 Southern Maine220 414146 340-31-48R. Bickoff, P. Byrne (2), T. Schatz
02/07/03@ Babson110 29712 280-52-310M. Carceo, R. Bickoff
02/08/03@ Massachusetts-Boston540 91564 251-30-14S. Sullivan (3), P. Byrne (2), G. Rotondi (2), A. Delaney-Winn, J. Hurd
02/14/03 Hamilton113 510611 271-40-26Z. Smotherman, S. Sullivan, R. Baker, M. Carceo, R. Bickoff
02/15/03 Amherst0210341062221-51-314M. Carceo, P. Byrne, J. Hurd
02/21/03@ Wesleyan102 37614 271-70-515J. Van Pelt, J. Thompson (2)
02/22/03@ Trinity021 381610 342-62-26S. Sullivan, M. Carceo, K. Cleary
03/01/03@ Middlebury001 1338 140-32-420A. Delaney-Winn

Team Summary


Scoring First5-5-1
Opp. Scores First2-6-3
When Outshooting Opponent3-0-2
When Outshot by Opponent4-9-2
1-goal Games1-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 15-1-10-4-12-6-2
After 25-2-11-8-11-1-2

Special Teams

Power Play1910118.8
Penalty Kill648872.7

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-11-4, 7-10-2 NESCAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/22/02@ St. Michael's033 6012 3102113 4415913 371-41-212
11/23/02@ Norwich201 3230 57610 23211410 450-60-514
12/01/02@ Massachusetts-Dartmouth121041210461242241111104361-52-318
12/06/02 New England College121 4124 77128 278912 292-92-722
12/07/02 St. Anselm1200302103118103329686290-31-38
01/10/03@ Middlebury011 2123 610108 28201813 510-31-310
01/11/03@ Williams232 7121 4978 24181615 494-82-1020
01/14/03@ Connecticut College421 7210 3121314 39141614 441-32-734
01/17/03@ Mass Coll Lib Arts113 5120 314516 35171223 521-41-615
01/18/03@ Skidmore020 2012 36139 28111513 391-40-612
01/21/03@ Suffolk0220411204159185471210111341-41-310
01/24/03 Bowdoin110 2327 12786 2114918 410-31-12
01/25/03 Colby1110312003669122161290370-51-412
01/31/03 Salem State20305131165882239752231-41-48
02/01/03 Southern Maine220 4102 314146 346715 280-31-48
02/07/03@ Babson110 2140 59712 2810148 320-52-310
02/08/03@ Massachusetts-Boston540 9000 01564 254119 241-30-14
02/14/03 Hamilton113 5011 210611 2791510 341-40-26
02/15/03 Amherst021030121441062228882261-51-314
02/21/03@ Wesleyan102 3122 57614 2710611 271-70-515
02/22/03@ Trinity021 3332 881610 3416167 392-62-26
03/01/03@ Middlebury001 1241 7338 14161712 450-32-420

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