Massachusetts-Boston Beacons Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Stephen BucoFSr211422361.714310205402
Michael KuhnFSr211018281.333312274400
Peter MacIntyreFJr21717241.14297220100
Colin LarkinFFr21912211.00008161101
Nathan MilamFSr21126180.85717252200
Kit SitterleyFJr19107170.89476121200
Jeremy FingerFJr2058130.6500360300
Mike MillerFJr1666120.75005101010
Dan CornellDSr21111120.571414360100
Tyler BishopDSo20111120.60007141000
Matt LemireFJr106280.80003172100
Frankie DeAugustineFJr164480.5000120100
Connor McStravickFJr214370.33335100011
Albee DaleyFSo212570.3333480000
Brett MasonDSo192460.31586120000
Josh HaverstromFFr161560.3750120000
John HoustonDSr171450.29416120000
Andrew CrawfordDJr80330.3750120000
Connor CallowFFr30110.3333000000
Mike MaciagDSo180110.055611300000
Sam BoydDSo200110.0500480000
Zac ZakasDSo30000.0000000000
Billy FaustGJr110000.0000000000
Derek ColucciFJr50000.0000120000
Zach AndrewsGJr120000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Zach AndrewsJr12930.750276532.47971277.911
Billy FaustJr11801.944256182.42600253.910
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ECAC East Conference-Only Statistics

Stephen BucoFSr14915241.71437143201
Michael KuhnFSr1479161.142910232200
Nathan MilamFSr1476130.92867252000
Colin LarkinFFr1476130.92865101100
Peter MacIntyreFJr1449130.92865180000
Tyler BishopDSo1419100.71435101000
Mike MillerFJr114480.7273480010
Kit SitterleyFJr124370.5833481000
Matt LemireFJr75160.85713172100
Dan CornellDSr141560.42867140100
Frankie DeAugustineFJr92350.5556000100
Brett MasonDSo121450.4167480000
John HoustonDSr121340.33336120000
Jeremy FingerFJr130440.3077360000
Albee DaleyFSo140330.2143240000
Andrew CrawfordDJr50330.6000120000
Josh HaverstromFFr110220.1818120000
Connor McStravickFJr141010.0714360000
Connor CallowFFr30110.3333000000
Mike MaciagDSo120110.08335100000
Zac ZakasDSo10000.0000000000
Billy FaustGJr80000.0000000000
Derek ColucciFJr40000.0000000000
Zach AndrewsGJr80000.0000000000
Sam BoydDSo140000.0000480000

ECAC East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Billy FaustJr86001.000184332.49250186.912
Zach AndrewsJr8620.750154152.16761182.924
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Overall and ECAC East Comparison

Stephen BucoFSr21142236205414915241432
Michael KuhnFSr2110182827441479162322
Peter MacIntyreFJr217172422011449131800
Colin LarkinFFr219122116111476131011
Nathan MilamFSr211261825221476132520
Kit SitterleyFJr1910717121212437810
Jeremy FingerFJr20581360313044600
Mike MillerFJr166612101011448800
Dan CornellDSr21111123601141561401
Tyler BishopDSo201111214101419101010
Matt LemireFJr10628172175161721
Frankie DeAugustineFJr164482019235001
Connor McStravickFJr21437100014101600
Albee DaleyFSo2125780014033400
Brett MasonDSo19246120012145800
Josh HaverstromFFr1615620011022200
John HoustonDSr171451200121341200
Andrew CrawfordDJr80332005033200
Connor CallowFFr30110003011000
Mike MaciagDSo180113000120111000
Sam BoydDSo2001180014000800
Zac ZakasDSo30000001000000
Billy FaustGJr110000008000000
Derek ColucciFJr50002004000000
Zach AndrewsGJr120000008000000

Overall and ECAC East Goaltending Comparison

Zach AndrewsJr12930.7502.47971.9118620.7502.16761.924
Billy FaustJr11801.9442.42600.91086001.0002.49250.912

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (17-3-1, 12-2-0 ECAC East)

11/01/14 Massachusetts-Dartmouth4110 15191121 517-90-320S. Buco (2), A. Daley, N. Milam (3), J. Finger (4), K. Sitterley (3), B. Mason, C. McStravick
11/02/14@ Curry132 6131413 400-40-48P. MacIntyre, F. DeAugustine, K. Sitterley, M. Miller, M. Kuhn, C. McStravick
11/07/14@ New England College3101514972321-43-1122P. MacIntyre, F. DeAugustine, C. Larkin, M. Miller, S. Buco
11/08/14@ St. Anselm201 313812 330-20-411N. Milam (2), M. Miller
11/21/14 Castleton020 2131812 430-80-1238S. Buco, K. Sitterley
11/22/14 Skidmore222 6121910 411-51-612M. Kuhn (2), P. MacIntyre, N. Milam, S. Buco (2)
11/29/14@ Wesleyan420 6161710 432-60-410C. Larkin, K. Sitterley, M. Kuhn (2), F. DeAugustine, J. Haverstrom
11/30/14@ Trinity131 512137 321-22-614N. Milam (2), M. Miller, S. Buco (2)
12/05/14 University of New England102 3172225 640-50-14N. Milam (2), S. Buco
12/06/14 Southern Maine122 519135 371-31-831M. Kuhn, K. Sitterley (2), F. DeAugustine, C. Larkin
01/04/15 Connecticut College100 116816 400-42-624J. Finger
01/05/15 Hamilton010011111182421-30-36P. MacIntyre
01/09/15@ Norwich003 39611 261-41-512P. MacIntyre, J. Houston, M. Kuhn
01/10/15@ St. Michael's10315811215450-30-48C. Larkin, M. Miller, N. Milam, M. Lemire, M. Kuhn
01/14/15@ Wentworth232 7171612 451-21-24C. McStravick, K. Sitterley, A. Daley, S. Buco, M. Lemire, P. MacIntyre, C. Larkin
01/16/15 St. Anselm212 5171014 411-41-36M. Kuhn (2), P. MacIntyre, M. Lemire (2)
01/17/15 New England College103 416916 410-20-48S. Buco, T. Bishop, M. Miller, K. Sitterley
01/23/15@ Babson011 2151412 410-32-425C. Larkin, S. Buco
01/24/15 Babson02114612173381-21-48S. Buco, B. Mason, C. Larkin (2)
01/30/15@ Skidmore021 391615 401-40-516M. Lemire, S. Buco, N. Milam
01/31/15@ Castleton102141110162391-72-412C. Larkin, C. McStravick, D. Cornell, M. Lemire

Team Summary


Scoring First13-2-0
Opp. Scores First4-1-1
When Outshooting Opponent13-2-1
When Outshot by Opponent4-1-0
1-goal Games5-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-0-05-3-05-0-1
After 210-0-04-3-03-0-1

Special Teams

Power Play208623.3
Penalty Kill8610383.5

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (17-3-1, 12-2-0 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/01/14 Massachusetts-Dartmouth4110 15102 3191121 516107 237-90-320
11/02/14@ Curry132 6211 4131413 4013114 280-40-48
11/07/14@ New England College31015211041497232158100331-43-1122
11/08/14@ St. Anselm201 3001 113812 3314196 390-20-411
11/21/14 Castleton020 2000 0131812 4310913 320-80-1238
11/22/14 Skidmore222 6010 1121910 41366 151-51-612
11/29/14@ Wesleyan420 6101 2161710 43976 222-60-410
11/30/14@ Trinity131 5210 312137 3271317 371-22-614
12/05/14 University of New England102 3100 1172225 64687 210-50-14
12/06/14 Southern Maine122 5010 119135 376614 261-31-831
01/04/15 Connecticut College100 1211 416816 401588 310-42-624
01/05/15 Hamilton010010100111111824210932241-30-36
01/09/15@ Norwich003 3222 69611 261489 311-41-512
01/10/15@ St. Michael's103152110481121545131371340-30-48
01/14/15@ Wentworth232 7210 3171612 45557 171-21-24
01/16/15 St. Anselm212 5220 4171014 41579 211-41-36
01/17/15 New England College103 4010 116916 416911 260-20-48
01/23/15@ Babson011 2130 4151412 4111176 340-32-425
01/24/15 Babson021141110361217338231191441-21-48
01/30/15@ Skidmore021 3100 191615 40676 191-40-516
01/31/15@ Castleton102141110311101623971280271-72-412

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