Massachusetts-Lowell River Hawks Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

C.J. SmithFFr1659140.87506120300
Joe GambardellaFSo1567130.8667360111
Evan CampbellFSo1449130.92868161110
Dylan ZinkDSo1638110.68759180200
Michael KaplaDSo1638110.6875361010
Chris ManicciaFSo1446100.7143360000
Jake SuterDSr1619100.6250240000
A.J. WhiteFJr165490.5625480100
Zack KamrassDSr152790.6000480000
Michael ColantoneFJr144370.5000000121
Adam ChapieFJr133470.5385360101
Tyler MuellerDFr162570.437514281000
Robert FrancisFJr144260.4286002000
Michael LouriaFFr114260.5455123000
John EdwardhFFr113360.5455481000
Michael FallonFJr152240.2667241200
Terrence WallinFSr141340.2857000000
Chris ForneyDFr91230.3333240000
Ryan CollinsFFr72020.2857000000
Jake KamrassFFr71120.2857240000
Ryan McGrathFJr60220.3333000000
Gage HoughFFr40110.2500360000
Tommy PanicoDFr80000.0000000000
Jeff SmithGFr60000.0000000000
Dylan HollmanFFr10000.0000000000
Kevin BoyleGJr120000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Kevin BoyleJr12713.773296952.50251310.914
Jeff SmithFr6320.600122822.55051109.901
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Hockey East Conference-Only Statistics

A.J. WhiteFJr94480.8889000100
Evan CampbellFSo73471.0000481110
C.J. SmithFFr91670.7778240100
Jake SuterDSr91670.7778240000
Zack KamrassDSr91670.7778360000
Chris ManicciaFSo83360.7500120000
Joe GambardellaFSo83360.7500240011
Michael LouriaFFr74150.7143003000
Michael ColantoneFJr83250.6250000110
Dylan ZinkDSo91450.55565100100
Tyler MuellerDFr92240.44448161000
Michael KaplaDSo90440.4444240000
Michael FallonFJr82130.3750121200
John EdwardhFFr52130.6000121000
Terrence WallinFSr90330.3333000000
Adam ChapieFJr82020.2500240101
Ryan CollinsFFr62020.3333000000
Jake KamrassFFr41120.5000240000
Robert FrancisFJr71120.2857000000
Chris ForneyDFr61120.3333240000
Ryan McGrathFJr50220.4000000000
Tommy PanicoDFr30000.0000000000
Jeff SmithGFr20000.0000000000
Gage HoughFFr0000000000
Dylan HollmanFFr0000000000
Kevin BoyleGJr70000.0000000000

Hockey East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Kevin BoyleJr7502.857144341.93571176.926
Jeff SmithFr22001.00021201.0006147.959
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Overall and Hockey East Comparison

C.J. SmithFFr16591412039167401
Joe GambardellaFSo1567136018336400
Evan CampbellFSo14491316117347811
Dylan ZinkDSo163811180291451001
Michael KaplaDSo1638116109044400
Chris ManicciaFSo1446106008336200
Jake SuterDSr1619104009167400
A.J. WhiteFJr165498019448001
Zack KamrassDSr152798009167600
Michael ColantoneFJr144370018325001
Adam ChapieFJr133476018202401
Tyler MuellerDFr16257281092241610
Robert FrancisFJr144260207112000
Michael LouriaFFr114262307415030
John EdwardhFFr113368105213210
Michael FallonFJr152244128213212
Terrence WallinFSr141340009033000
Chris ForneyDFr91234006112400
Ryan CollinsFFr72020006202000
Jake KamrassFFr71124004112400
Ryan McGrathFJr60220005022000
Gage HoughFFr40116000000000
Tommy PanicoDFr80000003000000
Jeff SmithGFr60000002000000
Dylan HollmanFFr10000000000000
Kevin BoyleGJr120000007000000

Overall and Hockey East Goaltending Comparison

Kevin BoyleJr12713.7732.50251.9147502.8571.93571.926
Jeff SmithFr6320.6002.55051.90122001.0001.00061.959

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-3-3, 7-0-2 Hockey East)

10/10/14 Boston College302 51095 241-40-24E. Campbell, M. Fallon, M. Louria, R. Francis, J. Gambardella
10/17/14 Quinnipiac114 651011 261-21-38C. Maniccia, M. Kapla, C. Smith, R. Francis, J. Gambardella, M. Colantone
10/18/14@ Quinnipiac2010356101220-32-516E. Campbell, M. Kapla, J. Gambardella
10/24/14 Michigan121 461314 330-11-14A. Chapie, A. White, T. Wallin, D. Zink
10/25/14 Michigan State101 29211 221-40-612D. Zink, M. Kapla
10/31/14@ New Hampshire110 2592 160-60-38J. Edwardh, A. White
11/01/14 New Hampshire413 8957 212-60-36E. Campbell, T. Mueller, C. Maniccia (3), R. Collins, M. Colantone (2)
11/07/14 Northeastern201031310135412-42-510A. White (2), A. Chapie
11/08/14@ Northeastern032 55149 282-50-412M. Fallon, C. Smith, J. Kamrass, J. Gambardella, J. Suter
11/14/14 Penn State221 59129 300-10-12Z. Kamrass, J. Edwardh, R. Francis (2), C. Smith
11/15/14 Penn State001 11096 251-31-48J. Gambardella
11/20/14@ Notre Dame111 311168 350-70-48M. Colantone, M. Louria, Z. Kamrass
11/21/14@ Notre Dame01102111193340-30-24J. Edwardh, J. Gambardella
11/29/14 Harvard110 2665 171-32-510C. Smith (2)
12/03/14 Connecticut222 613119 331-12-510D. Zink, C. Forney, M. Louria, R. Collins, E. Campbell, A. Chapie
12/06/14 Maine00213138144390-21-48A. White, T. Mueller, M. Louria

Team Summary


Scoring First5-3-1
Opp. Scores First5-0-2
When Outshooting Opponent5-0-2
When Outshot by Opponent5-3-1
1-goal Games2-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-0-20-3-13-0-0
After 26-0-03-2-11-1-2

Special Teams

Power Play125521.8
Penalty Kill455778.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-3-3, 7-0-2 Hockey East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14 Boston College302 5110 21095 246510 211-40-24
10/17/14 Quinnipiac114 6012 351011 268118 271-21-38
10/18/14@ Quinnipiac20103102035610122117128380-32-516
10/24/14 Michigan121 4242 861314 3315176 380-11-14
10/25/14 Michigan State101 2010 19211 224716 271-40-612
10/31/14@ New Hampshire110 2000 0592 1613911 330-60-38
11/01/14 New Hampshire413 8101 2957 2161112 292-60-36
11/07/14 Northeastern201030210313101354151382282-42-510
11/08/14@ Northeastern032 5000 05149 283710 202-50-412
11/14/14 Penn State221 5012 39129 30111115 370-10-12
11/15/14 Penn State001 1310 41096 2513108 311-31-48
11/20/14@ Notre Dame111 3100 111168 359513 270-70-48
11/21/14@ Notre Dame0110211002111193348681230-30-24
11/29/14 Harvard110 2211 4665 171167 241-32-510
12/03/14 Connecticut222 6112 413119 337413 241-12-510
12/06/14 Maine002130110213814439812140340-21-48

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