University of New England Nor'easters Men's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Trevor FleurentFJr231115261.13046123310
Brady FleurentFFr23914231.0000242300
Dylan BengstonFFr23913220.95658162300
Blaise HealyFJr23813210.91309180000
Armand UomolealeFFr2186140.66677142200
Tom GildersleeveFSr2358130.5652240010
Ryan QuinnFSr2284120.54556121001
Tucker RossDFr2257120.545514280000
Ben PearlFSr1948120.6316480210
Ian RoddenDSo2128100.4762480000
Kyle WilliamsDSr162790.5625121100
Dustin WalshDJr212570.3333361000
Jimmy TichFFr132460.4615360000
Nick WirthFJr182460.33336120000
Danny AntonoffFJr222240.1818480000
Jackson TuckerFFr132240.3077120000
Cassidy AprilDSr202130.1500240000
Christian RossettiFSo121230.25004110000
Joe AdmirandFFr61230.5000000000
Tony CrowDFr180330.1667360000
Nik DotoloDFr111120.18186120000
Pavel TereshchenkoFSo80220.2500000000
Sam VikichFSr101010.1000480000
Joe NoonanGFr60000.0000000000
Christian MerrittFJr40000.0000120000
Connor MaloneyGFr100000.0000000000
Chris HarlowFJr20000.0000000000
Mason RileyGSr130000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Mason RileySr13641.591306732.67580285.905
Connor MaloneyFr10621.722285573.01690285.911
Joe NoonanFr6030.000131664.7082092.876
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NEHC Conference-Only Statistics

Trevor FleurentFJr1677140.8750482310
Blaise HealyFJr1659140.87506120000
Dylan BengstonFFr1675120.75005101300
Armand UomolealeFFr1566120.80006122200
Brady FleurentFFr1638110.6875241100
Ryan QuinnFSr166390.5625480000
Ben PearlFSr153690.6000480110
Ian RoddenDSo152680.5333480000
Tom GildersleeveFSr162680.5000120010
Kyle WilliamsDSr132570.5385121100
Tucker RossDFr152570.466711220000
Dustin WalshDJr152350.3333241000
Jackson TuckerFFr92240.4444120000
Jimmy TichFFr81340.5000120000
Nick WirthFJr122130.2500240000
Christian RossettiFSo101230.30004110000
Danny AntonoffFJr151230.2000240000
Nik DotoloDFr91120.2222480000
Cassidy AprilDSr141120.1429240000
Tony CrowDFr130110.0769240000
Joe AdmirandFFr40110.2500000000
Joe NoonanGFr60000.0000000000
Christian MerrittFJr20000.0000000000
Connor MaloneyGFr60000.0000000000
Pavel TereshchenkoFSo20000.0000000000
Sam VikichFSr50000.0000120000
Chris HarlowFJr10000.0000000000
Mason RileyGSr90000.0000000000

NEHC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Mason RileySr9530.625204572.62450196.907
Connor MaloneyFr6311.700173452.95650190.918
Joe NoonanFr6030.000131664.7082092.876
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Overall and NEHC Comparison

Trevor FleurentFJr231115261233167714823
Brady FleurentFFr2391423423163811411
Dylan BengstonFFr239132216231675121013
Blaise HealyFJr238132118001659141200
Armand UomolealeFFr21861414221566121222
Tom GildersleeveFSr23581340016268200
Ryan QuinnFSr228412121016639800
Tucker RossDFr2257122800152572200
Ben PearlFSr19481280215369801
Ian RoddenDSo21281080015268800
Kyle WilliamsDSr1627921113257211
Dustin WalshDJr2125761015235410
Jimmy TichFFr132466008134200
Nick WirthFJr18246120012213400
Danny AntonoffFJr2222480015123400
Jackson TuckerFFr132242009224200
Cassidy AprilDSr2021340014112400
Christian RossettiFSo121231100101231100
Joe AdmirandFFr61230004011000
Tony CrowDFr1803360013011400
Nik DotoloDFr1111212009112800
Pavel TereshchenkoFSo80220002000000
Sam VikichFSr101018005000200
Joe NoonanGFr60000006000000
Christian MerrittFJr40002002000000
Connor MaloneyGFr100000006000000
Chris HarlowFJr20000001000000
Mason RileyGSr130000009000000

Overall and NEHC Goaltending Comparison

Mason RileySr13641.5912.67580.9059530.6252.62450.907
Connor MaloneyFr10621.7223.01690.9116311.7002.95650.918
Joe NoonanFr6030.0004.70820.8766030.0004.70820.876

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-9-2, 8-7-1 NEHC)

10/31/15 Hobart0010112476291-51-614B. Pearl
11/06/15 St. Michael's515 11161312 411-30-716A. Uomoleale (2), J. Tich, B. Pearl (2), T. Fleurent, B. Healy, C. Rossetti, R. Quinn, T. Ross, D. Bengston
11/07/15 Norwich00000510111270-30-28
11/13/15@ Southern Maine101 27618 311-42-48D. Bengston, T. Gildersleeve
11/20/15 Massachusetts-Boston210 371613 360-41-310R. Quinn, D. Bengston, A. Uomoleale
11/21/15 Babson001 181013 311-20-510T. Fleurent
11/24/15 Bowdoin125 8101118 390-30-614B. Fleurent, T. Gildersleeve, A. Uomoleale, T. Fleurent (3), S. Vikich, B. Healy
11/28/15vs. Daniel Webster112 414226 420-30-26T. Fleurent, T. Gildersleeve, R. Quinn (2)
11/29/15vs. Massachusetts-Dartmouth132 6181717 522-51-612D. Bengston, B. Fleurent (3), B. Healy, A. Uomoleale
12/04/15@ St. Anselm1010293102241-21-410B. Fleurent, I. Rodden
12/05/15@ New England College102 317811 360-11-38B. Healy, T. Fleurent, D. Walsh
01/02/16 Franklin Pierce122 5161118 450-30-38J. Tich, B. Fleurent (2), C. April, D. Bengston
01/08/16 Castleton001121112153412-41-24T. Fleurent, D. Bengston
01/09/16 Skidmore111 371010 270-12-48B. Healy, R. Quinn, B. Fleurent
01/15/16@ Norwich120144771190-23-713B. Pearl, D. Bengston, B. Fleurent, T. Fleurent
01/16/16@ St. Michael's103 4141614 441-40-14J. Tucker, K. Williams, D. Antonoff, C. April
01/19/16@ Bowdoin210031110101320-41-36D. Antonoff, B. Healy, T. Ross
01/22/16 Southern Maine252 912199 401-30-410K. Williams, A. Uomoleale, B. Healy, N. Dotolo, T. Ross, D. Bengston (2), R. Quinn, N. Wirth
01/26/16@ Colby211 4698 230-31-36T. Gildersleeve, T. Ross (2), J. Admirand
01/29/16@ Babson021 3558 181-31-18R. Quinn, J. Tucker, A. Uomoleale
01/30/16@ Massachusetts-Boston000 06129 270-22-48
02/05/16 New England College031 4181516 491-71-312N. Wirth, D. Walsh, I. Rodden, T. Fleurent
02/06/16 St. Anselm221 510812 301-20-48R. Quinn, A. Uomoleale, B. Healy, T. Gildersleeve, T. Fleurent

Team Summary


Scoring First9-4-1
Opp. Scores First3-5-1
When Outshooting Opponent8-3-0
When Outshot by Opponent4-6-2
1-goal Games5-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-1-02-4-14-4-1
After 26-0-02-6-04-3-2

Special Teams

Power Play147319.2
Penalty Kill688778.2

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
University of New England252733287
Shots by Period123otTot.
University of New England24325427214783
Avg./GameUniversity of New EnglandOpp.University of New EnglandOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-9-2, 8-7-1 NEHC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/15 Hobart0010100101124762961983361-51-614
11/06/15 St. Michael's515 11000 0161312 417810 251-30-716
11/07/15 Norwich00000000115101112796122290-30-28
11/13/15@ Southern Maine101 2213 67618 31587 201-42-48
11/20/15 Massachusetts-Boston210 3323 871613 36181411 430-41-310
11/21/15 Babson001 1311 581013 3112177 361-20-510
11/24/15 Bowdoin125 8012 3101118 39151115 410-30-614
11/28/15vs. Daniel Webster112 4110 214226 42848 200-30-26
11/29/15vs. Massachusetts-Dartmouth132 6101 2181717 5210613 292-51-612
12/04/15@ St. Anselm10102200029310224111370311-21-410
12/05/15@ New England College102 3020 217811 368118 270-11-38
01/02/16 Franklin Pierce122 5111 3161118 455115 210-30-38
01/08/16 Castleton00112100011112153418780232-41-24
01/09/16 Skidmore111 3011 271010 27101514 390-12-48
01/15/16@ Norwich1201421003477119129110320-23-713
01/16/16@ St. Michael's103 4010 1141614 4491511 351-40-14
01/19/16@ Bowdoin210032101411101013271071250-41-36
01/22/16 Southern Maine252 9200 212199 40111016 371-30-410
01/26/16@ Colby211 4124 7698 23111211 340-31-36
01/29/16@ Babson021 3220 4558 1822129 431-31-18
01/30/16@ Massachusetts-Boston000 0032 56129 27192312 540-22-48
02/05/16 New England College031 4042 6181516 496108 241-71-312
02/06/16 St. Anselm221 5022 410812 308915 321-20-48

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