Wisconsin-Eau Claire Blugolds Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Ethan NaumanFJr17148221.29419181401
Brandon WahlinFSo16713201.25006150401
Ross AndersenFSr16118191.1875004130
Patrick MooreFSo17514191.11766121110
Jack CallahanDSr17315181.05889180000
Todd KoritzinskyFFr1546100.66677251100
Adam KnochenmusFSo1219100.8333121000
Jake HopfnerFFr143580.5714361100
Jeff PaulukDJr173580.4706240100
Preston HodgeDSo143470.50006182300
David HenryFSo171670.41188160100
Mac JansenFFr144150.3571120001
Joe SchmitzDJr170550.29416120000
Jason EddyFSo132020.15385100100
RJ MajkozakDFr151120.1333120000
Colton WolterFFr131120.1538360000
Jake DavidsonFFr91120.2222240000
Jesse TredinnickFFr100220.2000000000
Chris FischerFSo60110.1667480000
Derek KnetterDJr160110.0625120000
T.J. StuntzFFr90110.1111120000
Jacob WolterFFr40000.0000120000
Jay DeoGSo80000.0000000000
Charles ThauwaldFJr80000.00005100000
Tyler GreenGJr90000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Tyler GreenJr9621.722155441.65432256.945
Jay DeoSo8521.688214842.60090224.914
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WIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Patrick MooreFSo42571.7500121000
Brandon WahlinFSo41561.5000270001
Ethan NaumanFJr43251.2500120100
Jack CallahanDSr41451.2500360000
Jake HopfnerFFr42020.5000241100
Jeff PaulukDJr41120.5000120100
Todd KoritzinskyFFr31120.66672151100
Ross AndersenFSr40220.5000000000
David HenryFSo41010.2500240100
Mac JansenFFr41010.2500000001
Adam KnochenmusFSo20110.5000000000
T.J. StuntzFFr30110.3333120000
Preston HodgeDSo40000.0000360000
Jacob WolterFFr10000.0000000000
Chris FischerFSo10000.0000000000
Joe SchmitzDJr40000.0000360000
Jesse TredinnickFFr30000.0000000000
Jay DeoGSo20000.0000000000
Charles ThauwaldFJr10000.0000000000
Tyler GreenGJr20000.0000000000
RJ MajkozakDFr30000.0000000000
Jason EddyFSo30000.0000360000
Colton WolterFFr30000.0000120000
Derek KnetterDJr40000.0000000000
Jake DavidsonFFr10000.0000000000

WIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Tyler GreenJr2110.50051202.5000048.906
Jay DeoSo22001.00041202.0045069.945
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Overall and WIAC Comparison

Ethan NaumanFJr171482218144325201
Brandon WahlinFSo167132015044156700
Ross AndersenFSr16118190414022000
Patrick MooreFSo175141912114257210
Jack CallahanDSr173151818004145600
Todd KoritzinskyFFr154610251131121511
Adam KnochenmusFSo1219102102011000
Jake HopfnerFFr143586114202411
Jeff PaulukDJr173584014112201
Preston HodgeDSo1434718234000600
David HenryFSo1716716014101401
Mac JansenFFr144152004101000
Joe SchmitzDJr1705512004000600
Jason EddyFSo1320210013000600
RJ MajkozakDFr151122003000000
Colton WolterFFr131126003000200
Jake DavidsonFFr91124001000000
Jesse TredinnickFFr100220003000000
Chris FischerFSo60118001000000
Derek KnetterDJr160112004000000
T.J. StuntzFFr90112003011200
Jacob WolterFFr40002001000000
Jay DeoGSo80000002000000
Charles ThauwaldFJr800010001000000
Tyler GreenGJr90002002000000

Overall and WIAC Goaltending Comparison

Tyler GreenJr9621.7221.65432.9452110.5002.50000.906
Jay DeoSo8521.6882.60090.91422001.0002.00450.945

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-4-2, 3-1-0 WIAC)

11/07/14@ St. Olaf021 313136 320-40-26A. Knochenmus, B. Wahlin, E. Nauman
11/09/14@ St. John's1110310961260-30-410B. Wahlin, R. Andersen (2)
11/14/14 Hamline032 5151610 412-51-516P. Moore, P. Hodge, E. Nauman (2), J. Eddy
11/15/14 Bethel231 6111214 371-52-514E. Nauman, R. Andersen (2), B. Wahlin, M. Jansen (2)
11/18/14@ St. Norbert101 2564 150-41-612R. Majkozak, J. Hopfner
11/21/14 Adrian020 261211 290-22-414E. Nauman, T. Koritzinsky
11/22/14 Lake Forest10001191582440-40-510T. Koritzinsky
11/29/14@ Augsburg111 37134 240-20-26E. Nauman, R. Andersen (2)
12/05/14@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point000 0589 220-10-38
12/06/14 Wisconsin-Superior211 48124 242-50-525J. Pauluk, T. Koritzinsky, E. Nauman, M. Jansen
12/12/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering112 418916 432-40-518P. Hodge, E. Nauman (2), P. Moore
12/13/14 Lawrence632 11201814 526-100-510C. Wolter, R. Andersen (2), B. Wahlin (3), E. Nauman (2), J. Pauluk, T. Koritzinsky, M. Jansen
01/09/15 Marian212 51385 261-30-38J. Callahan, P. Moore, J. Pauluk, R. Andersen, E. Nauman
01/10/15@ Augsburg121 491011 301-60-410J. Callahan, R. Andersen, J. Davidson, P. Hodge
01/17/15@ St. Thomas200 29109 280-01-26R. Andersen, J. Eddy
01/23/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls221 513116 302-50-410J. Hopfner (2), E. Nauman (2), B. Wahlin
01/24/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls022 4766 191-40-517D. Henry, J. Callahan, P. Moore (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First5-3-1
Opp. Scores First6-1-1
When Outshooting Opponent6-0-1
When Outshot by Opponent5-4-1
1-goal Games1-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-0-12-2-02-2-1
After 29-0-00-2-12-2-1

Special Teams

Power Play186726.9
Penalty Kill626989.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Wisconsin-Eau Claire222418064
Shots by Period123otTot.
Wisconsin-Eau Claire1881881433522
Avg./GameWisconsin-Eau ClaireOpp.Wisconsin-Eau ClaireOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (11-4-2, 3-1-0 WIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/07/14@ St. Olaf021 3000 013136 3210168 340-40-26
11/09/14@ St. John's1110302103109612614694330-30-410
11/14/14 Hamline032 5200 2151610 419510 242-51-516
11/15/14 Bethel231 6120 3111214 371454 231-52-514
11/18/14@ St. Norbert101 2201 3564 1511910 300-41-612
11/21/14 Adrian020 2122 561211 29111212 350-22-414
11/22/14 Lake Forest10001100011915824481172280-40-510
11/29/14@ Augsburg111 3010 17134 2441012 260-20-26
12/05/14@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point000 0021 3589 2216912 370-10-38
12/06/14 Wisconsin-Superior211 4100 18124 24131214 392-50-525
12/12/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering112 4000 018916 4371512 342-40-518
12/13/14 Lawrence632 11110 2201814 526810 246-100-510
01/09/15 Marian212 5111 31385 2671015 321-30-38
01/10/15@ Augsburg121 4001 191011 308118 271-60-410
01/17/15@ St. Thomas200 2210 39109 2819138 400-01-26
01/23/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls221 5200 213116 30349 162-50-410
01/24/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls022 4111 3766 1916612 341-40-517

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