Wisconsin-River Falls Falcons Women's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Chloe KinselFJr121114252.0833122100
Alice CranstonFSr1288161.3333001100
Carly MoranFFr1285131.0833481000
Dani KocinaFFr1267131.0833120300
Dani SibleyFSo1158131.18187141200
Paige JohnsonDSo1266121.0000481301
Karleigh WolkerstorferFSo1247110.91675100000
Sam GreeleyDSr121780.6667240000
Kendal EvensonDSr121670.5833240000
Dani BuehrerDJr122350.41679341100
Brianna BreilandFSo121450.41675100100
Emily StarkFSo123140.3333481010
Carina RandazzoDSo120330.25006120000
Amy AuranFFr121010.08336121000
Allie OlsonDSr50110.2000480000
Melanie DonerDFr120000.0000000000
Kylie HommerdingGFr20000.0000000000
Meaghan WennerGJr10000.0000000000
Angie HallGFr110000.0000000000
Savanna HansonFFr120000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Angie HallFr11830.727246232.31020164.872
Kylie HommerdingFr21001.0000700.00001151.000
Meaghan WennerJr1000.0003257.233807.700
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WIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Chloe KinselFJr655101.6667120000
Alice CranstonFSr62681.3333000000
Dani KocinaFFr63471.1667120100
Karleigh WolkerstorferFSo63361.0000360000
Dani SibleyFSo53361.2000481100
Carly MoranFFr62461.0000001000
Paige JohnsonDSo63140.6667481201
Sam GreeleyDSr60440.6667120000
Brianna BreilandFSo61230.5000480100
Emily StarkFSo61120.3333121000
Dani BuehrerDJr61120.33336280100
Carina RandazzoDSo60220.3333240000
Amy AuranFFr61010.1667361000
Kendal EvensonDSr60110.1667240000
Allie OlsonDSr20000.0000120000
Melanie DonerDFr60000.0000000000
Kylie HommerdingGFr10000.0000000000
Meaghan WennerGJr0000000000
Angie HallGFr60000.0000000000
Savanna HansonFFr60000.0000000000

WIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Angie HallFr6510.833113491.8925087.888
Kylie HommerdingFr1000.0000100.0000031.000
Meaghan WennerJr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and WIAC Comparison

Chloe KinselFJr1211142522165510200
Alice CranstonFSr1288160116268000
Carly MoranFFr1285138106246010
Dani KocinaFFr1267132036347201
Dani SibleyFSo11581314125336811
Paige JohnsonDSo1266128136314812
Karleigh WolkerstorferFSo12471110006336600
Sam GreeleyDSr121784006044200
Kendal EvensonDSr121674006011400
Dani BuehrerDJr12235341161122801
Brianna BreilandFSo1214510016123801
Emily StarkFSo123148106112210
Carina RandazzoDSo1203312006022400
Amy AuranFFr1210112106101610
Allie OlsonDSr50118002000200
Melanie DonerDFr120000006000000
Kylie HommerdingGFr20000001000000
Meaghan WennerGJr10000000000000
Angie HallGFr110000006000000
Savanna HansonFFr120000006000000

Overall and WIAC Goaltending Comparison

Angie HallFr11830.7272.31020.8726510.8331.89250.888
Kylie HommerdingFr21001.0000.000011.0001000.0000.000001.000
Meaghan WennerJr1000.0007.23380.7000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-3-0, 5-1-0 WIAC)

11/01/14 St. Thomas213 6999 270-20-36C. Kinsel, C. Moran, P. Johnson (2), A. Cranston, D. Kocina
11/07/14 Bethel102 311918 380-31-48A. Cranston, D. Buehrer, D. Sibley
11/08/14@ Bethel120 3657 181-40-36C. Moran (2), D. Kocina
11/14/14 Wisconsin-Stevens Point021 36158 291-40-510K. Wolkerstorfer, D. Kocina, A. Auran
11/15/14 Wisconsin-Stevens Point020 211413 280-51-36C. Kinsel (2)
11/21/14 Wisconsin-Eau Claire133 7211518 542-31-410P. Johnson, D. Sibley, D. Kocina, D. Buehrer, C. Kinsel (2), K. Wolkerstorfer
11/22/14@ Wisconsin-Eau Claire120 318229 492-61-218D. Kocina, B. Breiland, P. Johnson
11/25/14 St. Olaf243 9221811 512-40-36C. Kinsel (2), K. Evenson, K. Wolkerstorfer, C. Moran (2), E. Stark, A. Cranston (2)
12/02/14@ St. Benedict324 9151321 492-41-24C. Kinsel (3), A. Cranston (2), E. Stark, D. Sibley, S. Greeley, P. Johnson
12/05/14 Wisconsin-Superior132 6161110 371-21-38D. Sibley (2), C. Moran, C. Kinsel, A. Cranston, K. Wolkerstorfer
12/06/14@ Wisconsin-Superior112 411814 330-30-36C. Moran, E. Stark, A. Cranston, P. Johnson
12/10/14 Gustavus Adolphus110 21676 291-50-612C. Moran, D. Kocina

Team Summary


Scoring First4-0-0
Opp. Scores First5-3-0
When Outshooting Opponent9-2-0
When Outshot by Opponent0-1-0
1-goal Games2-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-0-01-2-01-1-0
After 26-2-02-0-01-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play124526.7
Penalty Kill354185.4

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Wisconsin-River Falls142320057
Shots by Period123otTot.
Wisconsin-River Falls1621361440442
Avg./GameWisconsin-River FallsOpp.Wisconsin-River FallsOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (9-3-0, 5-1-0 WIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/01/14 St. Thomas213 6220 4999 279105 240-20-36
11/07/14 Bethel102 3010 111918 38564 150-31-48
11/08/14@ Bethel120 3222 6657 18797 231-40-36
11/14/14 Wisconsin-Stevens Point021 3110 26158 29364 131-40-510
11/15/14 Wisconsin-Stevens Point020 2111 311413 287710 240-51-36
11/21/14 Wisconsin-Eau Claire133 7010 1211518 54316 102-31-410
11/22/14@ Wisconsin-Eau Claire120 3002 218229 49319 132-61-218
11/25/14 St. Olaf243 9000 0221811 51417 122-40-36
12/02/14@ St. Benedict324 9011 2151321 49673 162-41-24
12/05/14 Wisconsin-Superior132 6020 2161110 371056 211-21-38
12/06/14@ Wisconsin-Superior112 4010 111814 33569 200-30-36
12/10/14 Gustavus Adolphus110 2102 31676 29697 221-50-612

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