Wisconsin-Stevens Point Pointers Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Joe KaliszFJr18128201.1111363200
Alex BrooksDJr18413170.9444121100
Kevin GibsonDSr18314170.94445101100
Kyle SharkeyFSo1696150.9375242201
Garrett LaddFSr17510150.88246120100
Andrew KolbFSr1866120.6667242300
Scott HenegarFSr1866120.666710201100
Kyle BrodieDSr1648120.7500001200
Lawrence CornellierFSo1865110.61118160012
Jacob BarberFSo154590.6000000110
Eliot GrauerFSo143580.571410310000
Alex KrommFJr173470.41188301000
Evan DixonFJr183470.3889121001
Logan LemirandeFJr72460.8571240000
Trace StrahleDSo182460.333310310100
Drew GravesFJr161560.3750120000
Mark BittnerDSo180660.33339180000
Nick D'AvolioFJr184150.2778481000
Skyler SmutekDJr31010.3333000000
Joshua DaleyFJr30110.3333000000
Ryan SchererDFr40110.2500480000
Zach BaldalamentiFFr30110.3333000000
Brandon JaegerGSr170000.0000000000
Cody VonDSo20000.0000000000
Sean GammageDJr90000.00008160000
Max MilosekGFr10000.0000000000
Justin HaleDSr20000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Brandon JaegerSr171430.8243810142.24793387.911
Max MilosekFr1010.0005595.0661023.821
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WIAC Conference-Only Statistics

Alex BrooksDJr62571.1667120100
Kyle SharkeyFSo64261.0000121200
Joe KaliszFJr63361.0000000100
Lawrence CornellierFSo62461.0000360010
Kevin GibsonDSr60550.8333000000
Andrew KolbFSr63140.6667001100
Jacob BarberFSo43141.0000000110
Eliot GrauerFSo41341.0000240000
Garrett LaddFSr50440.8000240000
Evan DixonFJr62130.5000001000
Scott HenegarFSr61230.5000360100
Alex KrommFJr51230.6000270000
Kyle BrodieDSr42020.5000001200
Trace StrahleDSo61120.33335210000
Logan LemirandeFJr40220.5000240000
Mark BittnerDSo60220.3333240000
Nick D'AvolioFJr61010.1667481000
Zach BaldalamentiFFr20110.5000000000
Joshua DaleyFJr0000000000
Brandon JaegerGSr60000.0000000000
Skyler SmutekDJr0000000000
Cody VonDSo20000.0000000000
Sean GammageDJr20000.0000000000
Drew GravesFJr60000.0000120000
Max MilosekGFr0000000000
Ryan SchererDFr20000.0000360000
Justin HaleDSr20000.0000120000

WIAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Brandon JaegerSr6510.833153572.51992139.903
Max MilosekFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and WIAC Comparison

Joe KaliszFJr18128206326336001
Alex BrooksDJr18413172116257201
Kevin GibsonDSr183141710116055000
Kyle SharkeyFSo1696154226426212
Garrett LaddFSr175101512015044400
Andrew KolbFSr1866124236314011
Scott HenegarFSr18661220116123601
Kyle BrodieDSr1648120124202012
Lawrence CornellierFSo18651116006246600
Jacob BarberFSo154590014314001
Eliot GrauerFSo1435831004134400
Alex KrommFJr1734730105123700
Evan DixonFJr183472106213010
Logan LemirandeFJr72464004022400
Trace StrahleDSo18246310161122100
Drew GravesFJr161562006000200
Mark BittnerDSo1806618006022400
Nick D'AvolioFJr184158106101810
Skyler SmutekDJr31010000000000
Joshua DaleyFJr30110000000000
Ryan SchererDFr40118002000600
Zach BaldalamentiFFr30110002011000
Brandon JaegerGSr170000006000000
Cody VonDSo20000002000000
Sean GammageDJr900016002000000
Max MilosekGFr10000000000000
Justin HaleDSr20002002000200

Overall and WIAC Goaltending Comparison

Brandon JaegerSr171430.8242.24793.9116510.8332.51992.903
Max MilosekFr1010.0005.06610.8210000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-4-0, 5-1-0 WIAC)

11/01/14 Finlandia605 11152021 561-40-36A. Kromm, S. Smutek, K. Brodie, G. Ladd, N. D'Avolio (2), A. Kolb, E. Grauer, J. Kalisz (2), L. Cornellier
11/07/14@ Gustavus Adolphus121 41278 270-31-416S. Henegar, K. Sharkey, L. Cornellier (2)
11/08/14@ St. Olaf101 2182111 501-61-627G. Ladd, E. Grauer
11/14/14 St. Thomas102 3101112 331-51-318S. Henegar, A. Kolb, L. Cornellier
11/15/14 St. Mary's20013914121360-21-327A. Kromm, J. Barber, K. Sharkey
11/21/14 Lake Forest122 5101618 441-30-36J. Kalisz, K. Gibson, K. Sharkey, T. Strahle, N. D'Avolio
11/22/14 Adrian112 4131410 371-53-516A. Kolb, S. Henegar, J. Kalisz, K. Sharkey
11/29/14@ Adrian213 611813 321-41-714K. Gibson, G. Ladd, A. Brooks, J. Kalisz, K. Sharkey, E. Dixon
12/05/14 Wisconsin-Eau Claire021 316912 370-30-14A. Kolb, A. Brooks, K. Sharkey
12/06/14 Wisconsin-Stout232 7171610 432-53-517A. Kromm, K. Brodie, A. Kolb, E. Dixon, N. D'Avolio, J. Kalisz (2)
12/13/14@ Marian200 213510 280-20-36K. Gibson, A. Brooks
01/03/15@ St. Norbert132 6698 230-41-412G. Ladd, K. Brodie, L. Lemirande, S. Henegar, J. Kalisz (2)
01/09/15@ Augsburg011 2121519 460-31-28L. Lemirande, J. Kalisz
01/10/15@ Hamline112 413179 390-20-24D. Graves, G. Ladd, J. Kalisz, S. Henegar
01/16/15 Wisconsin-River Falls001 16710 231-20-14K. Brodie
01/17/15 Wisconsin-River Falls101 2788 231-51-24L. Cornellier, S. Henegar
01/23/15@ Wisconsin-Superior022 413813 342-70-36J. Barber, L. Cornellier, K. Sharkey, J. Kalisz
01/24/15@ Wisconsin-Superior243 916128 363-63-1135E. Grauer, A. Kolb, A. Brooks, E. Dixon, T. Strahle, K. Sharkey (2), J. Barber (2)

Team Summary


Scoring First9-3-0
Opp. Scores First5-1-0
When Outshooting Opponent12-4-0
When Outshot by Opponent2-0-0
1-goal Games5-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 19-0-01-1-04-3-0
After 27-1-03-3-04-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play157121.1
Penalty Kill516875.0

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Wisconsin-Stevens Point242231178
Shots by Period123otTot.
Wisconsin-Stevens Point2172172121647
Avg./GameWisconsin-Stevens PointOpp.Wisconsin-Stevens PointOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-4-0, 5-1-0 WIAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/01/14 Finlandia605 11000 0152021 56452 111-40-36
11/07/14@ Gustavus Adolphus121 4001 11278 27111111 330-31-416
11/08/14@ St. Olaf101 2111 3182111 509186 331-61-627
11/14/14 St. Thomas102 3010 1101112 33462 121-51-318
11/15/14 St. Mary's2001310102914121367660190-21-327
11/21/14 Lake Forest122 5010 1101618 4410108 281-30-36
11/22/14 Adrian112 4132 6131410 375106 211-53-516
11/29/14@ Adrian213 6102 311813 321179 271-41-714
12/05/14 Wisconsin-Eau Claire021 3000 016912 37589 220-30-14
12/06/14 Wisconsin-Stout232 7041 5171610 437159 312-53-517
12/13/14@ Marian200 2010 113510 28869 230-20-36
01/03/15@ St. Norbert132 6113 5698 23151212 390-41-412
01/09/15@ Augsburg011 2010 1121519 461376 260-31-28
01/10/15@ Hamline112 4203 513179 3911107 280-20-24
01/16/15 Wisconsin-River Falls001 1000 06710 23974 201-20-14
01/17/15 Wisconsin-River Falls101 2121 4788 23586 191-51-24
01/23/15@ Wisconsin-Superior022 4110 213813 341287 272-70-36
01/24/15@ Wisconsin-Superior243 9121 416128 3671810 353-63-1135

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