Wisconsin Badgers Women's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Karley SylvesterFSr19817251.31587141200
Brittany AmmermanFSr201014241.200010202301
Annie PankowskiFFr19915241.263210201000
Sydney McKibbonFSo2099180.9000002300
Blayre TurnbullFSr16711181.1250241010
Sarah NurseFSo1787150.8824483300
Katy JosephsFSr2078150.7500001100
Emily ClarkFFr1659140.87507142010
Jenny RyanDSo20112130.65007140000
Mellissa ChannellDSo18112130.72226120100
Baylee WellhausenFFr205380.4000122000
Courtney BurkeDJr203580.40008160201
Erika SowchukFJr203360.3000361000
Maddie RolfesDFr140660.4286480000
Katarina ZgrajaDSr201230.1500360000
Mikayla JohnsonFJr122020.1667120000
Kim DrakeFJr121120.1667121000
Kaitlyn HardingFJr130220.1538480000
Rachel JonesFJr120220.1667240000
Lauren WilliamsDFr151010.0667000000
Ann-Renée DesbiensGSo170110.0588240000
Molly DonerFJr120110.0833000000
Jorie WaltersGJr20000.0000000000
Megan MillerGJr10000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Ann-Renée DesbiensSo171421.8532110301.22307305.936
Jorie WaltersJr22001.00001200.00002371.000
Megan MillerJr11001.0001601.000009.900
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WCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Brittany AmmermanFSr161010201.25005102301
Blayre TurnbullFSr14611171.2143241010
Karley SylvesterFSr15512171.1333481100
Annie PankowskiFFr1579161.06677141000
Sarah NurseFSo1586140.9333243300
Emily ClarkFFr1458130.92865102010
Sydney McKibbonFSo1656110.6875001200
Mellissa ChannellDSo16110110.68755100100
Katy JosephsFSr1637100.6250000000
Courtney BurkeDJr163580.50007140201
Baylee WellhausenFFr164370.4375121000
Jenny RyanDSo160770.4375480000
Maddie RolfesDFr120440.3333240000
Katarina ZgrajaDSr161230.1875360000
Kim DrakeFJr91120.2222121000
Lauren WilliamsDFr121010.0833000000
Kaitlyn HardingFJr100110.1000360000
Jorie WaltersGJr10000.0000000000
Rachel JonesFJr90000.0000120000
Erika SowchukFJr160000.0000240000
Mikayla JohnsonFJr90000.0000000000
Ann-Renée DesbiensGSo150000.0000240000
Megan MillerGJr0000000000
Molly DonerFJr90000.0000000000

WCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Ann-Renée DesbiensSo151221.833219101.38425273.929
Jorie WaltersJr11001.0000600.00001181.000
Megan MillerJr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and WCHA Comparison

Karley SylvesterFSr198172514121551217811
Brittany AmmermanFSr201014242023161010201023
Annie PankowskiFFr199152420101579161410
Sydney McKibbonFSo209918023165611012
Blayre TurnbullFSr16711184101461117410
Sarah NurseFSo178715833158614433
Katy JosephsFSr207815011163710000
Emily ClarkFFr16591414201458131020
Jenny RyanDSo2011213140016077800
Mellissa ChannellDSo1811213120116110111001
Baylee WellhausenFFr2053822016437210
Courtney BurkeDJr203581602163581402
Erika SowchukFJr2033661016000400
Maddie RolfesDFr1406680012044400
Katarina ZgrajaDSr2012360016123600
Mikayla JohnsonFJr122022009000000
Kim DrakeFJr121122109112210
Kaitlyn HardingFJr1302280010011600
Rachel JonesFJr120224009000200
Lauren WilliamsDFr1510100012101000
Ann-Renée DesbiensGSo1701140015000400
Molly DonerFJr120110009000000
Jorie WaltersGJr20000001000000
Megan MillerGJr10000000000000

Overall and WCHA Goaltending Comparison

Ann-Renée DesbiensSo171421.8531.22307.936151221.8331.38425.929
Jorie WaltersJr22001.0000.000021.00011001.0000.000011.000
Megan MillerJr11001.0001.00000.9000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (17-2-1, 13-2-1 WCHA)

09/26/14@ Lindenwood302 5212112 541-60-510K. Sylvester, E. Sowchuk, K. Josephs (2), S. McKibbon
09/27/14@ Lindenwood123 614277 481-20-24K. Josephs, M. Johnson, K. Sylvester, E. Sowchuk, S. McKibbon, J. Ryan
10/03/14@ Minnesota-Duluth013 412149 350-60-510E. Clark (2), B. Ammerman, C. Burke
10/04/14@ Minnesota-Duluth231 6131712 422-40-26S. Nurse (2), K. Sylvester, M. Channell, B. Turnbull (2)
10/10/14 Ohio State222 69128 292-50-918B. Wellhausen, B. Ammerman (2), E. Clark, A. Pankowski, B. Turnbull
10/12/14 Ohio State111 3102314 472-60-512S. McKibbon, B. Ammerman (2)
10/17/14 Minnesota100 1978 240-61-36K. Sylvester
10/18/14 Minnesota010011511132411-51-614S. Nurse
10/24/14@ Bemidji State110 29139 310-31-48K. Josephs, B. Wellhausen
10/25/14@ Bemidji State211 4181315 461-40-24B. Ammerman, E. Clark, S. Nurse, A. Pankowski
10/31/14@ North Dakota201031011154400-20-24S. Nurse, K. Josephs, B. Ammerman
11/01/14@ North Dakota021 381310 311-40-38C. Burke, B. Ammerman, S. Nurse
11/13/14 Minnesota State323 8321817 670-40-14L. Williams, K. Josephs, E. Clark, K. Sylvester, A. Pankowski (3), S. McKibbon
11/14/14 Minnesota State161 8111914 442-60-38B. Turnbull, C. Burke, S. McKibbon (2), K. Zgraja, S. Nurse, K. Sylvester, A. Pankowski
11/21/14@ St. Cloud State301 4131915 471-40-24K. Sylvester, A. Pankowski, B. Ammerman, B. Turnbull
11/22/14@ St. Cloud State021 3131714 440-40-12B. Ammerman, S. McKibbon, B. Turnbull
11/28/14@ New Hampshire104 571615 380-30-36B. Wellhausen, K. Josephs, K. Sylvester, E. Sowchuk, B. Turnbull
11/29/14@ New Hampshire203 5191317 491-50-410M. Johnson, A. Pankowski (2), S. McKibbon (2)
12/05/14 North Dakota100121414182480-40-24B. Wellhausen, S. Nurse
12/07/14 North Dakota110 2141116 410-50-14K. Drake, B. Wellhausen

Team Summary


Scoring First10-0-1
Opp. Scores First7-2-0
When Outshooting Opponent17-1-1
When Outshot by Opponent0-1-0
1-goal Games4-1
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 114-0-10-1-03-1-0
After 211-1-00-1-16-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play158817.0
Penalty Kill626595.4

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (17-2-1, 13-2-1 WCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
09/26/14@ Lindenwood302 5100 1212112 54523 101-60-510
09/27/14@ Lindenwood123 6000 014277 48559 191-20-24
10/03/14@ Minnesota-Duluth013 4001 112149 35168 150-60-510
10/04/14@ Minnesota-Duluth231 6101 2131712 426711 242-40-26
10/10/14 Ohio State222 6000 09128 2931015 282-50-918
10/12/14 Ohio State111 3000 0102314 47666 182-60-512
10/17/14 Minnesota100 1310 4978 241457 260-61-36
10/18/14 Minnesota0100100112151113241121094351-51-614
10/24/14@ Bemidji State110 2001 19139 31267 150-31-48
10/25/14@ Bemidji State211 4111 3181315 464113 181-40-24
10/31/14@ North Dakota20103021031011154404854210-20-24
11/01/14@ North Dakota021 3011 281310 313104 171-40-38
11/13/14 Minnesota State323 8110 2321817 67662 140-40-14
11/14/14 Minnesota State161 8000 0111914 44765 182-60-38
11/21/14@ St. Cloud State301 4000 0131915 47417 121-40-24
11/22/14@ St. Cloud State021 3000 0131714 44447 150-40-12
11/28/14@ New Hampshire104 5000 071615 38745 160-30-36
11/29/14@ New Hampshire203 5000 0191317 49466 161-50-410
12/05/14 North Dakota10012001011414182482670150-40-24
12/07/14 North Dakota110 2000 0141116 41777 210-50-14

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