This Week In Women’s Hockey: Jan. 11, 2001

Dartmouth Finally Loses in Wacky First Week

So the Y2K bug didn’t arrive a year late, and Florida hasn’t seceded from the Union since the recount ended a month ago. But that didn’t mean the world of women’s hockey didn’t have a few surprises in the first week of 2001.

The most shocking news was that No. 1 Dartmouth (10-1-1) no longer has a chance at an unbeaten season. That’s because the Big Green fell to No. 5 Northeastern (11-3-0) at Matthews Arena last Friday.

Dartmouth fell prey to Northeastern goaltender Erika Silva, who stopped 40 shots en route to her fourth shutout of the season. Silva, who has .935 save percentage and a 2.04 GAA, is one of the most experienced netminders in the nation.

“Erika possesses extreme confidence in her ability and competes like no one I have ever coached,” said Northeastern coach Joy Woog. “She is technically sound and mentally tough. She is an extremely focused and intense competitor, willing to work hard every day with a ‘never say die’ attitude. She’s the real deal.”

But No. 2 Minnesota-Duluth (14-4-1) brought Northeastern down to earth (which is pretty cold in Duluth this time of year) when the Huskies traveled to UMD for two games immediately after beating Dartmouth. Silva kept Northeastern close on Sunday, stopping 36 Bulldog shots in a 3-2 loss. But she ran out of steam between the pipes on Monday when she allowed six goals to the country’s highest-scoring offense in less than 30 minutes as UMD steamrolled Northeastern, 12-0.

This Week

The schedule does not lighten up for Northeastern, which plays No. 6 Harvard (9-6-0) and No. 7 Brown (7-3-3) on the road this weekend. Brown, which was just 1-2-2 between Thanksgiving and Christmas, combined for 83 shots against Cornell and No. 3 St. Lawrence last weekend. Add the Bears’ improving offense to the steady goaltending of sophomore Pam Dreyer and Brown will be a challenge for Silva and the Huskies, as well as Providence — Northeastern’s travel partner — and rookie goaltender Amy Quinlan.

Silva and Quinlan should also see plenty of pucks from Harvard, which pelted Cornell and St. Lawrence with 75 shots in as the Crimson went 1-1 last weekend. But other than a strong third period against Cornell, Harvard was held to four goals by the Saints and the Big Red, which allowed Cornell to lead after two periods and St. Lawrence to win at Bright Hockey Center, 3-2.

St. Lawrence also managed a tie at Brown. In eight games against ranked conference opponents, the Saints have lost just once. That defeat was at home against Harvard, which made St. Lawrence’s victory in Cambridge even more important to the young team’s maturing process.

“We’re still getting over the hurdle of recognizing that we’re expected to beat good teams on the road,” said St. Lawrence coach Paul Flanagan. “We were nervous playing a team like Harvard and we showed it in the first period. But we settled down, made some adjustments and got the breaks we needed to win the game.”

The Saints travel to Princeton and Yale this weekend.


  1. Great recap,Candace. You forgot to mention DU had four shots off the post. Total domination, as you witnessed, SOG were a true indication of the lopsided play. Two defensive lapses were costly, offense did not convert any rebounds. Kossoff was fantastic, only reason for tie.

  2. Nice too see the goofs put down sodak. To bad they couldn’t hold the shutout. Can’t wait for Wisco too put the whoop up on that mediocre squad and bump the out of the rankings!!! Hahahah it’s coming boy’s!!!!!!! #############Onwisconson

    • I wouldn’t say the votes were gifted. Denver went on the road against the No. 4 team in the country last weekend and got a tie and win. That was better than St.Cloud last weekend needing OT to beat an unranked Alaska team at home. If St Cloud wins tonight they will get more vid p

      • Yeah OT sucked, but SCSU got the win. I’m a little confused about when OT wins and losses count or are ignored. Lake Superior State is also unranked. Consider the Huskies 4-0 shutout over MSU Mankato who went on to sweep BU on the road. Also a simply dominant win over BC.

        I was joking a little about gifted. Denver won the title last year so right now they are living off that. I’m sure they have a very good team. I’m guessing the Huskies have a better team.

        • Wins in the first OT count for the NCAA and PWR. If the 5v5 OT ends with neither team scoring, it is counted as a tie from that point according to both. Usually a tie has little, to no, effect of PWR. I am sure you thought SCSU was better than Denver last year too, just admit it. Look at SOG from our game last night, was a valid indication of the game, goalie preserved tie for LSS.

          • Actually no. I knew last year was a down year. Denver may have been the best team in college hockey last year despite not winning the NCHC. I was busy with other things and for the first season since graduating in 2010 I barely followed the Huskies. I heard this years incoming freshman were sensational and I got inspired to follow the team again. Living in AZ it’s tough though. USCHO helps a lot.

          • I really think it is great you follow your alma mater. I suggest you spend $129 and subscribe to NCHC.TV, I have and watch when DU is away, I have DU season tickets for the home games. You can get NCHC.TV on your PC, and hook up an HDMI cable to your TV. Some “smart” TVs can get it without the cable.

          • Thanks for the suggestion and I know about it. I don’t buy cable or TV of any kind. It’s against my principles to pay for TV and even if it wasn’t I consider that price to be absolutely exorbitant. Don’t know if that means I’m not a good enough fan or whatever.

          • Also thanks for being a god sport regarding my comments. I’m about half serious and half just talking trash.

          • As for SOG I understand that Denver’s talent level is above Lake Superior, but shots on goal has no bearing on winning or losing. They need to go in the net. SCSU in some of our best seasons routinely got outshot. SCSU style is to wait for better opportunities. Either that or our goaltending is insanely good.

      • Well we won tonight 3-1. Jumped on them early for a change and rode a 3-0 first period lead to the win. What does it mean we will get more vid? Is that perhaps votes or something else?


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