Tolan Improving After Throat Surgery

UMass-Lowell senior defenseman R.J. Tolan returned home from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton after treatment following a throat injury in Friday night’s game at Boston College.



Contrary to earlier reports, Tolan did not suffer a cracked larynx, but rather excessive swelling in the throat and blood blisters on his vocal cords. A tracheotomy was performed to relieve the breathing difficulty caused by the swelling.

Tolan is now able to talk, although not without pain. Expectations for his return to the lineup are unknown.

The injury occurred when a shot late in the third period hit Tolan in the throat. After laying on the ice for a time, he left under his own power.

He was then brought to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for precautionary reasons and was not expected to be in any danger, but began to have difficulty breathing after reaching the hospital, necessitating the tracheotomy.