Early Departures

Running list of Division I men’s players who have left school before graduating, since the end of the 2003-04 season. “Yr.” indicates the player’s most recent season.

School              Player           Yr.    Status
Alaska-Anchorage    Curtis Glencross So.    signed with Anaheim (NHL)
Alaska-Anchorage    Chris Fournier   So.    academically ineligible, left school
Alaska-Fairbanks    Aaron Voros      Jr.    signed with New Jersey (NHL)
Boston University   Ryan Whitney     Jr.    signed with Pittsburgh (NHL)
Clarkson            Matt Nickerson   Fr.    signed with Dallas (NHL)
Massachusetts       Greg Mauldin     Jr.    signed with Columbus (NHL)
Maine               Luc Aquino       Fr.    left team for major junior
Maine               Dustin Penner    Jr.    signed with Anaheim (NHL)
Michigan            Dwight Helminen  Jr.    signed with New York Rangers (NHL)
Michigan State      Lee Falardeau    Jr.    signed with New York Rangers (NHL)
Michigan State      Brock Radunske   Jr.    signed with Edmonton (NHL)
Minnesota           Keith Ballard    Jr.    signed with Phoenix (NHL)
Minnesota           Jake Taylor      Fr.    signed with New York Rangers (NHL)
Minnesota           Thomas Vanek     So.    signed with Buffalo (NHL)
New Hampshire       Ed Caron         So.    signed with Edmonton (NHL)
North Dakota        Brandon BochenskiJr.    signed with Ottawa (NHL)
North Dakota        Zach Parise      So.    signed with New Jersey (NHL)
North Dakota        Nate Ziegelmann  Fr.    left school with the purpose of transferring
St. Cloud State     Tim Conboy       So.    cut from team, signed with San Jose (NHL)
St. Cloud State     Adam Coole       Jr.    graduated, foregoing senior year of eligibility
St. Cloud State     Garrett Larson   Jr.    released from team
Union               Bryan Campbell   So.    left team to concentrate on academics
Union               Tim Roth         So.    left team
Union               Max Seel         Jr.    left team to concentrate on academics
Union               Brent Williams   Jr.    left team
Western Michigan    Jeremy Cheyne    Jr.    lost eligibility, signed with Greenville (ECHL)
Wisconsin           Tom Sawatske     So.    left team for juniors
Wisconsin           Ryan Suter       Fr.    signed with Nashville (NHL)
Yale                Joe Callahan     Jr.    signed with Phoenix (NHL)

Players to Watch

Prominent underclassmen USCHO is keeping an eye on to see if they turn pro. Year listed is one just completed.

School              Player           Yr.    Status
Maine               Jimmy Howard     So.    Drafted -- Detroit, 2nd (64th), 2003


Players who have transferred this offseason, and will therefore be eligible in Sept. 2005 (Findlay players are immediately eligible due to that school dropping its program).

Name                        To                   From
Mike Batavanja              Michigan Tech        Findlay
J.R. Bria                   Mass.-Lowell         Colgate
Scott Drewicki-*            Merrimack            Denver
Jeremy Hall-*               Mass.-Lowell         Niagara
Will Hooper                 Wayne State          Findlay
Jon Horrell                 Bowling Green        Findlay
Bobby Goepfert              St. Cloud State      Providence
Ray Jean                    Bentley              Maine
Kenny Macaulay              Vermont              Findlay
Larry Sterling              Minnesota State      Findlay
Brandon Straub              Colorado College     Findlay
Kris Wiebe                  Niagara              Findlay
Kurt Wright                 Robert Morris        Findlay
*-Eligible spring 2005

Coaching Changes

School             New Coach           Old Coach             Reason for Departure
Alaska-Fairbanks   Tavis MacMillan     Guy Gadowsky          Left for Princeton
Army               Brian Riley         Rob Riley             Retired
Harvard            Ted Donato          Mark Mazzoleni        Left for Green Bay (USHL)
North Dakota       Dave Hakstol        Dean Blais            Left for Columbus (NHL)
Princeton          Guy Gadowsky        Len Quesnelle         Fired

Babson             Jamie Rice          Paul Donato           Retired
Hamline            Chris Brown         Pat Cullen            Resigned
Marian             Jasen Wise          Chris Brown           Left for Hamline
Neumann            Dennis Williams     Nick Russo            Resigned
Nichols            Lou Izzi            Mark Jago             Resigned
St. Scholastica                        Cory Borys            Resigned
Wentworth          Jonathan Deptula    Bill Bowes            Resigned     

Bowdoin            Michele Amidon      Kevin McGonagle       Left for Robert Morris (was interim at Bowdoin)
Colby              Dave Venditti       Jen Holsten           Resigned (now assistant coach)       
Maine              Guy Perron          Rick Filighera        Fired
Mass.-Boston                           Laura Schuler         Left for Northeastern
Northeastern       Laura Schuler       Joy Woog              Resigned
Robert Morris      Kevin McGonagle     None                  New Program
Southern Maine     Amanda Adams        Dave Venditti         Left for Colby
St. Olaf                               Tom Osiecki           Resigned
Union              Tim Gerrish         Fred Quistgard        Resigned