Nothing Would Surprise Me

As we all wait for the results of the NCAA selection committee conference call…here’s what I think.



1. Plattsburgh

2. Norwich

3. Elmira

4. Manhattanville

5. Hobart

6. Trinity

7. Mass-Dartmouth


1. St. Norbert

2. St. Thomas

And then you have five teams left for one spot: Oswego, Middlebury, UW-Stout, UW-River Falls and Adrian. The last team in is a tossup. I’m going with either Stout or Middlebury, based on which regional committee can make the best case, and which teams they include in their rankings. The bottom 3-4 teams in each regional ranking won’t make the tournament, but they will determine the fate of the teams that do.

We’ll know (hopefully) very soon.