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Welcome to the 2008 edition of the Frozen Four Blog. It’s my pleasure again to bring you an up-to-the-minute account of the goings on in Denver.

While the real action doesn’t start until tomorrow, our coverage begins today as the four teams practice and hold press conferences. Michigan is at the podium right now, the last team to speak to the media. Red Berenson is currently talking about how different things are today then when he played at the Frozen Four in Utica back in 1962. “I don’t remember if there was even a banquet,” he said. “And it certainly wasn’t a major event. I don’t think there were many people there.”

Things sure have changed – especially in terms of the way the media covers the Frozen Four. So let’s get a little housekeeping out of the way and make things official. This blog is registered on’s Blog Central. And per their policy, I’ll be blogging throughout the week, but during games I’ll be limited to three blogs per period, and one per intermission.

This is a compromise worked out after the NCAA initially banned “liveblogging”, concerned that it was taking eyes away from TV coverage. I hope this blog supplements your TV viewing, or provides as-it-happens news in the event you can’t watch the game.

Check back for updates from what will hopefully be a memorable weekend.