Terriers Again!

Colin Wilson puts in a rebound and just like that it’s 5-4 BU with 5:41 to play. Two goals 1:54 apart has given the Terriers back the lead.

Now under five minutes to go.


  1. I gotta say I’m not sad at all that the CCHA will be done after next season. Any conference who implements the shootout deserves to be put out of its existence.

    • You like ties?  I find ties about as boring and stupid as it gets.  There is nothing worse than seeing a hockey team with a record of 15-10-8.  Give me a break.  Ties are for children’s leagues where the parents don’t want anyone to lose!  Hockey is in the dark ages still and needs to get rid of ties. 

  2. I’m sorry if you already blogged about this and I missed it but what happens to you  2013.   Will you be the NCHC blogger? 

  3. How does this idea sound?”The Land of 10,000 Lakes Pond Hockey Classic” between the Gophers and say…UMD on a pond with portable bleaches surrounding it?  Nostagia at it’s best, and certainly better than those lame outdoor stadium games in which fans can’t see squat!!This thing could have some legs and gain National Publicity big time.  What do you think you movers and shakers out there?  Let’s make this happen!  NBC sports would eat this up big time with the built in marketing (10K lakes/pond hockey), and the nostalgia of playing hockey on pond when we were kids.  I’d buy a ticket for sure.  Hope someone can make it happen.


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