Bowling Green Gets $4 Million For Arena Renovation

One of the elements critical to Bowling Green’s longterm survival is closer to reality.

The school is committing $2.5 million in capital improvement funds toward the renovation of the BGSU Ice Arena, and the state of Ohio is kicking in an additional $1.5 million for the project.

“These funds are clearly needed to keep the facility viable,” school president Carol Cartwright said in a news release. “That is important for the Bowling Green community and the University.”

The future of the Bowling Green program was put in doubt when the planned renovations to the 43-year-old arena were postponed. Earlier this offseason, coach Scott Paluch left the school for a new position at USA Hockey.

But the funding for the arena renovation and the potential for a fund-raising campaign to endow hockey scholarships are signs that the team isn’t imminently fading away.

“I believe this is an important show of good faith,” Cartwright said. “I am confident that the funds necessary to ensure the future of the arena and BGSU hockey can be raised. I want to make it very clear that we want this effort to succeed.”

There was no timetable for the project released by the school.


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