Two Mercyhurst freshmen charged with sexual assault

Two Mercyhurst freshmen have been charged with felony sexual assault stemming from an incident on campus back on Nov. 14, according to a report.

Goalie Jordan Tibbett and forward Kyle Just were arraigned before Erie 3rd Ward District Judge Tom Carney yesterday morning.

Erie police have accused Tibbett and Just of forcing a woman to perform a sex act on them in an apartment on the Mercyhurst campus, according to the criminal complaints filed in the case.

Tibbett and Just were each released on $10,000 unsecured bond after their arraignments.

Just had a goal and an assist last Friday in a 3-1 win at Robert Morris, and has seven points on the year, good for a second-place tie on the team. Tibbett is 0-3-1 this year with a .917 save percentage and a 2.81 goals-against average.

UPDATE (Nov. 11, 2011): Mercyhurst players acquitted of all sexual assault charges


        • 1st off college is college, whether you are 21 or 81 alcohol is only a problem depending on the person drinking it. The real problem is letting these college athletes get away with the things they do at parties and the like. Being a college student myself I have seen the way athletes treat girls and can only imagine how other schools athletes are even worse. Coaches/programs should start teaching discipline and etiquette off the ice more than worry about alcohol consumption. Anyone that has been to high school or college in the past 10 years knows how athletes think they are untouchable and that they can basically do whatever they want whenever they want unless a fellow student rats them out, in which case the rest of the student body ridicules them of costing them a chance at such and such title.

          • If you add alcohlol to a hockey player who is already a jerk you get big trouble. The fact that alcohol consumption is a given is my problem. I believe it is because the parents and coaches and administrators are also tipping a few too many and do not want to look at alcohol as the problem. Saying that the problem is the person drinking it is too simple an answer. Schools can’t re-parent these kids. They are conditioned by our culture that treats women as permissive sex objects way too often. I like the way you think. You sound like you were raised to be respectful of all human beings.

  1. why can’t we wait till they are proven guilty and not just accused?

    you morons published all sorts of things that were in police reports and were simply not true, but people only remember the finding of guilt in the media, not the findings by the courts of law


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